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(LifeSiteNews) — Every society, every country, every civilization has jealously guarded what is taught to its children. For, if what is taught to the child becomes the adult human being – and if, as Wordsworth proclaimed, “the child is father of the man” – it follows that the schooling of children is fundamentally predictive of the next generation.

By this yardstick, everywhere I look in our (fast disappearing) Western and Christian civilization, the schools are mostly engaged in the ghoulish task of turning out confused, maladjusted, and ignorant boys and girls. The implications for the future are terrifying.

It starts with the baby in the womb – whose right to life and liberty becomes subservient to the “right” of its mother to choose whether the baby should be given the right to life and liberty! If the baby in the womb has no rights at all, the value of that life, if allowed to continue to birth, becomes regarded by default as a function of biological choice rather than the essential miracle of life that it has always been.

For the millions of babies then allowed to be born, the state attempts to take charge early by funding daycare centers and baby crèches. This is supposed to be “progressive” but is in reality only the first step in an accelerated progression to total state control of your child.

The desire of the state to control our children is not new. As my philosopher friend Matthew Cockle pointed out to me recently, Plato of ancient Greece describes in several places in The Republic the clear preference for the education of children to produce what he calls “guardians of the state,” in the same way that dogs (hounds) are useful to those who rear them.

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In Book V of Plato’s Republic“certain nurses who live apart” raise the children of “good” citizens separated and apart from their mothers and family – so separated indeed that the mothers do not recognize their own children when they visit the nursery!

It is no surprise that Plato also advocates eugenics and the destruction of “inferior” babies. Plato writes, “The offspring of the good, I suppose, they will take to the pen or crèche, to certain nurses who live apart in a quarter of the city, but the offspring of the inferior, and any of those of the other sort who are born defective, they will properly dispose of in secret, so that no one will know what has become of them.”

“That is the condition,” he said, “of preserving the purity of the guardians’ breed.” “They will also supervise the nursing of the children, conducting the mothers to the pen when their breasts are full, but employing every device to prevent anyone from recognizing her own infant.”

The pagan civilization in the West that has followed the collapse of the Christian consensus has realized Plato’s vision far beyond anything that Plato could have imagined. The modern, Western state now not only controls the right of the baby to life – it is succeeding with alarming frequency in its goal of separating the living child from his or her parents. Once this separation is accomplished, it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to take their children back.

This is indeed the reality of our schools today. It matters not whether your child attends a state funded school, a “Catholic” school, a private school, or an elite boarding school. The long arm of state control reaches into the classrooms, the boardrooms, and the dormitories of virtually all our elementary, middle, and high schools and exerts its malignant influence in myriad ways, including the sinister, silent, and simple method of funding.

Many schools that label themselves “Christian” or “Catholic” or “private” still take government (“the state”) money to fund their teachers, their buildings, their programs, and their teachers’ lifestyles. And the strings attached to this funding may be long and twisted and hidden, but when the state comes calling for its pound of flesh and demands that a certain curriculum and certain pagan values are followed, the school must comply.

It used to be the case that so called “teenage rebellion” arose in the adolescent child and was a challenge that parents and children faced down together – the school or the teacher played only a supportive role.

Nowadays, a fake rebellion is first manufactured, then nurtured in elementary school by teachers acting on behalf of the state. The goal is to make the parent the enemy (or at least the subordinate player) and to then start the process of weaning the child away from his or her home and into the institution and arms of the state (the school). In this model, the parent may not even know of this fledgling rebellion whose leader is the child’s teacher and whose secrecy is fostered, fed, and watered by the state. The teacher for example, is encouraged by the state to teach the six-year-old child about transgenderism, to encourage the child’s confusion, to indoctrinate the child about mutilating surgery and puberty blockers – and then to hide all this from his parents.

It will only get worse – a civilization that has lost its founding values lashes out in confusion and will not let go of anything that gets hold of it, even if the latter drags it down to its own demise. And since nature abhors a vacuum, the emptiness left by the loss of its Christian roots has left Western civilization open and exposed to the rushing in of pagan ways of thinking and acting that now have a vice-like grip on the culture. Before the arrival of Christianity to England, the pagan, English druids would regularly carry out human sacrifice, including the sacrifice of children. Western history has now returned to its pagan state.

Every parent who values his or her child is now faced with an existential choice – for themselves, for their child, and for the future of their societies and civilization. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many parents believe that the particular school that their child attends is an exception to the rule of increasing state control.

Some good parents are organizing and fighting the state’s school systems, and these include devout Muslim parents, whose culture and religion are completely against the pagan practices of the West. Muslim parents have thus become co-belligerents and fellow soldiers in the fight against the state and its demonic schools. It is a losing battle – and cannot succeed unless the West returns to its Christian roots.

There is another way: Homeschool.

In the next decade, the state is likely to move against homeschooling as well (as has already happened in France). In some U.S. States (the Southern states, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho) and in some Canadian provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan), the predatory state may be held off for perhaps another fifteen years or so.

There is therefore an urgent need and a limited time-window for parents to pull their children out of the state’s schools (whether public, private, “Catholic,” or “Christian”) and take upon themselves the noble, traditional, and historical task of homeschooling. They will find that, far from being alone, they will be joining a great and constantly increasing army of loving parents who have made the bold and often difficult decision to snatch their children away from the cruel jaws of the predatory state.

Homeschooling will then become a true vocation for the child’s parents – and if many millions are thus taught and trained at home, it may happen that our civilization’s rapid descent to destruction can be halted, even reversed.