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Yuval Harari in a June 17, 2022 TED talk on Climate ChangeYouTube screenshot

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(LifeSiteNews) – If there are any men who have emerged from the hypnosis of the COVID debacle with a larger-than-life persona, they are Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari.

Schwab, the chief of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the progenitor of the so-called Great Reset, has gone from some obscure elite-millionaire ideologue to a veritable mover and shaker on the world’s stage. His deranged intellectual side kick, Harari, is becoming a household name in the world of scientific materialism.

We have all heard the slogans and phraseology about “owning nothing and being happy,” and the idea of a “new normal” has been shoved down our throat like a PCR schwab.

For many, it seems like Schwab and his minions have newly arisen out of the depths of chaos like a swamp creature. Sure, we always knew there was Davos. And, the fact that political, economic, technocratic and intellectual elites gather to at lavish conferences to pretend they are changing the world while ordering more caviar is nothing new.

However, it is becoming clearer that Schwab is no ordinary elite globalist, and the ideas inherent to his proposed global reorganization are not your average crony-capitalist/pseudo-socialist musings.

Megalomaniacs with massive bank accounts getting together to figure out ways to leverage economies is a story as old as time, but with the WEF and the Schwabian disciples, there is much more to the story.

And, it turns out that the WEF was planning its weird global coup for a long time, as can be seen in the following video with footage from 2017.

Now, this greatest hits montage of the Harari Horror Picture Show is startling, to say the least. However, it should be noted that the intended goals of these maniacs are largely in the realm of science fiction, and Dr. Robert Malone has gone as far as saying that the “science” behind the Great Reset is “stupid.”

Nonetheless, it is worrisome that such insane individuals are mounting more and more influence over the global elite.

Homo Sapiens

Schwab’s most famous new normal evangelist is Yuval Harari, a man who may take the cake as the most accurate Anti-Christ impersonator alive today.

Harari, who happens to be an open homosexual, burst onto the international literary scene over ten years ago with his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind which was published in 2011 in Hebrew, then English in 2015.

For a popular and politically correct homosexual intellectual, Harari seems oblivious to the fact that the term “humankind” sounds too much like “mankind” and is clearly a vestige of the patriarchy, according to Justin Trudeau.

I wonder if he regrets the title, given that fact that Harari’s WEF sugar daddy admitted to having “penetrated” the Canadian government which is now run by Justin Trudeau.

In any case, Harari’s view on the history of the human race is a mix of pseudo-science, evolutionary scientism, and border-line mystical humanist Gnosticism. In other words, he is your standard post-modern academic.

Homo Deus

Harari followed up Sapiens with Home Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Not to be confused with false prophecy by weird esoteric cult-leaders, Harari wrote a book about men becoming gods through a process of “intelligent design.”

He is not talking about intelligent design like a Christian intellectual might do when considering evolutionary theory and the age of the universe. No, he is talking about artificial intelligence designing human beings to be homo deus, which is to say “god-man.”

I seem to remember a serpent in the Bible who promised the first humans that they could “be like gods…”

Harari’s wildly inept thesis is basically that the human race had to invent “the gods” in order to make sense of nature, and now we are becoming the gods by our power over nature.

It is remarkable how little public intellectuals understand about the history of religion.

Long-range plan

As easy – and fun –  as it is to make fun of Harari and Schwab, it cannot be denied that men of their ilk are having a profound effect on the culture.

Barak Obama, for example, recommended to millions of viewers that they read Harari’s work.

We can learn from this that the Great Reset and the goals of the Davos Elite did not pop up out of no where, and men like Harari have been working to change the way that the culture thinks for years.

In fact, the origins of the Great Reset might be found in the Catacombs of Rome during the Second Vatican Council, according to Michael Matt’s research.

The goals of the WEF and the Great Reset may partly be found in the realm of science fiction, and no matter what Harari says, he is not God or a god – although he may be possessed by a demon – and he cannot predict or will a transhumanist change into the human race.

However, the fact that men like this are shaping the culture is enough of a reason to worry.

Just because they may not achieve their fanciful goals, does not mean that they have not done and will not continue to damage the fabric of society.

Luckily for us, it looks like abortion is on the chopping block in America, which is a grand ol’ reset that I can get behind.

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