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(LifeSiteNews) – This article contains some specific scientific information about grotesque human actions that are contrary to science. Prior to the scientific information, a suggestion to skip ahead is provided for those who may not want to read the scientific information.

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Many people might have an incorrect understanding of the secret or even non-secret activities and operations of the FBI and local police. Some might wrongly think that the FBI or local police, and local secret police, merely respond to crimes, question potential suspects when a crime is supposedly committed, or otherwise “enforce” laws. Some may wrongly have the idea that the FBI merely goes after the worst criminals, like drug dealers with machine guns who have already harmed others.

After studying U.S federal and potentially state laws, guidelines, and other communications, though, one discovers that the previous description of the FBI and local police is apparently very incorrect. One reason is because of the specifically secret “prevention” policing activities and operations and/or (sometimes falsified) investigations of “potential threats” which may result in the FBI, potentially local police and local secret police, and others, secretly harming Americans. The FBI and local police secretly operating with the FBI have a history of secretly harming Americans. The consequences of such secret preventative policing could be said to be a significant danger to Americans.

For many it is probably not surprising that government entities wrongly describe secret policing or investigation activities and operations as “preventative” or “crime prevention,” falsely label others as potential threats, and then harm the target. Such persons also wrongly describe abortion, contraception, and “transgender” mutilation or violence as “health care,” such persons wrongly describe homosexuality as normal whereas it is contrary to science, and such persons also enact laws falsifying marriage known as “gay marriage.” 

FBI promoting anti-science homosexuality and ‘gay marriage’?

(This is a necessary elaboration which is not the main subject of the article. Some people may not realize the significant specifically scientific and/or medical falsifications that are propagated with both homosexuality and “gay marriage.” The next few paragraphs describe in some scientific and medical specificity the grotesqueness of some human actions that are contrary to science and their consequences; it is going to be incomplete. 

Obviously most people do not want to think about such things; one might skip ahead past the parenthesis which concludes this necessary elaboration if one does not want to read the specificity. In many instances, those who have studied medical disorders with grotesque characteristics are not as psychologically affected as others; even so, the profanation of the Sacrament of Matrimony should be accurately described as grotesque and mortally sinful. 

Homosexuality and “gay marriage” are not normal and are contrary to science in that they imply the use of the human excretory system for non-excretory purposes which could probably accurately be labeled as “violence.” A reasonable and honest gastrointestinal doctor, scientist, or a non-expert with common sense, should probably say that the human excretory system is significantly physically and violently harmed by male homosexual actions because the human excretory system is not biologically or physically made for those actions. There are scientific facts which prove this suggestion; one of these is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which is commonly spread through such violence. The important point here is that male homosexuality implies physical harm or violence to the excretory and potentially other bodily systems. 

Now, those who support the attempt to legalize false marriage known as “gay marriage” claim that the male and male or female and female (false) “unions” are “equal” and that because of so-called “equal protection under the law,” they wrongly claim they have a right to “same-sex marriage.” 

In saying that they are “equal,” it seems that they are claiming that their (false) marriage is based on the same public commitment as the marriage of one man and one woman; they claim that “similar conditions and circumstances” exist between their (false) marriage and an authentic marriage between a man and a woman. 

It is an obvious but important point that the public commitment in an authentic marriage (between one man and one woman) is a commitment to specific types of actions known as marital relations only between those 2 individuals making the public commitment; this is also known as a public commitment to monogamy.

In other words, “gay marriage” or “gay union” implies a public commitment to engage in homosexuality. This means that male “gay marriage” likely implies two males publicly saying that they are going to participate in violence to the excretory system and other systems for the remainder of their (falsely labeled) “union.” It should be obvious that the public commitment to participate in such violence is not “marriage” and is contrary to science and medicine. And, of course, their public commitment does not contain “similar conditions and circumstances” to the public commitment of one man and one woman.

U.S. federal law defines “marriage” as a “union.” Philosophers have described, and common sense concludes, that “union” is physically, scientifically, biologically, medically, etc. impossible for two males or two females. As mentioned, the false attempt of “union” between two males is never achieved and the attempt at union causes or includes violence. 

The false attempt of “union” between two females is also not possible. The false attempt at “union” between women actually implies three or more “individuals”: a woman, another woman, and one or more objects (and/or often a man, if the two women are attempting pregnancy). 

