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The December 5 LifeSiteNews articles that you should not miss: 

There are a variety of issues that are covered in our Monday reports. That was not one of our more positive news days, but our obligation to you is to report all that is most important. If we do not do that, we are negligent to our mission purpose.Hopeful news is that Republican congressman Rep. Chip Roy of Texas introduced an amendment to Democrats’ same-sex “marriage” bill, the “Respect for Marriage Act” (RMA), in a final bid to protect religious liberty before a vote in the House next Tuesday. So, there is surprisingly still a small hope that the US might yet avoid the worst from that dreadful bill with a completely fake, Orwellian name that means the exact opposite of what it is intended to do – smash the concept of one-man, one-woman natural marriage. The amendment has a slim chance of succeeding but we should still hope, pray and act for it to be accepted. Even then, the religious protections are not enough. The entire thrust of the bill is wrong and perverse.

We also cover the reportedly dreadful intervention by Pope Francis in lifting the excommunication of a fellow Jesuit priest who has been found guilty of serious charges by an ecclesiastical (Catholic religious) court and has been accused of sexually and otherwise abusing religious nuns. This is a story that we do not at all wish to report, but someone has to do this for justice’s sake and for those poor nuns and in support of quite a few within the Church, including some bishops and other Jesuits who wish the priest to be barred from further Catholic ministry. The world needs to know that this pope has been extremely negligent, not only since he became pope but also previously when he was an archbishop in Argentina, in not appropriately dealing with abusive clerics.

There are four more articles today related to the imposition of digital ID systems and the Great Reset, which is now totally in the open as a very real program that globalist leaders are attempting to implement with haste.The Australian government, which was one of the worst in the world in imposing extremely harsh COVID health mandate policies, is now moving ahead with its digital Id system. We can only imagine how this will function considering the severe abuses Australians were forced to endure during the COVID mandates that have been proven unnecessary and very harmful in every way. The hugely populated African nation of Nigeria is also attempting to engineer its own digital identification system and establish an Orwellian surveillance state as we report here.

In case any of you still think that any of this is “conspiracy thinking” you should read today’s article from American Thinker on LifeSiteNews regarding the resolutions that resulted from the recent G20 leaders meeting in Bali. We could just pretend that none of this really happened, but what good would that be for anyone. At least you are able to consider these realities and then make informed decisions on how you can best respond and join the growing army of resisters in one way or another who are having a definitely positive impact. That is why the Great Reset and digital ID plans are being accelerated. They see the opposition growing and becoming too effective!

We present to you today a comprehensive, much-needed overview from Dr. Mercola of the implications of the digital Id systems on the world and especially the West and what you can and should to about this globalist freight train that is roaring down on us. You cannot avoid being affected by it, but there is much that you can do to lessen its impact on you and your family and nation. You will become somewhat of an expert if you can find the time to read the article and view the included blockbuster videos, especially the first one at the top which is an interview with computer specialist Aman Jabbi. Jabbi says and proves many things that seem hardly believable and which I am sure most of you are not aware of. I suggest, from all that I have heard and read these past few years, he knows what he is talking about and should be taken seriously. I must warn you, though, it is personally challenging to face what is stated and shown in this article and videos. However, at the same time it does provide hope. The mere fact that people like Jabbi are constantly researching and telling the world about their discoveries and giving direction as to what we can do about these things is itself a cause for hope. That is how we always look at these stories that could otherwise lead some to despair and becoming depressed. We see shining a light on the darkness as a very good and necessary thing for positive change, and that is why we publish so many of those stories. The good cannot possibly defeat certain evils if:1. They don’t even know that they exist because no one is telling this news,

2. They don’t receive reliable, truthful reporting on the issues

3. No one is guiding or directing them to solutions, which we frequently do.

4. They are not part of a network or community of like-minded persons within which they can discuss these issues and possible local solutions or actions needing to be done. LifeSiteNews is a genuine, professional, international news service, but are also a community of like-minded persons who all help each other.Just one of many solutions to fight the globalist agenda would be to start using only cash for all purchases as much as possible from now on and never purchase anything from a store or service that does not accept cash. My wife and I, and many we know, have been doing this for some time to help slow down the process of forcing us all to change over into a digital currency system that tracks EVERYTHING we do. Join us. Using your credit card gives too much data on all that you buy and do to many different institutions, businesses and government who then use that information for more than you can imagine or would ever wish.

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For life, family, faith, truth, and freedom,

Steve Jalsevac

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