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November 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — I am a native Venezuelan and a philosopher. In 1999 I was chair of graduate studies in Philosophy of the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas. In that capacity I fought against Hugo Chávez’s communist tyranny, especially against its attempts to control our universities. In 2001 I was threatened but I kept working for the republic, although I knew it was dangerous. In 2002 Chávez was ousted for a couple of days. When he came back, the media did not dare to have me again in their outlets, so I decided it was time to leave the country. I left for the U.S.A. and I stayed there until 2005. That year I got a job in Chile, and that is where I am now.

I saw the entire November 19 press conference given by the Trump legal team thanks to independent internet outlets such as LifeSiteNews. I thought that they were entirely right, very clear, and that they provided all the evidence they could provide. Immediately after, I saw CNN’s statement about the press conference. According to one of the networks’ reporters, the conference was “so banana and so biased” that they decided not to air it for the American public.

This was, in my opinion, absolutely outrageous. How is it possible that journalists could in good conscience hide from the public such an important press conference given by the legal team of the President and one of the candidates for an election that is not closed? The levels of manipulation to which the people of the U.S.A. has been subjected are almost totalitarian.

Then I turned to Tucker Carlson, one of the few journalists in Fox News who still commanded a bit of my respect. But I got very surprised and very shocked when I saw the report of his November 19 evening show on Fox News: “Tucker Carlson: Time for Sidney Powell to Show Us Her Evidence.”[1] Carlson seems to ignore (according to Fox’s report of his show, which one cannot watch) the evidence that Sidney Powell brought, which is all that can be done right now:she has an affidavit from a member of the Venezuelan military who tells how the tyranny programmed the machines to do a fraud in Venezuela (his identity cannot be revealed because his family would be immediately killed); she stated that there are statistical patterns that show electronic manipulation of the results. All the legal team showed that the company, Smartmatic, is connected now to Soros, a financier of the Democratic Party. What else can she do right now?

My experience and what I saw in this press conference and its aftermath tells me that the U.S.A. is on the brink of falling into a communist tyranny. A very peculiar aspect of the case of the U.S.A. seems to be that this tyranny is being pressed on the majority of the people by a whole class of plutocrats, the owners of big media and big tech prominent among them. Normally the communists have come from part of the elite and they have become the only plutocrats after they conquer other political powers. But in the U.S.A. the story would be different: it would be the very plutocrats preexisting the tyranny who would impose it on the vast majority of the people. The attitude of the journalists might be due to many causes, one of them being the fear to face the grim prospect of a totalitarian tyranny. In these situations, always those who tell the truth are seen as a Jeremiah, a prophet of doom.

Cheer up! The U.S.A. may escape this doom, because it has a group of patriots who actually wield important power (since the constitutional president is still Trump) and who are willing to confront the oligarchy. The tragedy is that an important portion of the population does not know it because the plutocrats, using their power in turn, hide the reality of the situation.

But I want to give the reader a bit of the background that leads me to say what I am saying. I want to present the history of Smartmatic and the case of the 2004 referendum in Venezuela. Briefly…

Smartmatic was founded in 1999 by Alfredo Anzola and Antonio Mugica. Its first big business was the 2004 referendum in Venezuela, where the people had to vote if they wanted to oust Chávez from the presidency of the country. The organization of Smartmatic for this voting act was completed by Cuban agents who had designed or bought the software and was sold to Smartmatic under the name of Bizta.[2] The Carter Center and the OAS were the only two foreign observers. An opposition organization, Súmate, organized a secret exit poll. The night of the voting, before implementing any of the mandatory audits of the system and the votes count, President Carter “acknowledged” Chávez’s victory, allegedly based on the confluence of the pre-election polls and the results. The opposition was indignant because there were clear signs of a huge fraud. For example: the information should have flowed through the Smartmatic system from the voting centers to the counting centers and just in that direction. But during the afternoon, the information began to flow in both directions. Moreover, the exit polls showed that Chávez had been defeated.[3] So, the opposition asked for the mandatory audits, the matching of the paper ballots with the electronic results in some of the voting centers. A few were performed the next day and were disastrous for Chávez. So, the audit was suspended. The army took control of the paper ballots and a couple of days later burned them. But many of our (Venezuelan) excellent statisticians proved that the official results were mathematically impossible unless there had been manipulation of the data by the system.[4] Of course, the Carter Center always denied this because this statistical evidence showed to all who had eyes to see that Jimmy Carter was a tyrant lover and responsible for the systematic destruction and plundering of Venezuela.

