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(LifeSiteNews) — With all the hysteria in culture, law, and faith around sexual identities and what is and isn’t a woman or a man, I thought it would be prudent to get a story out there that is extremely rare and not really talked about by, well, pretty much anyone, from either side. But before I can give you my story and how I’ve lived with, and fought in the culture about, this condition, I need to explain what intersex is.

If there is something I have learned in the last 7 years, it is that there is not a single expert talking about this anywhere in the west. The pundits, politicians, and so called ‘experts’ have all either lied, sold out, been silenced, or spoken out of ignorance. I don’t hold this against the ones that have been silenced or spoke in ignorance though. One doesn’t know what one doesn’t know. And for the first two-thirds of my life, I didn’t know either.

You see, intersex is a medical condition that affects your sex chromosomes during development in your mother’s womb. The condition, or defect as it is rightfully called, can begin as early as conception with a defective chromosome in either the egg or the sperm, but sometimes develops shortly after conception, when a chromosome mutates for a myriad of reasons.

Every human born has a combination of a binary of two sex chromosomes. These are referred to as X and Y chromosome because of their appearance under a microscope. Typically, in 99+% of cases these two chromosomes combine to determine your sex, or gender, because before about 2015 no one understood sex and gender [in biology] to mean anything but the same thing.

Intersex people have a mix up in the combination of the sex chromosomes that can cause from minor to severe birth defects and/or health problems. In normal human development, the mother’s egg provides the first X chromosome, and the father’s sperm provides either another X or a Y. The combination XX means you are female, and XY means you are male. That is it. That is the binary. Male or female, nothing else. If you have no Y, then you have no bouncing baby boy.

But you may have a situation where either of the X chromosomes loses a ‘tail’ for some reason and kind of looks like a Y. That doesn’t mean you are actually a male, though. It means you are female, and you are going to have some health problems, and maybe a defect or two. I think of it this way. I’m a programmer, so I see genes and chromosomes as the code and framework for a program. When the program attempts to compile and run with a defective X chromosome, the program is missing several serious lines of code, and the compiler takes the framework and completes it (sometimes) anyway, because it mixed and matched what it had to get it out to production. While the program is running, it isn’t fatal, but several biological functions don’t work, and/or don’t even get created, because when it reaches the assembly line, it doesn’t know how to continue and just ends abruptly.

What I just described is only one type of intersex defect; there is a whole ‘spectrum’, and as cells reproduce and divide, the problem can compound exponentially. For instance, you can have situations where you have an XXX, XXY, XYY, XXXX, XXXY, XXYY, or you could have a situation where one of the Xs loses a tail further down the line, and so the program doesn’t break until much later, making the defect less severe.

The point of all this explanation is this. There are only 2 sexes, and gender in the context of human beings means the same thing. It is a social construct to say that gender is a social construct. You can’t choose a non-binary gender because sex and gender are the same thing, and there is no such thing as a third sex, because there is no such thing as a third sex chromosome.

Programming, once you peel back all the layers, is the same. 0 and 1. Off and On. There is no 2. At no time in human history has there ever been an intersex person, born with a Y chromosome, that has been able to naturally conceive and carry a child. While an intersex person with a Y chromosome may have the outward appearance of female genitalia, they are incapable of producing an egg because they never received the code to produce an egg. That intersex person may look like a female, and behave like a female, but they are and have always been from conception, male.

I’ve not written this because I am trying to demean an intersex person’s struggles, and I believe that all the support they need to help them deal with their condition should be available, but an intersex person cannot come to terms with their own identity unless the truth and reality is presented to them. This doesn’t negate the trauma of finding out you are a man after living your life as a woman, but you cannot overcome that trauma if you lie to yourself and force everyone around you to play to your lie. Wallowing in victimhood over something you had no control over has never helped anyone. The truth sets you free, and you can move on with your life.

Now that you have a better understanding of what intersex is, I can begin to address some of the issues in culture surrounding intersex realities, and how intersex people are being used, abused, or ignored for political gain. Over the last 7 years, since I officially found out I was intersex, I have seen numerous politicians, health “professionals” and pundits talk about intersex people to gain points, get elected, pass legislation, or beat their opponents over the head using intersex people as their tool of choice. This is from every side of the cultural sex and gender wars.

Ministers of education, teacher’s unions, prime ministers, senators, and press secretaries, none I have interacted with or watched in the last 7 years have actually sought out an intersex person to ask them what their perspective is, and if they care about made-up pronouns. The science has never been discussed to any significant point. In fact, the explanation I just gave is probably the most detailed and coherent scientific explanation you have seen in any news media anywhere. You have probably never even heard of the Intersex Society of North America. (ISNA) Though they go by a different name now, if it were not for their archived website, I wouldn’t have known my condition was considered an intersex condition.

