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(LifeSiteNews) — Welcome to Good News Friday!

I wish it were possible for LifeSiteNews readers to be a part of my daily routine at work: the daily prayer meeting that sets the tone for the day, the morning journalist assignment call discussing the latest breaking news, the video team meeting that plans new shoots and productions, the calls throughout the day with fellow culture warriors intent on meeting the challenges of our time.

It is truly awesome and invigorating to be a part of this thriving organization. At a time when much of the world seems intent on giving up on life, LifeSite is growing faster and stronger than ever.

And yet, sometimes, because of the gravity of the news we cover, it could appear to our readers that LifeSite is a “doom and gloom” publication. We are not, and we cannot be if we hope to win the war against the culture of death.

These past weeks have been incredibly hard for many members of LifeSite. Close family members of our staff have passed away in tragic circumstances. Most trying of all, children of our staff have passed away or been stricken with serious illnesses. These truly are the times that try men’s souls.

But there is a wonderful strength that shines through in moments like these.

Along with plenty of sobering news, LifeSiteNews has covered the inspirational stories of the champions of life to encourage us and show us that with God’s grace, no battle is lost.

There is the story of Ernest Ramirez, a single father who tragically lost his only son to heart failure after the son received the Pfizer shot. On top of losing his son, Ramirez was de-platformed by GoFundMe as he attempted to raise funds to go to Washington, D.C., to advocate for his son. But Ramirez didn’t give up. With the help of LifeSite’s crowdfunding platform, he can now go to the nation’s capital to seek justice for his son.

We also covered the story of the heroic Australian young freedom activist, Monica Smit, who was unjustly jailed pending her trial on trumped up charges. Facing the choice between continued imprisonment or accepting unfair and humiliating bail conditions, she refused to accept the devil’s bargain, successfully appealed, and won her release.

Or how about those bold high school students in Tennessee who stood up to leftist activists attempting to use the courts to impose atheism upon them? When the school board caved, the students from both teams spontaneously reacted by leading an entire stadium in prayer after the next game!

Even in Trudeau’s Canada there is hope, as 38 fully pro-life candidates were elected in Monday’s snap elections.

At the United Nations, Brazil’s conservative President Jair Bolsonaro spoke up against vaccine passports and the suppression of early treatments.

Finally, in Florida, Gov. DeSantis continues to rack up victories for freedom. DeSantis, who has been battling the COVID insanity from day one, won another important victory in federal court as his ban on mask mandates was upheld.

As another week comes to an end, all of us at LifeSiteNews wish to share the good news with our loyal readers.

We also wish to thank all of our readers and donors for making this work possible. It is truly a joy and a privilege.

We hope that this Good News Friday column, highlighting some of our coverage of modern day heroes will help all of our readers share in the hope that comes from knowing that we are not alone in our personal struggles.

As long as there are champions of life, we cannot and will not lose hope. And as long as brave individuals are willing to stand up for justice, in charity and love of the truth, LifeSiteNews will be here to cover it.

May God bless you, and may you have a wonderful weekend.

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