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MELBOURNE, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — The date for the Australian Federal election has been announced. The country will go to the polls on May 21. I am set to run as the number two position on the Senate ballot in Victoria behind independent candidate, outspoken freedom fighter (and my fiancé) Morgan C Jonas. We have no party apparatus; this is a campaign that will be taken directly to the people. 

The moral bankruptcy of the two major parties, Labor and the Liberal, could not be clearer. They are behaving as if the COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates, the biggest domestic upheaval this country has ever experienced, never happened. 

Their tactic is not surprising. They both supported the trashing of citizens’ basic rights, including the right to health privacy, the right to work without being forced to participate in a drug trial, the right to freedom of movement, the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, the right to informed consent – and, in my case, the right to have a political view.  

In the wake of these outrages, both parties have decided to remain quiet. Nothing to see here. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is even trying to claim that he was not really in favour of mandates when his government provided $7 billion to the States on the condition that they locked people down and forced them to get jabbed.  

Australia’s incompetent, acquiescent media is also behaving as if nothing unusual has happened. They are reporting minor political trivia and asking politicians nothing about the medical apartheid that is still in force across much of the country. So, in the absence of them doing their job, here are 20 questions that they should be asking: 

  1. Why do the so-called “vaccines” last for only three months? What kind of vaccine is so ineffective? 
  2. Why did governments say that the vaccines/drugs are known to be safe and effective when trials take six to eight years before it is possible to draw such conclusions? 
  3. Why do the so-called ‘vaccines’ not match the description of vaccines on the Therapeutic Drug Administration’s website? 
  4. Why did the authorities not tell people that the so-called vaccines had only provisional approval? 
  5. Given that omission, has there been informed consent when coercing people to get jabbed? 
  6. What proportion of people who test positive for the virus have either no symptoms or mild symptoms? (The answer is 99.5 per cent). 
  7. Why was the focus solely on tests and not symptoms? Is this considered adequate medical diagnosis when, for thousands of years, doctors have looked mainly at symptoms? 
  8. With millions of Australians having tested positive for COVID, why has there been no mention of natural immunity, long known to be superior to anything offered by vaccines? 
  9. Why are the PCR tests no longer being used? Is it because the FDA and CDC have both admitted that they are not fit for purpose? 
  10. Will you use epidemiological modelling for health policy in the future given the extraordinary levels of inaccuracy that have been revealed? 
  11. Why has the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that only 220 Australians had only COVID recorded on their death certificate? Is this what you would expect from a deadly pandemic? 
  12. According to the ABS, the average age for death from COVID is identical to life expectancy in Australia. Is this what you would expect in a pandemic? 
  13. What is the status of the Federal Privacy Act, a criminal statute designed, in part, to protect an individual’s health information? Has that statute been abandoned when people are forced to disclose whether they are “vaccinated” should they want to work, or even have a cup of coffee in a cafe? 
  14. What is the future for the doctor-patient relationship when doctors who deviate from government edicts are being threatened with deregistration by an unaccountable body, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA), which has no medicos on its board? 
  15. Will Australians ever trust the health system again when the truth emerges about the dangers of the vaccines that were revealed in the clinical trials of the pharmaceutical companies? What happens when that is exposed, as is now occurring? 
  16. Why are authorities pushing vaccines for children as young as five when it is known that they are not at risk from COVID and that they are at risk of severe or fatal side effects from the jabs? How is that not homicide or assault? 
  17. What is the future of political free speech when people can be arrested, jailed, and charged with incitement just for expressing views that do not line up with government edicts? 
  18. What rights for Australian citizens are still held to be sacrosanct? Can you name any after the last two years? 
  19. Why have State Executives, health bureaucrats, been allowed to take over roles that should be the responsibility of the Legislature? Does the separation of powers work anymore? 
  20. Is Australia still a democracy? 

None of these questions will be asked, of course. We no longer have any journalists worthy of the name in Australia. Nor do we have politicians who feel any responsibility to be genuinely accountable to the people. 

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Monica Smit has been on the front line of Australia’s fight for freedom since August 2020. Most recently she is internationally recognized as Australia’s first political prisoner. She spent 22 days in solitary confinement for refusing to sign draconian bail conditions. The conditions were appealed and revoked. She is now free to continue her work.  
Monica founded an organization called ‘Reignite Democracy Australia’, which now offers a business directory, a social media platform, and 100 community groups around the country, and keeps Australians informed every day with current news and resources.  
She’s also working closely with political parties who respect human rights in the upcoming federal election.