Again, it should be obvious that such impossible attempts at “union” of two men, which almost necessarily includes violence and causes harm, or two women and implied objects are not “similar conditions and circumstances” to the authentic marriage or union of one man and one woman. 

There is more. The recently enacted, and falsely labeled, “Respect for Marriage Act” appears to imply that “gay marriages” have a “right” to “family.” The “findings” section of the law says the following:

same-sex couples, have entered into marriages and have enjoyed the rights and privileges associated with marriage. Couples joining in marriage deserve to have the dignity, stability, and ongoing protection that marriage affords to families and children.

“Same-sex couples” or those in “same-sex” (false) marriages cannot pro-create such families (obviously, unless another human being of the opposite sex is involved, which would then also not be a “union” of only “2 individuals,” and therefore not be a “marriage” as they describe it). Is the law implying that those in “gay marriages” have a right to obtain other people to make up their family similar to the way property is obtained and owned?

Or is the law saying that those in “gay marriages” have a right to others’ gametes and others’ wombs or other consequences such as forced prostitution, forced surrogate motherhood, and other forced actions? Such actions likely follow from falsely claiming that “gay marriage” has “similar conditions and circumstances” as normal marriage. Such consequences might also follow from the same false premises used to force Americans to be injected with substances falsely labeled as vaccines. 

And, of course, such people are likely going to claim their (false) “right to choose” which human beings they obtain to make up their family. If they want someone else’s family members, are they going to claim they have a “right” to them?

And, if the FBI helps enforce such laws as the “Respect for Marriage Act,” what might the FBI do to help such people obtain “family” members? 

Would such people simply falsely call their theft of, or “right” to obtain, human beings as “health care” or “protection from potential threats” or “public health threats” as is done with many other evils currently being propagated or committed by government employees? If the law implies that those in “gay marriages” have a “right” to other human beings, how else are they going to get them?

Or, is the law implying that “gay married couples” have a right to adopt others (another evil consequence of “gay marriage”)? What if, for example, nobody is up for adoption in their city, state, or country? (Allowing those in same-sex “marriages” or same-sex couples to adopt human beings is evil; the previous and following statements are used to make a point.) 

There are supposedly 1,000,000 same-sex couples and/or false marriages in America, and there are supposedly 100,000 or so people up for adoption in America. The above law apparently claims “same-sex couples” or false unions have a right to family, but such persons cannot procreate their own family members (again, unless another “individual” is included, thus implying that it is not a “union” of “2 individuals”). The evil consequences should be obvious (in addition to the evil of allowing those in same-sex “marriages” or same-sex couples to adopt human beings). 

Some might say the above statements are extreme. Those statements merely likely follow from falsifying “rights” and falsifying “justice.” If such people can wrongly get away with saying that “gay marriage” has “similar conditions and circumstances” as authentic marriage, it is very likely that they can wrongly get away with taking human beings from other families with such false reasons as “health care” or “protection from potential threats.” In other words, the delusional and extremely wrong statement is claiming that “gay marriage” has “similar conditions and circumstances” as normal marriage.

Such major differences between “gay marriage” and authentic marriage are clearly relevant. In other words, it sure seems obvious that “equal protection” does not apply to same sex attempts at “union.” Again, this is probably common sense to many.

False marriage laws affect everyone, and so does the secrecy of the FBI, local police, and other government entities.

There is more, even though this elaboration should be concluded due to it being different from the main subject of the article. It may be interesting that in a public discussion on “violence” and “civil rights” in which he included “sexual orientation and gender identity,” the FBI director recently stated that “the First Amendment also does not protect someone who issues a true threat to inflict physical harm on individuals.” 

He did not mention the public commitment to violence which is likely implied in male “gay marriage.” However, it should be mentioned again that male “gay marriage” likely implies a public commitment to a lifetime of infliction of physical harm and/or violence on individuals. The FBI director is a lawyer for the U.S. government. 

If “the First Amendment does not protect someone who issues a true threat to inflict physical harm on individuals,” if male “gay marriage” implies a public commitment to infliction of future physical harm, then are those who in any way promote or support “gay marriage” complicit in propagating violence? What about Congress and the President who vote to wrongly legalize “gay marriage” which likely implies violence? Are such lawmakers complicit in the violence and medical disorders which result? 

