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If the government forces women to fight in combat, we should burn our draft cards in the street

Women should not be forced to register for the draft. Here's why.
Fri Mar 8, 2019 - 12:57 pm EST
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March 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – St. Joan of Arc, one of my favorite saints, led an army at 18. Pope Leo XIII’s famous assertion that Catholics are “born for combat” has been an inspiration to me since becoming involved in pro-life work – fighting for the pre-born is indeed a (nonviolent) battle, and we must be tireless warriors.

A ruling last month from a federal judge, though, concerns the kind of combat in which women should not be forced to serve. Citing the Supreme Court decision that imposed same-sex “marriage” on all 50 states, a U.S. District judge ruled that requiring only young men to register for the selective service is unconstitutional.

That, combined with the renewed push to ratify the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, should worry everyone who recognizes that there are fundamental differences between the sexes.

What kind of society forcibly sends its mothers, daughters, and sisters to the front lines of war? Apparently, the same society that thinks it’s empowering to give us the “right” to kill our own offspring throughout pregnancy and even right after birth.

If women are drafted alongside men, who will care for our children who weren’t aborted? The government? There’s no statute saying young men with little children can’t be drafted; why should it be any different if women are to be drafted on the premise of “equality?"

There are other reasons to oppose drafting women. The average man is physically stronger and bigger than the average woman. The military already has alarming rates of sexual assault and rape. Many of the places where the United States sends troops are not exactly feminist in their cultural attitudes toward women.

If the U.S. ultimately does draft women, and I am one of the unlucky ones told I’ll be shipped off to combat, I will literally stand in the street and burn my draft card. Other young ladies will be welcome to join me.

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