Peter Baklinski


If you can’t beat ‘em, out-breed ‘em

Peter Baklinski

There is always much talk about the latest pro-life strategy to end the blight of abortion.

Some Christian believers are starting to acknowledge that one of the most powerful tools in the pro-life arsenal is the young married couple who is open to life.

How is a life-affirming Christian marriage the most powerful weapon that pro-lifers possess?

Dr. Allan Carlson, who has just written a new book titled Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control, 1873-1973, believes that “faithful Christian communities produce an abundance of children, and in doing so, they change this world.” He has predicted that if Christian couples continue to reproduce at current levels, then the “religious shall inherit the earth”.

When all the arguments, research papers, and journal articles about autonomy, rights, and ethics are finally said and done, it is the side with the greatest number of adherents that usually wins the day in democratic nations that are run by numbers, not by truth.

Here is the secret and greatest strategy of the pro-life movement: get married and have children. Feed them on oatmeal, Winnie-the-pooh, and Gospel values. Love them and guide them in the true, beautiful, and good ways of the Lord. Only then will victory be assured.

With every new human life brought into the world, the human family is given another chance at finding peace and securing hope. The more God-fearing children that Christian parents bring into the world, the greater will grow the number of those who live for peace and who look with hope to the greatest pro-life destination, heaven.

The truth is that the culture of death has the seeds of its own destruction sown within itself. As a famous theologian once said: evil will always devour itself but love will always triumph. Mothers and fathers who kill their own offspring cannot propagate their destructive ideologies onto them. The culture of death will implode on itself like the bubble collapses on an exploded hydrogen bomb.

Of course, the culture of death will cause a dreadful number of casualties in the process. Many however will escape from the clutches of the culture of death, but only by the personal efforts of those who reach out to its victims with truth-imbued love.

So, you want to do something great for the pro-life movement? Find a God-fearing spouse. Get married. Create a loving home-environment in which to bear and raise children. Let the truths found in Humanae Vitae saturate your entire marriage.

These children are the future of everything we in the culture of life believe in and work towards.

Have lots of children.

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