Much more could be included in this discussion but it has to be concluded here. What is written above is not directed at any specific individual, and it is not written about any specific individual. The conclusions are arrived at from science, biological, and medical facts, and common sense. This sentence concludes the scientific explanation of grotesque human actions.)

Summary of FBI’s current and previous activities and operations

After thorough studying, one may discover that some of the most significant threats to Americans are the secret operations, activities, hoaxes, false information, and other laws and guidelines of the FBI, local police potentially being controlled by the FBI (to be explained in a moment), and other secret government entities. The FBI is an international entity, so FBI hoaxes, ruses, or strategic deceptions may also be enacted internationally and may be an international threat as a result.

A previous article mentioned the FBI’s guidelines describing that the FBI (and others who cooperate with the FBI) apparently may use lies and violence in secret FBI activities and operations. (Preamble and Page 7)  More specific examples of previous U.S. federal government secret actions are going to be mentioned in this article. One summary of those actions was provided in previous articles but is worth quoting again:

[U.S. government actions during the Civil War, World War I, and others], however, were fundamentally different from the intelligence activities examined by this [U.S. Senate Committee on the FBI and Intelligence Community]. They were generally executed overtly under the authority of a statute or a public executive order. The victims knew what was being done to them and could challenge the Government in the courts and other forums. Intelligence activity [of the FBI and other U.S. Federal government entities], on the other hand, is generally covert. It is concealed from its victims and is seldom described in statutes or explicit executive orders. The victim may never suspect that his misfortunes are the intended result of activities undertaken by his government, and accordingly may have no opportunity to challenge the actions taken against him. (Pages 2-3)

Secret “activities” of the U.S. federal government entities like the FBI “intended” to cause harm to Americans, and those Americans did not even know that it was the government that caused the harm. A point which cannot be elaborated is that in some, or possibly many, instances the government may use covert techniques in attempt to make it appear as though God or the Catholic Church is causing the harm to the individual, thus attempting to cause an aversion to God and the Catholic Faith. In some places it is common to hear the statement, “what is God (the Holy Spirit) saying to you through those people around you?” That can cause serious harm if a person does not know that others around them are not being guided by God but instead are being guided by the government (as implied in the above statement, “the victim may never suspect that his misfortunes are the intended result of activities undertaken by his government”).

Another U.S. Senate document describes the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency performing covert actions in other countries which included “disseminating propaganda, supporting media, influencing institutions, influencing elections, supporting political parties, [and] supporting private sector organizations.” Some specific examples include maintaining “a number of assets or agents on major [foreign country] newspapers, radio, and television stations, and manufactured ‘black propaganda’ that is, material falsely purporting to be the product of a particular group,” “support of the establishment of a commercial television service in [a foreign country],” and the “use of a CIA-controlled news agency.” (Pages 8-9)

Those actions were reportedly done in foreign countries, but it is going to be explained that the FBI apparently did similar things in America. The point is that the secret actions and technologies, including “biosurveillance” technologies, of the U.S. federal and local governments could be significant threats to Americans.

It has already been elaborated elsewhere, but such secret U.S. federal government actions operating one or more national or international news agencies, paying newspaper, television, and radio news reporters to publish false information, etc. could also be used to propagate national or international hoaxes like a hoax pandemic by renaming a virus that has been going around for many years and typically only causes the common cold, and falsely reporting that it is causing many deaths.

Emphasis from the above quotations should also be placed on the U.S. federal government secretly “influencing institutions,” which the FBI director recently said the FBI is attempting throughout America, potentially including influencing institutions to wrongly support homosexuality, false marriage known as “gay marriage,” and transgenderism. 

The government apparently already has experience and data on how to secretly accomplish such evils. A reasonable person might question how many hoaxes have occurred in America, especially since the U.S. federal government apparently legalized government hoaxes to be enacted by entities like the FBI, potentially local police, and the intelligence community. 

U.S. federal law basically implies that many occurrences propagated in the news could be law enforcement, intelligence community, or other government-propagated hoaxes; “is this a hoax?” or “is this propaganda?” are reasonable questions regarding many national and international reports. And the above quotations about CIA-operated news entities might make one question, “is this newspaper, TV station, or internet news site secretly operated by the U.S. Federal government?”

