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(LifeSiteNews) — In a world where reputation and self-image are too often more highly valued than truth, people  have much to learn from Super Bowl-winning NFL player Harrison Butker. The devout Traditional Latin Mass-goer has made LifeSiteNews headlines multiple times for his courageous dedication to standing up for pro-life and Catholic values. 

Last July, Butker laid his reputation on the line when, in an ad campaign put out by Catholic Vote, he endorsed the pro-life ballot measure known as the Value Them Both Amendment to improve the Kansas constitution. The proposed amendment, to which residents of Kansas tragically voted “no” in August, would have overturned the Kansas Supreme Court decision in 2019 to enshrine abortion as a “right” under the constitution under the guise of personal autonomy.  

“This amendment will let Kansans decide what we do on abortion,” Butker said in the ad. “Not judges and not D.C. politicians.”  

“Without this amendment, even barbaric late-term abortions will be allowed,” he continued. “Join the team, and vote yes!”  

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As can be expected in a world that despises truth, Butker was met with backlash over his participation in the ad campaign, unsupportive Twitter warriors making sure to make their opinions known.  

Poor guy had too many hits to the head,” one Twitter user declared.  

“Maybe not enough,” another snarled.

Despite the opposition to his campaign, Butker once again took a stand for life following the ballot movement’s failure, speaking out against the “terrible legislation” that allows for the unborn to remain unprotected and observing that Kansas could have become “a place where all children are valued at every stage of life.” 

“When the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the meaning of life in the Kansas Constitution refers only to those outside the womb, they left those without a voice to be targeted by terrible legislation and outside forces,” he wrote. “The only way to defend the unborn, protecting the Sanctity of Life, is to amend the Kansas Constitution.”

“It is so essential to enshrine the protection of all human life and make Kansas a place where all human children are protected at every stage of life,” he added. 

In today’s society of toleration – except in regards to Catholic or conservative viewpoints people prefer their reputation and comfort over truth. Society has rejected morality and become a dark place where children are sacrificed daily on the altar of selfishness, a society where the children who survive are made victims of corrupt ideologies with no one to defend them.  

And people still wonder what is wrong with this world.  

How can we hope to have peace when we cannot even protect the most vulnerable, innocent children, from the evils that so clearly wish to destroy and eradicate that very innocence from our world? 

The truth is, we cannot, unless we have moral courage. 

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While some might fail to see the significance in Butker’s support of a failed pro-life campaign, it is important to remember just how strongly today’s cancel culture criticizes and condemns those who stand up against the set narrative. Given the massive backlash following the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, for example, Butker’s continued dedication to the pro-life cause, as a man who has everything to lose, exemplifies a deep moral courage and a firm commitment to truth that Christians everywhere can learn from and ought to imitate in our own daily lives. 

The saying that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” precisely describes the problem that modern society is currently facing. Every day, it seems, we are faced with evils that seem to come in new and increasingly horrifying forms: abortion pills by mail, euthanasia of depressed teenagers, the sexualization of children according to school board fiat – the list goes on. And yet, what do we do to stop it? Do we speak out against it, challenge it, fight it? Or do we sit in the comfort of our homes and hope that somebody else will do it for us?  

This is nothing but a recipe for disaster. A society that lacks courage is a society full of cowards. And Christians cannot be cowards. 

If we all followed Butker’s example and dedicated ourselves to standing up for truth, no matter our personal loss, the world would be a different place. All we need is the courage to do so.