Glenn Beck was in Rome for the Consistory of Bishops I went to a last month. Sorry to have missed him!  However, he’s come back after meeting with Vatican officials (we of course did the same) with a powerful warning for Catholics.

He discusses the appointments by Pope Benedict of conservative ‘men to head up the future of the Catholic Church’.

The Pope he says, “knows exactly what he’s fighting against, and it’s evil.”

“The Pope is going to turn 85 next month and is not exactly the picture of health … He’s packing the court to make sure his successor is not going to throw the religion away…”

“I believe the Vatican is engaged in a very different kind of battle … They are in a spiritual battle, but it will be physical as well …Gearing up for a battle like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

“Catholics you have to understand… you have to put on your spiritual armour, you are not battling man, you are battling evil.”

“The world now is being reshaped by evil… what the Vatican does is absolutely critical.”

And to non-Catholics Beck said:

“You cannot stand alone. You cannot sit this one out. We are all Catholics now.”