As mentioned in a previous article, the FBI director recently apparently implied that the FBI performs actions “beyond investigative work” and may be currently doing such “beyond investigative work” to potentially attempt to cause (coerce?) support for transgenderism, homosexuality, and false marriage known as “gay marriage” (“sexual orientation and gender identity”). 

The FBI director’s statement describes “civil rights-focused working groups and task forces with state, local, private, public, and non-profit partners” and the involvement of “community groups” trained by the FBI to cause “institutional change” on such falsifications as sexual orientation and gender identity. Such statements should be kept in mind due to the FBI’s past of secretly targeting and harming others.

Also, it cannot be elaborated in this article, but it is very significant to mention that local police or “law enforcement” may secretly work for or with the FBI. This is described in the FBI’s definition of “undercover employee”:

“Undercover Employee” means any employee of the FBI, or employee of a Federal, state, or local law enforcement agency working under the direction and control of the FBI in a particular investigation, whose relationship with the FBI is concealed from third parties in the course of an investigative operation by the maintenance of a cover or alias identity. (Page 1)

The FBI apparently allows itself to secretly own businesses (“proprietary”), bribe others, “supply falsely sworn testimony or false documentation in any legal or administrative proceeding,” commit violence, and cause others to have “financial loss.” (Pages 1, 7, 9, 13) And the FBI may also control local police without others knowing that the local police, secret police, or individual law enforcement employees, are being controlled by the FBI. In the past the FBI “often” used ruses, ploys, and “strategic deceptions” (Page 132) to achieve their goals, potentially including their goal of destroying groups or institutions. (Page 5) 

In other words, it appears as though local police may also own businesses, bribe others, “supply falsely sworn testimony or false documentation in any legal or administrative proceeding,” secretly commit violence, commit hoaxes, and cause financial loss. 

Such potentially secret government actions suggest there is no authentic Justice System in America. (Interestingly, there was very little, if any, discussion of the specifically secret local police actions during the years when liberals were protesting and rioting and reportedly attacking such government entities. Reading the laws and guidelines should make one conclude that entities such as the FBI and local police have too much power to operate in secrecy, which apparently includes “plain-clothed” employees often acting in public but not identifying as being police or FBI employees or cooperators, but not much was mentioned about such secrecy like hoaxes, false accusations, etc., during those years.)

There are more specific examples of evils and crimes of the FBI, local secret police, and other intelligence entities to be discussed from U.S. government documents. One can then ask, could the FBI or other secret entities use these methods at the present time to target individuals or groups?

FBI suggested poisoning food

One document is from 1976, but it still provides significant information on what one might expect from the FBI; this is especially true because since the publication of the 1976 U.S. Senate document, the U.S. federal government has published guidelines for the FBI which apparently allow FBI employees and/or cooperators to commit serious crimes, including violence or crimes that cause “physical injury” or “financial loss.” (Page 7) 

And in 2005, a U.S. federal government report described that in many instances FBI cooperators do not even follow their own guidelines for reporting or committing “unauthorized illegal activity,” which most people might say are “crimes.” This is not surprising. (Those who cooperate with the FBI or local police should observe in the report how easy it would be for the FBI or police to trick them into committing a crime.)

In other words, if the FBI and those who cooperate with the FBI are still allowed to commit crimes, apparently including violence, one can expect the FBI, and potentially local police who cooperate with the FBI or who may have similar guidelines as the FBI, to continue to cause serious harm to Americans. 

The 1976 document on the corrupt actions of the FBI is also relevant because it describes actions that the FBI did beyond investigative work. Again, recently the FBI director stated that the FBI may go “beyond investigative work” to cause “institutional change,” potentially in support of homosexuality, false “marriage” for homosexuals, “transgenderism,” or other false ideas and lies that are contrary to science and Truth. 

The Senate document summarizes the actions of the FBI as “unrestrained illegal, secret intimidation and harassment of the essential ability of Americans” not much different from what the KGB did to political dissenters in Russia. (Page 43, emphasis added) 

A significant point which cannot be overemphasized is that the FBI committed, and might still commit, “unrestrained illegal” and specifically secret intimidation.” The FBI referred to these techniques as “intensive investigations,” (page 30) rather than what they really are, which is secret intimidation, harassment, and a type of torture. This “secret” intimidation and “intensive investigation” likely implies the use of many different people from within the community who are accurately described as “stalkers.” Others have described this secret intimidation as “community organized stalking” and covert, intense, supervised stalking.

