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PARIS (LifeSiteNews) — Following the lead of several neighboring countries in Europe, the French prime minister, Jean Castex, announced this Wednesday that the COVID “vaccine” pass required since mid-January for many ordinary activities will no longer be necessary on March 15 in many places currently out-of-bounds for the unvaccinated. Compulsory mask-wearing indoors will also be scrapped in most public places. The announcement comes less than a month before France’s presidential election; its first round will take place on April 10th. 

This sounds like excellent news, and it will be a liberation not only for the four or five million people who flatly refuse to take the experimental genomic injection, but for as many citizens who balked at taking the third or “booster” shot which became mandatory in order to continue to benefit from their pass since February 23rd. 

Currently, people who have recovered from COVID more than four months ago are required to get two jabs, and those who were infected twice or more are “allowed” to have just one COVID  shot. This applies to all those aged 17 and up; children from 5 to 16 do not need vaccine passes but are eligible for the shot and receive it even if only one of their parents agrees. The lifting of the vaccine pass will hopefully dissuade many from being injected or inflicting the jab on children, but how long will this respite last? 

The operative word in Jean Castex’s announcement, made on one of France’s major television stations, TF1, was “suspension.” The expected relaxing of COVID restrictions does not mean that the law allowing for the state to impose freedom-killing, discriminatory, and useless measures on the population that it has divided into first and second-class citizens will be repealed. On the contrary, the government could reactivate the COVID pass at any time until July 31, and the authorities have made clear that they will do anything it takes to “protect” the population with further restrictions if deemed necessary. 

Far from officially recognizing the end of the “pandemic,” now that the benign omicron variant accounts for the overwhelming majority COVID “cases” in a rapidly declining wave of infections, a number of obligations will remain in place, such as mandatory “vaccination” for health workers. Medical professionals are compelled to get the jab or be suspended from their jobs without unemployment benefits and, in many places, without even minimum subsidies for those who have no income at all. 

This is despite the fact that the COVID “vaccine” is demonstrably unable to prevent infection, illness, and transmitting the virus to others. I can cite several examples of people who caught COVID in hospital while being treated for another illness. 

The announced “suspension” of the vaccine passport will – at last, but only as long as it lasts – allow free access to sports, leisure, and cultural activities, including stadiums, public swimming pools, cinemas, theaters, museums, trade fairs, and the like, as well as restaurants, cafés, long-distance train travel, and domestic flights. 

Masks will no longer need to be worn in indoor places open to the public, such as stores and government offices, in the workplace, and at school. They will remain compulsory, under threat of a 135 euro (about $150 US) fine, on public transport. 

Masks will also remain mandatory in hospitals and rest-homes for the elderly. Worse: in these places the “sanitary pass” will also still be required, meaning that costly PCR or antigen tests less than 24-hours-old will be compulsory for the unvaccinated and the recovered to enter these places, in a sanitary situation where it is becoming more and more difficult to catch COVID. This affects visits made to family and friends, even children, in hospital. 

The French government’s decision to “suspend” the vaccine passport just weeks before Emmanuel Macron contends for a second term as president has been widely condemned as a political move. While it is true that some countries, such as Italy, are maintaining heavy restrictions and horrendous pressure to force people to receive the experimental injection, many others have done away with most, if not all, measures since the beginning of the year. Only last week, a French Senate committee asked the government to “lift” the vaccine pass immediately. 

But in politics, timing is everything, and as Macron is doing all he can to benefit from Putin’s war on Ukraine – on Wednesday evening, he promised to “shield” the French from the economic and social fall-out of the conflict – he is also being portrayed as the strong leader who will continue to protect the population in the ongoing “war” he declared on COVID two years ago. 

It is surely no coincidence that Castex should have made the decision to “suspend” the pass this Thursday, the same day that Macron’s office said the president would be officially announcing that his run for a second term tomorrow. This will take the form of a letter published in France’s regional dailies. Tomorrow, Friday, March 4, is the last day on which presidential candidates may be officially registered with France’s Constitutional Court. Macron has again and again postponed his announcement, pleading the “tenseness” of the international situation and his need to be on all fronts, including the COVID sanitary crisis. 

Fabrice Di Vizio, a lawyer who has repeatedly taken the French administration to court in order to fight COVID restrictions, and who, refreshingly, makes no mystery of his Catholic faith (and hope) reacted angrily to today’s announcement. In a short video on Twitter, he stated: 

Let me sum this up. The vaccine pass will be “suspended,” which means that in practice we will continue to live under the tension of possible restrictions to our liberties that will certainly take place, always in a situation of vaccine blackmail. We are living under a State that behaves like a thug, and our president is a thug – if he wants to prosecute me for that, just let him!… We are going to penalize people who are fragile because of their state of health or because of the state of health of their loved ones. They will be penalized if they have not been vaccinated, and this only in the interests of the pharmaceutical companies because it is now notorious that vaccination does not prevent from transmitting the disease and does not protect from transmission. We are in the presence of a “state lie” amid total public indifference: a true sign of the times. It’s a scandal. 

Di Vizio promised to continue with court proceedings over the coming months.  

“This is my responsibility even if they are unsuccessful,” he said.  

“It will be up to everyone to know what he or she must do,” he added, calling on all citizens to demonstrate from now on in front of hospitals all over France, “peacefully and with calm,” to keep putting pressure on the government.  

Di Vizio also wants doctors to be “submerged with legal complaints” if they go on asking patients to show a sanitary pass to be allowed into hospital. He will continue to defend health workers who have been abandoned and forgotten and who are now without any rights at all. 

“I can tell you, this is not over,” he concluded. 

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Jeanne Smits has worked as a journalist in France since 1987 after obtaining a Master of Arts in Law. She formerly directed the French daily Présent and was editor-in-chief of an all-internet French-speaking news site called She writes regularly for a number of Catholic journals (Monde & vie, L’Homme nouveau, Reconquête…) and runs a personal pro-life blog. In addition, she is often invited to radio and TV shows on alternative media. She is vice-president of the Christian and French defense association “AGRIF.” She is the French translator of The Dictator Pope by Henry Sire and Christus Vincit by Bishop Schneider, and recently contributed to the Bref examen critique de la communion dans la main about Communion in the hand. She is married and has three children, and lives near Paris.