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Dear LifeSite readers, 

Thanks to some very generous supporters, donations have amazingly now reached $375,000 or 75% of the total campaign minimum goal. We are tremendously grateful and relieved about this near last-minute increase in giving to our truthful news mission!

$125,000 more is needed to at least reach the $500,000 goal by the end of tomorrow. That is still a lot to raise in such a short time but we are confident that readers will achieve this.

All we can do now is tell you our needs and then leave the rest between you and God. Then we will receive whatever we are supposed to receive.  

We are always hopeful because to do this type of work every day, one has to be hopeful, or we would go crazy.   

And we are always grateful. Grateful for the gift of being called to this extraordinary work and to meet and write about all the exceptional people we encounter and read about every day. And always grateful for your donations of any size.

We realize that very many of you are having a tough time financially now and that growing inflation has been causing much concern. There is more uncertainty now than I can remember. Still, we must persevere and do the best that we can with the resources that are given to us.  

So, if you have not yet donated, please just consider whatever is manageable for you. That is all that we ask, all that we ever should ask. Even just $10 from many can add up to a large sum and easily reach our goal. We know that because that is exactly what has often kept LifeSite going. Others give more, some much more, to help make up for all those who cannot give.  

And if you cannot give, your prayers are greatly appreciated. 

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I will just mention a few of Wednesday’s many stories in this note: 

A lot of abortion clinics are reported to be finally shutting down across America as the new bans resulting from the spectacular striking down of Roe v Wade take effect. We take great pleasure in being able to report this good news which means that more babies will be saved from medical murder. This is no time for relaxing our vigilance and efforts to end this daily slaughter, but it increases hope for the future.

This will also be very good for the hearts and souls of the women who might have otherwise had their babies killed and for the staff of these abortuaries who will have to find work that is not life-and-soul-killing. 

Dr. Paul Alexander, a friend of ours and a former Trump COVID official, has written a useful article for us on How to ensure catastrophic lockdowns don’t happen again. It is a timely article. Most of us are aware of many of the numbered points he lists, but it is extra helpful to see them all put together in this one, handy article. Paul is highly proficient in researching COVID issues and producing such documents for the public, medical and scientific professionals, and others to use. He has a heart of gold. Near the top of the article he writes, “Elected decision-makers must now come to understand the catastrophic impact of their COVID policies and that stopping the virus at all costs is not and never has been an attainable goal.”

The catastrophic sabotage of two major, Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea is addressed in two detailed articles by new LifeSiteNews journalist, Andreas Wailzer, here and then also here.  As he often does, Tucker Carlson gives a well-informed, concise perspective on this massively concerning attack that is dramatically different and far more honest than is being given by all the controlled mainstream media. His comments are chilling.  

Among other alarming statements Carlson warns, “Blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? Okay, we’ve entered a new phase. One in which the United States is directly at war with the largest nuclear power in the world.” But it is not only the US, NATO and Russia that will be involved. If this war proceeds, China, India, North Korea, Iran and several other nations, all of whom have been involved in intense war games in the past few weeks, will also be involved.

There has never before been a war between not only two but now several of those nations, that have highly advanced, long-range nuclear weapons. The risk that the Biden administration and NATO appear to have taken with this action is extreme, as Carlson makes clear. Is this madness all about the upcoming midterms? Who knows. What we do know is that it is definitely time for a huge increase in prayer appealing for God’s intercession.

As we hoped would happen, Republican congressmen are now demanding that Merrick Garland answer for the FBI raid on pro-life dad Mark Houck that he had to have authorized. Garland has to go. He is a menace to law and order in the nation with his frequent overreaches using the FBI for Democrat political ends. 

Lastly, Andreas Wailzer has also written an excellent and much-needed article on The simple reason why you should stop using Gmail.

As Wailzer makes clear, We all need to get off Gmail. They read every email and can prevent us from receiving emails.”

The article presents the now serious need for all people of goodwill, faith and honor to get off using Gmail or any other Google products as quickly as possible. Google has become the enemy of freedom in a large, dangerous way in the past several years. 70% of our subscribers have Gmail accounts and a result of that is that a large percentage of those persons are not being allowed to receive our emails because Google appears to be skillfully preventing them from receiving them.

And worse yet, most subscribers don’t even realize that this is happening or why it is happening. That has created huge challenges for LifeSite, such as our quarterly campaigns being much less successful this year than they have usually been, and Google search not returning any LifeSite articles that would normally be at the top of the list.  

This has become a huge issue for all conservative, traditional, Christian faith organizations and persons on the internet, but especially for those who report honestly on the most controversial topics, as LifeSiteNews does. There is much more to the story, however. Using Google products habitually endangers your freedom and security more than you can imagine. We urge you to read today’s article carefully and another, more detailed one from Dr. Mercola on Thursday.  

Please keep the LifeSite team’s needs in mind at this time. We need you as much as many of you have told us you need LifeSite. 

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God bless, 

Steve Jalsevac
On behalf of the entire LifeSite team 

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