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(LifeSiteNews) — Live Action has produced a pro-life video that hilariously reveals the real motives behind the pro-abortion agenda. 

In the satirical sketch published by the pro-life organization Live Action, several actors playing pro-abortion advocates speak their minds one year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. 

“It’s been one year since Roe v. Wade was overturned, which means they’ve been making abortion illegal all over the place,” two people in the video say. 

Several of the actors melodramatically state that “these are dark times.” 

“I find myself in this really bizarre state where I’m asking guys about things like their values and trustworthiness before sleeping with them,” one of the women states. 

“Before a girl has sex with me now, she’s asking me all these dumb questions. Like, ‘Do you love me?’ and ‘What happens if I get pregnant?’ and ‘Do you have a job?’” one of the men complains. 

While these statements may seem absurd at first, they are actually very close to the truth for many people. A survey of singles in the U.S. found that 80% of singles “stated that the Roe v. Wade decision has impacted their dating lives.”

Yahoo Life wrote that “It makes sense why having less choice may lead people to think more critically about who they date, and, just as importantly, who they have sexual intercourse with, says Helen Fisher, one of Match’s scientific advisors and a biological anthropologist who conducted the study alongside Justin Garcia.” 

Faced with this problem of potentially getting a woman pregnant and not having the legal option to kill the child in the womb, one guy in the video proclaims that he is “now seriously considering going down the dangerous path of abstinence until marriage.” 

I made the same point that is illustrated in the viral Live Action video one year ago: If people accept that abortion is murder and not a valid option, they will have to reconsider the way they think about sexual relations between men and women. 

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Now that abortion may not always be available, people have to realize that the false promise of “sex without consequences” was just that: a false promise built on a series of lies. 

The reasoning of proponents of the sexual revolution goes something like this: Sexual intercourse is just a fun activity, and it frees humans of unnecessary boundaries. People in the past reserved sex for marriage only because they were rigid and held superstitious beliefs. And now that contraception is readily available (with abortion as “backup” contraception), we also need not worry about the consequence of unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, you can have sex with whomever you want without any serious consequences.  

This is wrong on many levels since having sex has serious psychological, spiritual, and physical consequences. This includes, obviously, the possibility of getting pregnant (even when contraceptives are used), which is the natural end of the sexual act.  

If one cannot legally kill the child in the womb anymore as a last resort, one would only want to have sexual intercourse inside a committed relationship. In fact, it should be a commitment for life, since you would want to raise the children that are created with your partner and support each other with all the challenges and responsibilities that come with that. 

A “pro-choice” woman in the Live Action video offers the same remedy for the problem: “Okay, so new idea here. I think that a man and a woman before they have sex need to draw up some sort of contract that says, ‘I promise to take care of you and you promise to take care of me. And we both promise that we take care of any kids that we produce together.’” 

“That’s marriage!” a man off-camera proclaims. 

If you think through the issue honestly, there is only one sensible and moral way forward: Living chastely and only having sex within committed, traditional marriages.  

And that’s the real reason why proponents of the sexual revolution will defend the “right” to kill one’s own child at all costs: without abortion, people may soon realize that the traditional family is the only way to go. 

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Andreas Wailzer is an Austrian journalist based in Vienna writing for LifeSiteNews. He studied business and economics in Vienna and Vancouver, Canada. In 2022, he left his job in the corporate world to work full-time in the field of Catholic journalism and advocacy, first at the St. Boniface Institute in Vienna and now at LifeSiteNews.

Andreas loves to write about politics, economics, and everything related to the Catholic faith. His work has been published in English and German in multiple media outlets, including Die Tagespost, Wochenblick, Corrigenda, and LifeSiteNews.

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