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Reactions, positive and negative, continue to come in in response to the Francis document on blessings for same-sex couples. Joe Biden has now welcomed the statement. Biden is also an ardent supporter of homosexual “unions,” and has even presided over the “marriage” of two men.

Biden’s openly declared lesbian Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated, “Obviously, we welcome the step in the church ministry to the LGBTQ people.”

These statements continue to rightfully mock those Catholics who continue to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with this latest action by Pope Francis and his appointed head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith and that it allegedly changes nothing.

All the world’s leading LGBT activists see it very clearly as being incredibly helpful to their agenda to normalize homosexual actions, relations, and gay “marriage.”

The Zambia bishops are the latest to ignore Francis and instead remain faithful to Christ and are the latest to forbid any “blessings” of same-sex couples. They know their duty to God and His Church and to the salvation of all persons inclined to homosexuality. It is an act of God’s love for such persons to not give any harmful affirmation toward homosexual acts.

It seems Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is just getting started in her determination to battle WEF agent and traitorous Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Wow! She is not going to allow Trudeau to ban gas-powered cars, which would be a disaster for all Canadians, not just Albertans.

Americans, pay attention! The same is being planned for the U.S. Fight it in every state.

It is all about the New World Order and not fake, man-caused “climate change.” Smith is making all the men look like wimps. God bless her. Pray for her.

gutsy Ontario teacher is another heroic fighter against New World Order tyranny. This time, it is about her being unjustly removed from her school board position for objecting to harmful LGBT books in the school. Did you know that is another key item in the WEF agenda – the promotion of LGBT ideology and the sexual corruption of children?

A prominent “transgender” activist has been charged with child rape in Philadelphia. These rapes are far more common than we are allowed to know because such charges are not made anywhere as often as they should.

Strong, negative reactions continue to grow against the Colorado Supreme Court’s unprecedented election interference barring Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot in that liberal state. And the court has actually admitted that their decision is nonsense.

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