John Jalsevac


Gosnell to deputy who called him by his first name: ‘You will call me Doctor Gosnell.’

John Jalsevac

A local reporter in Philadelphia has given us an interesting peek into the mind of Kermit Gosnell.

According to J.D. Mullane, a source told him that when Sheriff's deputies called Gosnell by his first name - Kermit - the abortionist demanded in response, "You will call me Doctor Gosnell."

To which the deputies shot back: "You're just an inmate now, Kermit."

Reports from the courtroom over the past six weeks have indicated that Gosnell has showed no signs of remorse for his alleged crimes, despite the in-many-cases gutwrechingly gruesome testimony. 

In one case an Associated Press reporter even described Gosnell as an "elegant man" who "smiled softly" during testimony.

Others have remarked on his habit of taking notes throughout the trial and passing them to his lawyer. 

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