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May 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – With the reopening of kindergartens and primary schools in France this week (secondary schools are to follow later) as “deconfinement” measures are progressively implemented, schoolteachers are facing extremely detailed list of dos and don'ts that include preventing children from approaching each other at less than 1 meter, even during recess, and banning any form of ball games because – government booklets say – teachers cannot be expected to clean the ball each time a pupil has touched it.

But beyond the Kafkaesque rules and regulations aimed even at 3- to 5-year-olds, a system of surveillance and denunciation is already in place that openly encourage school personnel to trace “sectarian deviance” or talk of “conspiracy theories” regarding the COVID-19 crisis and its management by public authorities.

Two official documents were published ahead of the reopening of schools. One, titled “Listening to what returning students have to say after the COVID-19 confinement,” aims at rebuilding “resilience” in what is presented as a return to a “secure” environment – as if being at home, together with their parents, could be considered as a trauma. The document is available here on the official site for teachers, Eduscol.

The second document, on the same website, bears the title “COVID-19 and risks of sectarian deviance.” It speaks even more clearly about a possible change in students’ attitudes because of “exterior or family influence.”

Taken together, the two sets of guidelines will establish a clear framework in which teachers in public schools and in state-funded private schools are clearly being encouraged to identify deviant opinions, thoughts and attitudes and even report families they suspect are questioning official propaganda on the coronavirus pandemic. In other words: thought police.

The first document, which is all about “listening,” presents the monitoring of pupils as a way of helping them get over a difficult period that they perhaps did not understand, in which they were confronted with illness and death. It presents itself as aiming to offer psychological help after a traumatic experience. The document insists that schoolchildren must understand that the end of confinement is not a “return to normal.”

This revolutionary vocabulary can be found in the idea that we are in a “moment of personal and collective transition,” a new “construction” or “reconstruction” that will require “adjustments and transformation.”

A whole plan of action will be installed in schools, including identification of pupils who find themselves in a fragile or traumatic situation, and interventions on the part of school nurses or outside speakers in charge of “listening” to the students. It is suggested that when “necessary,” students can be directed to have an appointment with a nurse, a social worker, psychologist or public school doctor, nothing being said about the right of parents to know about such a direction.

Group activities are also encouraged, “in full respect of the sanitary doctrine,” to allow students to express themselves. Reading between the lines, this sounds a lot like group therapy in which predefined answers are prompted by the person leading the group.

The second document about “sectarian deviance” speaks more specifically of what youngsters may have heard at home during the nine weeks in which they were free from the influence of state education. According to the documents’ introduction, dozens of reports related to the COVID-19 crisis have already been received by the official agency (MIVILUDES) in charge of supervising “sectarian deviance.”

These guidelines complement the “listening” guidelines that are in fact emphatic about repeating the official line on the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and further regulations linked to the sanitary crisis. The present message is that there could soon be a “second wave” of infections and that an emergency lockdown will then take place.

Infectologist Didier Raoult of Marseille has repeatedly said the current curves of infection, illness and fatalities are more or less the same the world over, with or without lockdown, and that in that respect, COVID-19 is reacting like most viral attacks and is in fact rapidly fading away.

In schools, pupils are instead expected to learn to identify “fake news” and “disinformation,” which means anything that contradicts the official public discourse on the Chinese coronavirus.

Among ideas that are presented as being linked to dangerous cults preached by “gurus or ideologists” are those that suggest that the pandemic is “a revealer of divine will and power,” “a warning from ‘Nature,’ obscure forces or divine spirits” (so much for Pope Francis’ repeated statements about Nature responding to man’s neglect of the Earth’s needs), “a ‘chastisement sent by God’ and a sign of the imminence of the apocalypse,” “a return to believing as the only saving response.”

It will be up to the teachers to identify children whose legal responders have certain ideologies or beliefs that lead them to neglect or oppose public health advice or who “circumvent confinement measures in order to join meetings, refuse treatment, medical tests or blood tests, etc.”

Teachers must also watch children back from several weeks at home for signs of a change of behavior, which in certain circumstances should be signaled to competent authorities, the document explains.

Ironically, the guidelines encourage teachers to watch out for those who “manipulate fear” and use social media to spread videos and advice regarding the crisis, as well as “conspiracy theories that are added to nearly erroneous information in order to participate in the loss of control of public opinion.”

That last phrase is most interesting because it suggests that public opinion needs to be controlled …

While the document encourages teachers to explain to their students that cults often recommend inefficient practices, foods or regimens that are purported to build immunity from COVID-19, it adds that it is important to tell them that there is no “miracle treatment” that can prevent or heal COVID-19.

The French government has systematically ridiculed or minimized possible treatments that can reduce the viral load of the Chinese virus and the gravity of disease linked to the infection, such as hydroxychloroquine associated with antibiotics, or an antibiotic together with anti-asthma and anticoagulant medication that doctors in France and Belgium say have allowed them not to send a single COVID-19 positive patient to hospital since they started using them.

Instead, government guidelines tell patients to stay at home if they have symptoms without any other treatment than Paracetamol and only go to hospital when they are in acute respiratory distress.

Apparently, raising doubts about this policy is already a sign of “sectarian deviance.”

The government is also telling teachers to listen to a state-controlled radio program together with their students about “Rumours and misleading information at the time of the coronavirus.” Other activities that are purported to develop a “rational, autonomous and enlightened” mind are also encouraged.

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Jeanne Smits has worked as a journalist in France since 1987 after obtaining a Master of Arts in Law. She formerly directed the French daily Présent and was editor-in-chief of an all-internet French-speaking news site called She writes regularly for a number of Catholic journals (Monde & vie, L’Homme nouveau, Reconquête…) and runs a personal pro-life blog. In addition, she is often invited to radio and TV shows on alternative media. She is vice-president of the Christian and French defense association “AGRIF.” She is the French translator of The Dictator Pope by Henry Sire and Christus Vincit by Bishop Schneider, and recently contributed to the Bref examen critique de la communion dans la main about Communion in the hand. She is married and has three children, and lives near Paris.