After another referendum about Chávez’s reelection that took place in December 2007 Alfredo Anzola had some disagreements with the National Council for Elections because, although the government was unable to cheat due to the opposition of General Isaías Raúl Baduel, still they reduced the defeat to 49-51.  In April 27th2008 there was another strong disagreement concerning the cost that some government agents wanted to charge to Smartmatic for petty services. Anzola was not aware of the way in which the devil pays. That night agents of the tyranny found out that Anzola had planned a trip for the next day, to Curazao. When Anzola and his attorney took off, the airplane fell and crushed killing its three occupants and 6 persons on land. When journalists went to the scene of the accident the DISIP (the political police) and the Minister of Internal Affairs (Ramón Rodríguez Chacín) had the zone surrounded and its agents took the wounded and dead to a nearby hospital. At the hospital they saw none less than the President of the National Council for Elections who apparently wanted to make sure that Anzola was dead.[5] That is how only Antonia Mugica was left with Smartmatic.

The next year, in 2009, Smartmatic designed and implemented the electoral registration of bio-data in Bolivia in 2009.[6] Once more, the Carter Foundation vouchsafed for the excellence of Smartmatic’s work. But we all know that the Bolivian system is very much open to fraud. The 2019 fraud is universally known,[7] but there was fraud in 2020 as well.[8]

In 2014 in the board of the International Crisis Group, one can find (in 2017), besides Malloch-Brown, George Soros and Joanne Leedom-Acckerman, connected to “soft coups.” Soros is an important financer of the Democratic Party and has participated in the Ukranian coup d’etat in 2014 where he organized and trained the activists of the movement Euromaidan.[9]

Soros is a sinister character who has been forbidden to enter Russia[10] and Hungary,[11] but who seems to be untouchable in the U.S.A. Journalist Isabel Cuervo was fired along with her bosses from a public U.S.A. television network, Radio y televisión Martí, for having made a documentary in which she showed Soros’ dubious connections in Colombia, and Soros’ connections with Smartmatic and the elections in Venezuela. Cuervo was accused of being an anti-Semite.[12]

But this is not the end of the strange connection that one can do between Smartmatic and fraud, corruption and elections. In 2019 there was a public bidding to determine what firm was going to provide the electronic system to count the votes in Argentina. Since 2004 Smartmatic had an interest on this “market.” There seems to be a connection between Antonini Wilson, a man who was arrested with a briefcase containing 800,000 dollars cash at one of the Buenos Aires airports and Smartmatic.[13] Be it as it may, it is clear that in the end Smartmatic got what it wanted. Despite the Spanish firm, Indra, having much better technical qualifications, due to the pressures of Jorge Born Jr., (who is connected to Smartmatic and financer of then President Macri) Smartmatic got the contract. Smartmatic took control of the Argentinian elections, with the communist candidate, Alberto Fernández, connected to Cristina [Fernández] Kirchner.[14]

Dear free people of the U.S.A. Of course there are plenty of reasons to be concerned regarding the presence of Smartmatic in the Presidential elections of your country! Sidney Powell is entirely right and she has brought all the evidence that can be brought forward at this stage of the issue. I think the danger of this mingling of Smartmatic and its entourage to the U.S. election is so big that if the Trump campaign and the public force are unable to bring down the conspiracy of the Democratic Party and big media and big tech, I am almost certain that the republic of the U.S.A. will die and a new tyranny will rise. A tyranny foretold by George Orwell in Animal Farm, the marriage of Kamala Harris and her buddies supported by China et al. (the Communists), on the one hand, and the plutocrats, on the other. May God prevent this or else protect us all!


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