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(LifeSiteNews) – Austrian and German mainstream news outlets have agreed to cover the so-called “climate crisis” in near-total uniformity and not to allow deviation from the mainstream narrative. 

To anyone paying attention, this has been an open secret for awhile. The mainstream media across Europe and North America is pushing certain narratives in unison; both “climate change” and the COVID scamdemic have demonstrated that thoroughly.  

But they are not trying to hide it anymore, as recent examples from the German-speaking world have shown. Many major Austrian news outlets have agreed to sign a “climate codex,” committing themselves to cover the “climate crisis” in a way that portrays it as the “most urgent crisis in this century.” 

The “Network of Climate Journalism” responsible for the codex developed a “Climate Charta” on how to cover the issue “together with our colleagues from the Network of Climate Journalism Germany.” 

According to this climate codex, the “climate crisis” is the most dangerous crisis of the century and “endangers our livelihoods and is, therefore, a top priority.” The climate codex also states that the outlets who sign the document also “recognize the scientific facts about climate change.” 

This proves that the mainstream media has already fully agreed with the alarmist narrative. Every data point or argument that goes against this narrative will either be ignored or not considered “scientific fact.” 

Credentialed scientists who disagree with this position, like physics Nobel Prize laureate Dr. John Clauser, climatologist Judith Curry, or any of the researchers and scientists of the CO2 Coalition, will therefore either be ignored or discredited by mainstream journalists — all in the name of “science,” of course. 

The speaker of the Austrian “Network of Climate Journalism” said in a discussion that the “climate crisis” must not be viewed as just another topic but as a “dimension” that should be included everywhere. The “sustainability officer” of Austria’s public broadcasting network ORF echoed that sentiment, saying that the “climate change” issue is not only covered in the news but also in many other programs.  

Simply put, they admit that mainstream media consumers will be constantly bombarded with climate panic on every level — but don’t worry, it’s all for the greater good of saving the planet. 

Mainstream journalists commit to not ‘downplaying’ ‘climate change’

“Monitor,” one of the major political news shows on the German public broadcasting network ARD, suggested using new words in order to “not downplay” climate issues. Instead of saying “climate change,” which, according to Monitor, does not sound scary enough, one should rather use “climate crisis.”  

The phrase “climate skeptic,” for someone who does not believe that the world is likely going to end within the next few years (at least not due to “climate change,” sorry, I mean the CLIMATE CRISIS), should be replaced by the more insulting-sounding term “climate denier.”  

Moreover, the outdated term “global warming” sounds too “comfortable and positive” to Monitor, so it shall henceforth be replaced by “global heating.” Joke’s on them, because U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is already one step ahead on the propaganda escalation ladder, as he recently declared that we are now entering the era of “global boiling.”  

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In the words of climate activist megastar Greta Thunberg: “I want you to panic.” 

The “climate codex” for Austrian journalists also has something to say about not letting people get too comfortable regarding the “climate crisis.” 

It states that words and images used when reporting on the “climate crisis” should not downplay “the scale and consequences” of weather events “that can be traced back to man-made global warming.” 

So, while mainstream journalists must not “downplay” any natural event that might be related to the “climate crisis,” there is no provision that says they are not allowed to vastly exaggerate the alleged impact of global warming (or heating, or boiling) on such events. In other words, you can cause as much panic about the “climate crisis” as you like, but don’t you dare downplay any weather event! 

This modus operandi has recently been illustrated when mainstream media outlets were quick to blame forest fires in Canada and Greece on “man-made climate change,” even though, as later reports confirmed, most of the fires were started by arsonists. 

I think we can officially scratch the claim that the mainstream media across the Western world act in near-total lockstep on “climate change” (and most other issues) from the list of unproven “conspiracy theories” and instead consider it a “scientific fact.” 

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Andreas Wailzer is an Austrian journalist based in Vienna writing for LifeSiteNews. He studied business and economics in Vienna and Vancouver, Canada. In 2022, he left his job in the corporate world to work full-time in the field of Catholic journalism and advocacy, first at the St. Boniface Institute in Vienna and now at LifeSiteNews.

Andreas loves to write about politics, economics, and everything related to the Catholic faith. His work has been published in English and German in multiple media outlets, including Die Tagespost, Wochenblick, Corrigenda, and LifeSiteNews.

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