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(LifeSiteNews) — Every day seems to bring yet another tragic story of a young woman or girl who has fallen for the lie that a so-called “transgender” lifestyle will solve whatever problems she is facing. 

Over the years, various studies have shown that “transitioning genders” directly results in depression and other mental health issues. In April 2022, the National Library of Medicine reported that “82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth.”  

Recently, I listened to the heartbreaking story of a high school girl who committed suicide after pursuing a so-called “transition.” The girl chose the “transgender” path because she was told that it would solve her problems with depression and bullying. Her mother was warned not to attempt to change her daughter’s mind, or the girl would commit suicide. But the very result that LGBT supporters claim to avoid is precisely how many of these “transition” stories end. 

I don’t understand. We have the data. We have the testimonies. Why are so many young women and girls falling into this trap? 

Girls who desire to “transition” are not just trying to become a boy—they’re trying not to be a girl. Contemporary society constantly compares men and women and pushes a narrative that women are victims of men. The desire to “transition” begins when girls are told that their dignity as women is defined by how similar they are to men. Comparison is the first way that the devil turns girls away from their vocations as women. 

Satan’s greatest weapon in the transgender battle is words. Large swathes of society have conformed to the practice of asking everyone which pronouns they use, as if it were settled science that gender and sex diverge. At my university, it was impossible to escape. Most students and professors included their pronouns at the end of emails. Hundreds of young people on campus volunteered that information, even without being asked.  

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One day in class, we students were introducing ourselves to each other and the professor. Although almost everyone else had declared their “preferred pronouns”, I simply said my name and major, not seeing a need to state the obvious. One of my classmates sent me a message after asking which pronouns I used. I had never been asked that directly before, and it made me incredibly self-conscious. There was no danger of me saying anything other than the truth, but having someone ask you that question is enough for the devil to swoop in and get to work convincing you to second-guess who you are. Asking girls for their pronouns is a disguised way of saying, “Are you sure you want to be a woman?” Eventually, those words can be heard as “You’re not enough as you are.”   

Girls tend to be heavily influenced by what their peers think, say, and do. Not many girls are keen on the possibility (and probability) of being the outcast. But when a girl does not conform to the transgender ideology, she is most certainly snubbed. 

Then there’s the contempt for motherhood. Womanhood continues to be degraded when motherhood is taken out of the picture. In the secular world, there is hardly any mention of spiritual motherhood. You’re only a mother if you physically have children. And, sadly, biological mothers are increasingly belittled for “conforming to traditional gender roles.” There is a lack of understanding of the unique beauty of motherhood, spiritual and biological, that every woman is given. When a woman lives in any relationship that is outside of God’s plan, motherhood is seen as an inconvenience. 

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During my time in college, I wrote for my university’s newspaper. One day, I saw a new feature called a “sex column.” Readers could submit “sex questions” to the column’s student writer and each week there would be a new article in response to one of the questions. The articles “discussed” a narrow variety of situations, including “safe lesbian sex” and tips on how to engage in sex as a bisexual 

Both examples denigrate the gift of motherhood and celebrate the betrayal of true womanhood. If society refuses to acknowledge that women have the unique and precious gift of being mothers, it’s understandable that girls don’t see why they should “remain” women.  

The key to resolving the issue of girls seeking to “transition” lies in celebrating the gift of true womanhood. Questioning a girl’s femininity must be countered with genuine affirmation of her as a daughter of God. When a girl is encouraged to act contrary to her life-giving nature, we have the opportunity and obligation of showing her the beauty in loving others as only a woman can.  

Jean Mondoro is an editorial intern for LifeSiteNews.

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder