I have a routine as most people do. I wake up, triple yawn my way to the kitchen, make my morning shake, eat half a piece of toast, shower, beautify, and walk to work. At work I turn on my computer, plug in my iPhone, check my voicemail/e-mail and prepare myself for the day’s following duties. Sometimes, I will admit, my routine is slightly “thrown off”. For example, I could be partnering with Mary Wagner and sidewalk counseling until she gets dragged off by police for aiding women in the waiting room of abortuaries, debating random strangers on the sidewalk after they verbally abuse people praying outside of death clinics, doing high school presentations, meeting with MPs/ MPPs etc.

The day in the life of a professional abortion abolitionist is never boring; however, for those of you who think our lives are always dramatic, we do in fact have regular days in the office just like everybody else. But my day was thrown off from the start.

As I was checking my e-mail I noticed I could not log into my Facebook account without answering numerous security questions, which I found strange, but none the less, I played along. After I answered the last question, this showed up on my screen:

Facebook notified me that they removed this photo taken last weekend during a “choice” chain demonstration CLC Youth put on, because the content “violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”. It then directed me to Facebook’s “Community Standards”, where I could review the rules. To my surprise, I actually agreed with what they had to say. Under “graphic content”, they wrote, (and I quote), “while we are a platform for sharing events that take place in your life and around the world, any inappropriately graphic content will be removed when found on the site. Sadistic displays of violence against people or animals, or depictions of sexual assault, are prohibited.”


Although some may be offended that Facebook is discriminating against pro-lifers based on the content of the images (skinned geese anyone?), what Facebook is indirectly saying is that graphic images of abortion depict “sadistic violence against people”.

So… my question is, if Facebook can acknowledge that abortion is extreme cruelty against people, why can’t those who label themselves pro-”choice”?

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