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(LifeSiteNews) – The indictment, of Donald Trump on unprecedented charges against a former US president, who millions believe is still the real president, has rightly led to an explosion of reactions. Glenn Beck made some astonishing comments to Tucker Carlson yesterday on what is behind the indictment and related grave threats to the nation.

Among other things, Beck believes the legal action is the left “trying to inflame this country. They wanted violence from the right from the beginning.  They can’t wait for it. They need it because if we strike out, look at January 6…They want you to strike out. Why? Because then they can close the cage.”

That is, they allegedly want an excuse to turn the United States into another Venezuela – end democracy in the US and impose a permanent tyranny.

Ukraine used for similar provocations 

A similar tactic has been used by Biden and the Deep State in Ukraine to outrageously provoke Russia for eight years into finally invading the US proxy state. US/NATO armed and trained Ukraine, including secret direct US/NATO involvement, would then strike to engage Russia in a protracted war together with Great Reset type, new financial sanctions.

Colonel Douglas MacGregor has stated there have been 20,000 Polish soldiers plus many American special ops and “advisors” and other NATO troops, all out of uniform or in Ukraine uniforms. engaged in the war. They are the ones operating all the sophisticated equipment and providing all the intelligence for Ukraine hits.

The biggest of this hits, such as the sinking of the Russian destroyer, the bombing of the bridge to Crimea and the destruction of the Russian drone supply in Crimea were all actually all done by NATO.

Not to also mention the Nordstream pipelines bombing that was a devastating blackmail punishment of Germany for not fully implementing U.S.-ordered sanctions and continuing to buy desperately-needed Russian oil and gas. And all of this has been illegal since the US and NATO have not declared war against Russia.

These actions were all planned to deplete Russia’s military and finances and weaken it to a point where it could be taken over, broken up and turned into more US-dominated entities. However, it has not worked out as planned and has turned into a catastrophe for Ukraine and for Europe.

Trump indictment endangers the US

As soon as I heard Trump’s warning that he would be arrested, I knew that the United States was being put in great danger by the very same corrupt people who have engineered the Ukraine debacle. They are not so much after Trump as they want to eliminate US conservatives and destroy the US itself. Let’s hope and pray that this plan, which also involves Great Reset financial hits to the American people, will also fail.

The prospect of these charges against Trump, the latest of many other fake charges against him over the past several years, and an arrest and possible imprisonment of Trump was frightening to me. It marked a new low in Democrat and Trump derangement syndrome tactics against the man for which hatred has no bounds. I knew that if this went forward, tyranny was certain to take a large leap in the United States and that in turn would further endanger the whole world.

MAGA threat to Great Reset and warmongers 

The Great Reset mob, including Biden, the Democrats, China, neocon Republicans, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the UN – all of them want to take down the United States because it is in the way of the Great Reset New World Order – and Donald Trump and the MAGA movement have especially been in the way.

It has become a lot more complicated because there are now known to be two competing globalist orders – the Western WEF/US-controlled one and the subsequent Russia/China-controlled one.

Russia was driven into this alliance for self preservation. China also realized it needed Russia for the inevitable war the Biden admin and US neocons have been insanely indicating they want with China.

This is all still related to taking down Donald Trump who has been intensely committed to fighting all globalists and keeping America out of further wars. That is why they all hate him so much and why they violate the Constitution, all agreements, laws and normal standards and procedures in their attempts to destroy him.

See below Tucker Carlson’s Friday commentary on the Trump indictment in relation to another incredibly shocking attack on equal justice. Carlson indicates the United States’ justice system has become one of vengeance against those with political views not acceptable to the government.

Not a pro-Trump article

However, let me be clear, this is not a pro-Trump article. I have praised him when praise has been deserved – and there have been many times that has been the case. And I have been disappointed and even dismayed by some of his serious omissions and actions – especially regarding covid policies and the deadly Operation Warp Speed jabs, his strong support for the homosexual movement and his dreadful insistence that all conservative Republican candidates must have rape, incest and fake life of the mother exceptions in their abortion policies.

Mitigating factors

While Trump was president, we were amazed by numerous things he did that we not only never expected from someone like him but which we did not even receive from past Republican presidents. He became the most pro-life president in history, among many other very positive things.

Too many on the right have forgotten all of this to the detriment of the nation. Their irrational disgust for Trump’s personality and past life, and naive willingness to believe all the fake charges against him, are self-destructive.