Again, the FBI is known to “often” use ruses, ploys, and “strategic deceptions” (Page 132) to achieve their goals, potentially including their goal of destroying groups or institutions. (Page 5) The U.S. Senate document describes some of these hoaxes and falsified actions. One suggestion is to poison food, which is stated in the following FBI memo:

It is suggested that the Bureau [FBI] then consider having the laboratory treat fruit, such as oranges with mild laxative-type drug by hypodermic needle or other appropriate method, and ship fruit as a donation from a fictitious person in Miami to the Jersey City headquarters. (Page 103)

A former senator correctly describes the suggestion as “insane.” Other FBI employees were said to be operating with “paranoia.” (Page 32) How many current FBI employees, “career law enforcement officers,” or other secret police employees could be accurately labeled as “insane?” And what about truly paranoid FBI employees or other employees of secret government entities? How many FBI employees or other secret police employees are paranoid about being discovered? It would only take one truly paranoid FBI or other employee of secret government entities to cause significant harm. It appears as though Americans are not protected from such “insane” or paranoid FBI or other secret law enforcement employees.

FBI falsified letters, destroyed job and family life

Other techniques included falsifying letters and attempts to break up marriages or “destroy the job or family life.” (Page 26) A former senator specified that “family life was a particularly opportune target in the Bureau’s [FBI’s] view.” (Page 26)

The FBI may still be attempting to destroy a person’s ability to make money; the apparently current FBI secret activities’ and operations’ guidelines describe the FBI potentially causing “financial loss” due to their secret activities and operations. (Page 7)

Destroying a marriage (between one man and one woman) and family life also causes significant suffering to targeted families. If one is not yet married, one might also include the FBI or FBI cooperators attempting to prevent a target from meeting a future spouse for marriage (between one man and one woman). Such actions in themselves can result in many years of suffering.

Another technique was to attempt to make people to wrongly believe that one person was actually an employee or informant for the FBI when that person was not an employee or informant for the FBI. (Page 26) False suspicions could be put into group members’ minds through false letters or other false communications. 

In today’s society, such false suspicions can be placed in peoples’ minds through the common, often subconscious, psychological phenomenon in which persons “project” one person’s characteristics onto someone else. There is probably a technical word in psychology to describe this phenomenon but is not mentioned here.

Pre-planned schemes, hoaxes, or other falsified crimes or other events using hints and suggestive actions intended to make local or national news might be used to attempt to cause many people to project the falsified characteristics of the falsified criminal onto other people with the intent to cause suspicion of such persons. 

It cannot be elaborated here, but this might be one of the main uses of hoaxes performed by the FBI, local police, and other “law enforcement” entities so that large numbers of people in communities will become suspicious and fearful and ultimately participate in community organized policing “techniques of destruction” (to be explained in a moment) against the targeted person.

Also, there are some or many people who might employ people and also could be targeted by the FBI or secret activities of the local police. It should be mentioned that the FBI has gotten into groups for extended amounts of time. This suggests they may do so through becoming employed. If the FBI wanted to discredit or destroy such a group, an FBI cooperator employed by the targeted group could either falsify or really commit bad or illegal actions, and those actions could be publicized locally or nationally with the intent to discredit or destroy the targeted group. It is the method of “destroying the group from within the group.” 

The FBI has also obtained employment for those who cooperate with them. (Page 128) Thus, those people who appear to destroy their own reputation while secretly cooperating with the FBI could simply be given a new alias in a different location with new employment. 

FBI set up totally falsified KKK group and attempted to attract others to it

Another specific hoax performed by the FBI is described by a former senator as follows:

One such effort is noted in a letter from an internal FBI memorandum, calling the Director’s attention in 1967 to the fact that the Bureau [FBI] had set up an entire klavern of the [Klu Klux] Klan composed of Bureau [FBI] informants, and that they paid the expenses of setting up the organization. And apparently at its height, this group of informants was designed to attract membership from one of the main [Klu Klux] Klan groups. (Page 18)

Thus, the FBI falsified a full group or “klavern” of the Klu Klux Klan. It is unclear if that FBI operated Klu Klux Klan “klavern” committed or provoked violence. However, the document says that the Klu Klux Klan klavern which was secretly operated by the FBI intended to “attract membership.” And a separate sworn testimony by a former FBI informant describes the FBI apparently implying that the informant should participate in violence. (Page 117) This is an example of how FBI lying and hoaxes can lead to other crimes, potentially even significant financial loss, injury, disability, and death. 

