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Billionaire George Soros speaks in Berlin, Germany on September 10, 2012.Sean Gallup / Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — The latest overview of the legacy and actions of George Soros by Dr. Robert Malone is exceptionally well done and of great significance.

It is one of the best I have read about this evil personality who has caused enormous grief for decades.

LifeSiteNews has published hundreds of articles referring to Soros over the years and for good reason. Most people are not aware that he has played an immensely large, often indirect but deliberate role in many of the news developments we have reported on in many nations.

LifeSiteNews has specialized in presenting what we call “the Big Picture” of the connections of many persons and issues to each other related to the culture of death and the battle to restore a culture of life, the natural family and Christian civilization.

Abortion, euthanasia, the sexual revolution, the growth of the militant LGBT movement, and even the decline of religious belief and practice among Christians, can be seen as being more symptoms of the aggressive scheming of globalist forces than outcomes of random civilizational decline.

While we do report a great deal on each of the above-mentioned single issues, we believe it is crucial to especially report on who or what is really driving them, often silently behind the scenes, and today much more openly and boldly in our faces.

To win any battles, the real enemies need to be exposed and defined so that we are not spending too many resources on fighting the symptoms rather than dealing with those who are deliberately creating all of these symptoms.

That is why we report so much on George Soros, the Rockefellers, the World Economic Forum and their synthesis of all anti-life, anti-family and anti-God movements in their Great Reset, the globalist-provoked Ukraine war, COVID and the deadly jabs that are both implicated in a totalitarian system of human control, the Club of Rome and other similar globalist organizations, the Francis Vatican, the UN, the WHO, NSSM 200, global depopulation, which is a huge factor behind all the anti-human scheming – and much more that most pro-life organizations rarely address.

Dr. Malone’s article is easy to follow and very revealing. Too many consider focusing on George Soros and his evil interference in the policies of many sovereign nations to be “conspiracy thinking”. It is instead facing reality – a reality that must finally be dealt with, and thankfully, more national leaders have recently been doing just that as explained in the article.

Eventually, there must be a major reckoning for George Soros and all those who have been working with him to destroy all that is good in our civilization. Pray that his plans will be confounded.

There is no doubt that this man works hand in hand with Satan and that prayer, plus actions, can play a large role in his eventual and necessary downfall.

Steve JalsevacPresident of LifeSiteNews

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