At my birth, the examining doctor discovered that, while I presented as an obvious male, I had a small deformity indicative of an intersex defect. My mother, wanting to make sure I had the best life and care, had me further examined, and it was determined that I was in fact male, and that everything should function as it does any other normal male. It wasn’t until I reached puberty that I even began to ask questions, and that was only because I noticed things were a bit different than what the school science books said.

As a prepubescent child, I never had a care in the world about my identity, the pronouns I needed to choose, or the toys I wanted to play with. I even played with Barbies on occasion, but no sexual groomer at home, church, or school, claiming to want to “help” me, ever tried to ask me if I wanted to be a new fake gender, or do a strip tease in a gay bar. This was because it was well understood that anyone that wanted to do that was a child molester, and sought their own sexual gratification, not the welfare of the child. When I was growing up, if the President of the United States, the press secretary, or a schoolteacher had ever tried to talk to kids about anything regarding sex, sexuality, or self-pleasure, they would have been locked up in prison where they belonged.

That all changed around 2015 when I started to notice news articles claiming that intersex people need to be able to choose their sex and make up their own pronouns. By 2017 my daughter was in kindergarten, and things had started to reach fever pitch. This is when Jordan Peterson became a household name. He was being attacked for refusing to use made-up words to address people. He stood by his principles, and I took a lot of courage from seeing that.

At the same time, my local school board was trying to implement “gender neutral” polices for the “benefit” of intersex people. Letting them choose which bathroom to go to. Letting “trans woman” adults into the locker rooms with their nieces. Having “trans kids” share hotel rooms with girls on school trips. I was, and am, still vehemently opposed to this obvious sexual abuse of minors. During the development of these policies, an opportunity arose for me to make a presentation to the school board.

Having then no knowledge on the topic, I began doing research, so that I could educate myself and be prepared. It was then that I discovered the ISNA, and through the reading I found out my condition had a classification.

I discovered that my condition gave me rights, according to the current politics, that other people did not have, and I told the school board that,  although I had no intention of doing so, they were giving me the right to enter the girls’ locker room at my daughters’ school at any time because I could change my sex from day to day. My concerns, and the concerns of the hundred other parents in the meeting were ignored, and the policy was passed anyway. Since that time, numerous children in our district have been traumatized (and who knows what else has gone on) by these policies.

I blogged about it on my own website and said the school board was supporting policies that were child abuse. The local media then tried to have the school board sue me, an intersex person, for whom these policies were supposedly written, for defamation. The attack pieces began. Thankfully the board let reason prevail on that issue. I began to realize that most people don’t believe this fake story of gender fluidity, but they are also not principled or morally upstanding enough to oppose it, and cowardice reigns.

It was during this period that the bill that gave rise to Jordan Peterson’s famous protest passed to the Canadian Senate and became law, that law being that anyone can come up with their own pronouns, and if you ask people to use them, they have to, or it is a ‘hate crime.’

Being intersex, and a member of a  “minority” for which this law was specifically written, I decided to come up with my own pronouns. As a way of fighting them with their own rules, I decided on Eminent/Your Eminence, or Sire. I chose Eminent/Your Eminence because of the eminent power I had to force them to use the pronouns under penalty of law, and Sire because I am a father with special elite powers that most people cannot claim. At least not with the same physical evidence.

I don’t believe in this pronoun nonsense, but if someone else does, then they must adhere to it, or be hypocrites with no moral standing to impose pronouns on anyone else. That has been my rule. If a person claims to believe in the “right” to have pronouns, then I tell them my pronouns, and demand they use them. If they don’t believe in them, then I don’t make them use them. If they say they believe in them, but refuse to use mine, then I refuse to engage with them. Moreover, I have every legal right in Canada to file a human rights complaint against them. I haven’t done so, yet.

To this day, my local media, school district staff, and numerous prominent LGBT activists have refused to use my pronouns. The local municipal government has, reporters in conversation have, and the Canadian federal government have, on CPAC [Cable Public Affairs Channel), mostly because I forced them to. But I am not writing all this to say that you should come up with pronouns, or to legitimize their delusional position.  I write it to show you that this is all a façade. These pundits, “leaders,” and politicians care nothing for your “sexual identity” or for the well-being of your children. They are doing it for power, pleasure, and control. They are doing it for themselves.

While I am happy that with the Disney debacle and the Florida anti grooming bill, the public is finally starting to wake up to the demented and evil agenda of the LGBT lobby, I felt it needed to be said that this fight has been going on for nearly a decade, and everyone was sleeping. The time to give proponents of this sick agenda the benefit of the doubt is beyond past. If a person is still advocating for these abusive beliefs and policies in 2022, they are either idiots, or evil. There is no other reason they could still support this.

Jeremy Williamson is an assistant web developer for LifeSiteNews.