Would the FBI set up false groups in their attempts to cause “institutional change” to support sexual orientation and gender identity? Or, would the FBI secretly (through hoaxes and other falsifications) attempt to influence politicians, judges, or other government officials to force enactment of laws to support sexual orientation and gender identity and false marriage known as “gay marriage?”

FBI wanted to destroy and replace Martin Luther King

The U.S. Senate document describes the FBI’s plans to destroy and/or remove Dr. Martin Luther King. That is not all, though. Not only did the FBI plan to remove or “destroy” Dr. King, but the FBI planned to replace Dr. King with someone that the FBI approved of. A former U.S. senator summarized the actions and quoted members of the FBI as follows:

[Dr Martin Luther King’s] concept of nonviolent confrontation or nonviolent protest was seen as a threat to law enforcement, and something the Bureau [FBI] was indeed unhappy about. This was aided apparently by what the Bureau [FBI] regarded as Dr. King’s direct attacks on Mr. Hoover and the Bureau [FBI] and the public controversy was pretty much full blown at the time in 1963 when Mr. Sullivan, who should be able to give us some assistance on this matter, communicates to Mr. Hoover a plan for dealing with Dr. Martin Luther King. 

Quoting from a memorandum, the plan here is to completely discredit Dr. King by “taking him off his pedestal and to reduce him completely in influence.” In its effort to reduce Dr. King’s influence, to take him off his pedestal and to change, if you will, his image before the masses, we begin to get some insight into the thought process of the FBI at this time. The thinking was that this would not be a terribly difficult task. The memo indicated, for example, that this can be done and will be done: “Obviously, confusion will reign, particularly among the [African American] people. The [African Americans] will be left without a national leader of sufficiently compelling personality to steer them in the proper direction.”

So the FBI decided that if they were going to take King off his pedestal, it was a part of their task to find and bring into prominence a new national [African American] leader. To this end the FBI did research and identify a personality, a person, not a civil rights leader incidentally, whom the Bureau [FBI] believed would qualify and should be promoted as the new national [African American] leader. (Page 31)

That is the end of the former senator’s summary. It is significant that in the past the FBI attempted to cause a change in thinking of a group of millions of people by attempting to destroy one leader and replace one leader with a person chosen by and controlled by the FBI to manipulate the actions of those millions of people in America (through their use of the secret and falsified “not a civil rights” leader).

The former Senator also mentions that the FBI used “the most complete surveillance imaginable” of Dr. King. (Page 31) 

If the FBI used “the most complete surveillance imaginable” even before the 1970s, it is highly likely that the FBI, local police, and others would use remote brain surveillance and manipulation technology if it existed. 

(Although it cannot be elaborated here, one objection to the possibility of remote brain surveillance is that movement of particles, movement of water molecules, or other elements which naturally move in the human brain during thinking and emotion would not be large enough to observe or stimulate from significant distances away even if they can be observed with technologies similar to MRI technologies. 

Of course, the obvious answer to this is that there are other known technologies which have been in existence for many years which expand and enlarge pictures; some describe this as “zooming.” Such technologies could expand spatio-temporal brain electrochemical effects and then use machine learning technology to determine what the brain is thinking. The more one researches, the more likely one might be to ask “how many years have remote brain surveillance and manipulation technologies been in use?” instead of asking whether the technologies exist. And the more one researches the secret actions of the FBI, intelligence community, and likely local police surveillance entities, the more likely one might be to conclude that such persons would be the ones to use those brain technologies.) 

