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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — We are now officially over two years removed from the halcyon days of the Freedom Convoy that shook the world over those three weeks in Ottawa. You remember the scene: tens of thousands of good and decent freedom-loving Canadians descended on Parliament Hill and the streets adjacent to it for a raucous good time wherein patriotic Canucks extolled the virtue of patriotism for a nation that had been under the spell of an Ice Queen throughout two years of Covidian winter. You may remember that — although many politicians will never admit it — the draconian measures of segregation and medical discrimination that relegated millions of Canadians to the rank of second-class citizens began to drop like soccer players with myocarditis.

The message was clear: COVID was over, and people — both vaccinated and unvaccinated — had had enough. The Convoy took place after the December-January spike of the “Omicron” variant, which was detected disproportionally in fully vaccinated patients throughout the province of Ontario and elsewhere. Of course, we know the testing regiments were bogus and anyone who was admitted for any reason into a hospital that tested positive counted as a “case,” but the numbers were astonishing, nonetheless.

I remember covering the fact that the so-called Pandemic of the Unvaccinated was a blatant lie, and it was both glorious and embarrassing. It was glorious for those of us with common sense who knew you could not make a vaccine in fifteen minutes that would do what it was advertised to do, and it was embarrassing for the powers that be who were caught like an emperor with no clothes on.

Interestingly, right after that surge in fully-vaccinated cases hit the news, Ontario changed its reporting method to make those numbers go away, and the cases instantly were cut in half. This change, combined with the national movement against COVID-tyranny pointed to a swift end to the regime, but Trudeau and his cronies were not going to bow out that easy.

Enter David Fisman

Every province in Canada had moved on, but the feds needed a way to continue to vilify the unvaccinated and hold on to travel measures that made it difficult or impossible for millions of Canadians to travel.

Professor David Fisman of the University of Toronto — an epidemiologist who unceremoniously resigned from the Ontario Science Table after allegations of conflict of interest — was tasked with producing a study based on models that told the opposite of the truth. The result was that, in the Spring of 2022, leaders in the Canadian research and medical community allegedly rubber-stamped a fraudulent study meant to demonstrate that unvaccinated persons were a maniacal health risk for Canadians and therefore should be forbidden their mobility rights until further notice.

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Dr. Regina Watteel — a woman who holds a Ph.D. in statistics — immediately called foul on the study. She called it a “fraud.”

Within weeks of the study’s publication, Watteel wrote about it on her Substack account. She alleged it was “replacing fact with fiction to vilify Canadians.”

She wrote that Fisman’s study — published by the Canadian Medial Association Journal (CMAJ) — was a “critically flawed study.” Watteel stated that the study was a “simple deterministic model… developed to simulate hypothetical outcomes of incident cases in Ontario under various group mixing scenarios.” And she called on the CMAJ to retract the study, which had already been used as evidence for continued COVID restrictions in Parliament.

Watteel was so passionate and determined to publish the truth that she wrote a book called Fisman’s Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science. It was released in November of last year and is presently a bestseller in its category on Amazon.

In her book, Watteel explains that the study was based merely on models that did not represent what any of the actual data demonstrated, and that “within hours of the study’s official publication, dozens of articles in top national papers flooded Canada warning of the dire risk of merely hanging out with unvaccinated people… [t]he ‘unvaccinated’ were compared to carriers of syphilis, intoxicated drivers and reckless individuals who had no regard for others.”

The book examines:

  • the man, the politics, and the intent behind the faux study
  • how researchers concocted results to overwrite reality and scapegoat the unvaccinated
  • the Establishment’s willingness to go along with the fraud
  • how political ideology fed into the analysis
  • how the research is being used to swindle Canadians out of their Charter rights and freedoms.

The book has made waves in the media, and Watteel recently appeared on the wildly popular independent news show Redacted.

As of now, Watteel’s interview on that show has received almost 350,000 views on X alone. In her interview with Redacted, Watteel told the host that her family was hit particularly hard by the draconian measures levelled at the unvaccinated, and her children were forced to end their varsity sports careers prematurely.

Watteel said that after the Freedom Convoy, “Trudeau was in desperate need of science and justification for his mandates, so in [came] Fisman and his colleagues.”

“What Fisman does is, he concocts… a model to simulate fake data that shows the opposite of what the real data shows… fake data that shows it’s the unvaccinated who have higher COVID-19 rates,” she stated.

Watteel has done a great service to truth seekers and Canadian patriots who resisted the dystopian mandates, and her work is surely to be praised. Although the damage has in many ways already been done, we should hope that her book continues to enjoy wide circulation and that courageous researchers like her will in the future call foul on fraudulent “science” used to punish people who think for themselves.

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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

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