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PORTLAND, Oregon, August 7, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Is it possible for a man to be pregnant and give birth? Nope, because it's physically and biologically impossible.

This doesn't stop many media articles from referring to a new mother as a “man.” This new mother is Trystan Reese, who identifies as a man and is married to a gay man. Thus, Reese and her husband Biff Chaplow consider themselves “accidentally gay parents” (Biff considers himself more of the family mom, though.)

Articles about Reese say she was “assigned female sex at birth”… and then go on to “assign” her new baby a sex: male. 

Transgender man gives birth to a boy, read a CNN headlineTransgender man gives birth to baby boy, The Washington Post announced

If biological sex is totally irrelevant and gender is simply determined by one's feelings, then why are Reese and Chaplow assuming their baby's gender?



New parenthood bliss!!! ��#newborn #seahorsedad #lgbtq

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This is two weeks. #seahorsedad #lgbtq #newborn

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Perhaps because the first question anyone wants to know about a baby is “is it a boy or a girl?” Perhaps because when a baby is born, while much about his or her personality is still unknown, the baby's sex is one permanent trait that can be known. 

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