Hardly anyone also realizes that the Democrat, globalist-aligned federal law enforcement and  intelligence agencies refused to give security clearance to many of the very best people that Trump tried to put into key positions.

He is often blamed for not hiring and appointing better people, but in many cases he was prevented from doing so, in addition to being misled by those around him including some family members.

Covid changed everything

Then came Covid like something out of Hell. Trump started out well on that issue, but things gradually, and then rapidly went downhill. He was lied to and manipulated on Covid and the jabs to an extent that probably no previous president has ever experienced.

Dr. Paul Alexander related his astounding experiences confirming the reality of that abuse of the president in an interview with Jeffery Tucker of the Brownstone institute.

If you have not read that, you should. There are shocking revelations in there about what the Deep State did to President Trump. Some of those people should have been tried for treason and sent to prison for life. Also buy and read Paul Alexander’s book, Presidential Takedown. It reads as though it could only be fiction, but it is all true.

Trump failed on Covid

However, there is no longer any justification for Trump to be still claiming that his Operation Warp speed saved millions and is “a wonderful thing.” The jabs have turned out to be Satanic. He has become delusional on that considering the overwhelming evidence now available to anyone about how deadly those jabs have been and how they are still killing and maiming millions. He should have fought hard against the protections from criminal liability for vaccine-caused damages that were given to Big Pharma for these experimental injections.

Trump should be constantly denouncing the illegal research and dangerously unregulated production of  these biological weapons by US military-related entities.

I don’t think there have been deliberate bad intentions on his part on his Covid actions. Instead, it is more likely he cannot face that he will go down in history for having terribly misjudged these issues and trusted the wrong people after initially listening to the right people and doing the right things.

He probably can’t face that he brought the economy up to a roaring success and then unintentionally had it all undone by approving the devastating Covid policies that he was convinced by all the health agency heads, and especially the traitorous military, that they had to be implemented. Almost all of the policies were never necessary.

Beck’s litany of issues endangering America

But back to Glenn Beck. He goes through a litany of issues that appear to be leading the United States to imminent collapse:

We have the banking crisis. They say it’s fine. It’s just beginning. Yesterday, we had the Saudi‘s and Brazil and China enter a deal to where the petrodollar is over Brazil and China are going to trade in their own currency. That’s the beginning of the end of our currency. That means a dollar collapse. That means we become Venezuela.

We will have war with China. We will have war with Russia and Iran. We have the Restrict Bill. We have social media, and our NSA and everybody else in bed with each other silencing people. We of course have the raccoon dogs which we all know is bull crap, and now this week we have a new gun grab that they’re trying to do, Biden and his family taking money from the Chinese. What do you think this Donald Trump thing is really all about?

So, for Beck, that is really why Trump has been indicted. A huge, manufactured distraction from what is going on. Tucker Carlson agrees. They are right. But there is actually more to it.

Beck makes more predictions.

I’m going to make another prediction for you Tucker. You said I got it right. Well, everything I’ve been talking about since 08, this is the time I’m gonna make a prediction – by 2025 we are going to be at war. We are going to have a new dollar and currency that probably is coming from the central bank. We will have a currency collapse, and we will live in a virtual police state.

The America that we knew, the fundamental transformation that started in 2008 is finished. We are no longer viewed as a superpower. We’re now Joe Biden, just walking into the twilight.

Trump is a symbol

Beck says the left is missing something very important. He says,

Donald Trump is not even a person anymore. He is a symbol. He is a symbol of the average, everyday guy that keeps getting screwed every single time, watches other people screw up big banks, screw up their companies and get away with it.

They see people all the time doing stuff that they know if they did, they would be in prison for 20 years, but because they’re not part of the elite they get away with it. Donald Trump has taken arrow after arrow and that’s why, this (puts on a MAGA hat) is the way the average American feels tonight.

As for the next election Beck expresses,

I hope that there’s a few Democrats out there, but this guy has been taking the bullet for the average person now for years and people on the right feel like he’s the only guy that really gets what the people are feeling and it’s not gonna end well for the Democrats in the next election. It’s just not.

I don’t know if Donald Trump is the winner or not, but I will tell you this, you’re not going to stop 100 million people. This country is in shambles and there’s gonna be 100 million people that will walk on broken glass and through fire to vote for someone other than this corrupt banana republic administration.

Interestingly, it seems he may be leaving it open that DeSantis might win the presidency – if there is ever again a fair election.

Need for prayer

The most important point Beck makes is this,

Please turn to God. Repent. Pray for our country. Pray for peace. Put on the full armour of God.

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