FBI destructive tactics from foreign countries used against Americans 

A former senator summarizes the FBI using destructive techniques learned in foreign countries against Americans:

the techniques of destruction that had become involved in the fight against Communist intelligence services or Nazi intelligence services overseas were, by the admission of the [apparently FBI] Man who was in charge of these programs, brought home and used against the American citizens (Page 24, emphasis added)

The former senator also quotes a discussion with a former FBI employee:

[An FBI employee] said, “This is a common practice, rough, tough, dirty business … To repeat, it is a rough, tough, dirty business, and dangerous. It was dangerous at times” that is, dangerous to the persons who are being affected, not to the Bureau [FBI] persons when you are trying to disrupt someone’s family life. “It was dangerous at times, no holds were barred. We have used that technique against foreign espionage agents, and they have used it against us.” (Page 24)

Such “techniques of destruction … used against the American citizens” mentioned by the former senator and FBI employee may be used as torture in foreign countries; there is even a word to describe them, which is the German word “Zersetzung,” which means “destruction” or “decomposition.” They are mostly psychological techniques (intimidation, harassment, stalking, bullying, and similar attacks are mostly psychological). 

If those “techniques of destruction” are currently used by the FBI and local police or local secret police, then Americans should be given the opportunity to know the people, techniques, and surveillance technologies being used to harm them. It may be much more prevalent now than it was in the 1970s when the previously quoted documents were written.

Another point that cannot be elaborated in this article is that the U.S. Senate documents quoted above describing the crimes of the FBI and other secret government entities mention several times that specific communist groups in America wanted to “violently overthrow the U.S. government.” (Page 10) 

Now, think about this for a moment: if such groups believed they had enough people to “violently overthrow the U.S. government,” wouldn’t they also have enough people to secretly and non-violently overthrow the U.S. government by getting into, being employed by, and controlling the FBI, intelligence community, and even some, or many, local police entities? If such groups were unable to “violently overthrow the U.S. government,” would they be likely to attempt to secretly and non-violently overthrow the U.S. government by controlling the FBI, Department of Justice, and politicians, and by committing “otherwise illegal activity,” hoaxes, and falsifying elections? 

Would laws or lies about the Constitution which destroy countries, like those that falsely claim that “gay marriage” has “similar conditions and circumstances” as normal marriage, or the anti-reason policies supporting homosexuality, contraception, abortion, murder of the elderly or “sick,” and transgenderism be some indications that such overthrow of the U.S. government has occurred or is occurring? America’s enemies would clearly support such anti-reason policies.

Does the FBI or other entity secretly cause ‘intended harm’ to American Catholic leaders?

It cannot be elaborated, but more recently there was at least one influential Catholic in America who is accurately described as a leader with millions of supporters, and whose reputation was destroyed, even though that person was apparently never even accused of a crime, and even though much, if not everything, used against that person was apparently merely hearsay of only a few people. The way in which that person’s reputation was quickly destroyed has several similarities to what is described in the FBI’s previous covert “techniques of destruction.” 

The apparently falsely accused person’s explanations of Authentic Truth and defense of the Priesthood are invaluable and could also be used in the future to save the souls of many people. If it is possible, it seems that there should be authoritative people working to do whatever can be done to restore both the reputation and the materials of that person, even if those in authority disagree with that person’s straightforwardness and criticism. Other falsely accused people, or other people misguided by potentially secret actions of the government, might also be helped to continue in their vocation, if possible.

And that is not to mention the effects on other individuals and dioceses which the FBI’s guidelines could have. Such guidelines apparently allow the FBI to bribe others, “supply falsely sworn testimony or false documentation in any legal or administrative proceeding,” commit violence, and cause others to have “financial loss.” (Pages 1, 7, 9, 13) And the local police may work for the FBI. (Page 1) Could one say that all of those factors combined necessarily result in “reasonable doubt” or necessarily nullify nearly every court case or accusation?

Also, the FBI may apparently secretly cause physical harm; if they can “risk” violence, does that mean they can also threaten violence? It seems that this could be used to coerce targeted persons into falsely admitted to doing something they did not do. Again, this seems to suggest there really is no justice system in America. (These articles mention the FBI, but there could be other secret government entities also responsible for evils.)

There is more significant information to mention but not in this article. Ultimately, those who may be targets of the psychological “techniques of destruction,” financial loss, false accusations, and such evil coordinated and supervised stalking schemes should be consoled in knowing that God repays each person according to the good or evil that they do, offering up suffering in unity with Christ’s Suffering is a powerful prayer and may result in converting such evildoers, and such covert stalking schemes cannot be used against God when such people, accurately described as cowards, stand before Him on Judgment Day.