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(LifeSiteNews) — Whenever you think it could not possibly get worse in the German Catholic Church, another scandal is already waiting behind the next corner. 

This time, the national Catholic youth organization involved in the heterodox Synodal Way advocated for a transgender law that would allow children to “choose their gender.” 

The Federation of German Catholic Youth wrote in a statement that they “know that children and young people are experts of who they are,” and that they “are convinced that children and young people can stand up for themselves regardless of their age.” 

The youth organization responded to Germany’s so-called “self-determination law” that was proposed earlier in 2022 by Germany’s left-wing government. The legislation allows persons from the age of 18, and under certain conditions from the age of 14, to legally change their gender once a year. 

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The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) welcomed the transgender legislation since it would allow “trans and intersex people to define themselves by their gender and name.” The ZdK also appealed to the German bishops to “respect and protect the right of self-determination,” and not to sanction Church employees who invoke it. 

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The Central Committee of German Catholics, aptly named like an administrative body of a communist party, is known for its heterodoxy. It plays a central role in the Synodal Path and its president, Irme Stetter-Karp, acts as the co-head of the German Synod. 

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But if you think that the communist-sounding Central Committee of German Catholics is the worst that the Synodal Way posse has to offer, think again. According to the Federation of German Catholic Youth, the radical transgender bill does not go far enough because adolescents under the age of 18 generally need the consent of their parents, and children under 14 cannot legally “change their gender” at all. 

“The right to self-determination does not only apply at the age of 14 or 18 but to all people equally and therefore also to all children and adolescents,” the Federation wrote in their statement. “The parents or guardians must not hinder children and adolescents from determining their own gender identity.” 

The Federation of German Catholic Youth is not just any random leftist “Catholic” organization. They have a significant influence on the process of the Synodal Way. 

“Our Federal Chair Lisi Maier and our then Federal Chair Thomas Andonie brought the concerns of young people and the results of the Sinus-Milieu study on love, sexuality, and partnership to the ‘Sexual Morality’ forum,” the organization states on their website, referring to their contribution to the Synodal Way. 

The Federation also picks and sends 15 young delegates to the Synodal Assemblies.   

This is what the Synodal Path will likely lead to in the future: radical transgender ideology and indoctrination, even for children. The proponents of the Synodal Path are on their way to complete alignment with the neo-Marxist doctrine of the modern left. 

Targeting children with these radical transgender and LGBT ideologies is especially despicable and always reminds me of this quote by communist leader Vladimir Lenin: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” 

But of course, God can uproot any evil and change people’s hearts and minds. Let’s pray therefore for the conversion of all the proponents of radical transgender ideology, especially in the German Church.  

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Andreas Wailzer is an Austrian journalist based in Vienna writing for LifeSiteNews. He studied business and economics in Vienna and Vancouver, Canada. In 2022, he left his job in the corporate world to work full-time in the field of Catholic journalism and advocacy, first at the St. Boniface Institute in Vienna and now at LifeSiteNews.

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