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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the meetings of NATO Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, February 14, 2023YouTube/Screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) — Western news media and governments have given the impression that the current Ukraine war began with Russia’s “Special Military Operation” early last year as a supposed step to rebuilding the Soviet Empire. But then last week, the Conservative Treehouse shockingly reported and showed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg openly admitting that NATO has been at war against Russia since 2014. What?

This is a big deal since we have been constantly told that Russia has been the initial aggressor and the only ones involved in this war have been innocent, democratic Ukraine vs. authoritarian, conquering Russia.

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It has been a very difficult conflict to understand because of the massive amount of mostly western propaganda that has made the task seem almost impossible. It helps greatly to be exposed to alternative reports that attempt to explain the history behind the war that goes back several years, at least. It is essential to consider such reports because of the now-realistic danger that the war could spiral out of control into a third world war that increasing numbers of commentators are now warning we appear to be heading into.

Please take advantage of the large amount of impressive information available in the following video reports, quotations, and other links that will give you an astonishingly different perspective on the conflict than almost all other media have been reporting.

Above all, see the last video in this article which is the Tucker Carlson commentary from February 24. Tucker nails it like no one else has done in all U.S. media.

Donald Trump warns World War III is close

Also, this week Donald Trump indirectly indicated, by naming U.S. Secretary of State Ukraine plotter, Victoria Nuland, that the Ukraine conflict started in 2014. A article states, “Former U.S. president Donald Trump has accused the ‘globalists’ in the U.S. State Department of aiding the 2014 Ukraine coup, which Russia claims started the tensions and possibly triggered the ongoing war.”

That refers to a comment in Trump’s recent speech in which he warned that “World War III has never been closer than it is right now” and “We need to clean house of all of the warmongers and ‘America Last’ globalists in the Deep State, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the national security industrial complex.”

Globalist US Deep State/NATO plans have spectacularly failed

LifeSiteNews has known about the deliberate western provoking of Russia for some time. Now we see the western conspirators finally admitting that there has been much more to this conflict than they have been willing to tell the world. This is likely happening because the situation has become desperate.

The globalist U.S. Deep State/NATO plans have spectacularly failed, especially their new, unprecedented types of sanctions against Russia devised by the Great Reset banking and other power elites.

There has also been a horrible failure by the Ukrainian military, who were heavily armed with modern U.S. weapons and trained in and by the west over the past several years, for the purpose of eventually crushing a deliberately provoked invasion by the Russians. But the exact opposite has happened and confounded the U.S./NATO scheme to use Ukraine as their proxy to force Russian regime change and humiliate and dismantle the huge, resource-rich nation.

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This conflict, as it has turned out, was never about defending the sovereignty, borders and freedom of Ukraine. The Ukrainians have instead been used and abused by both East and West, but especially the West, who pushed them into a slaughter that Russia did not at all want to engage in. It has also been a war which the U.S. has wrongly kept telling the Ukrainians that they could win.

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has recently stated that Ukrainian military casualties have reached 300,000-350,000 dead and 150,000 wounded in just one year – a total, he says, that has exceeded all U.S. troop losses during the Second World War. That is astounding, and if true, a horrible count that has been deliberately withheld from the western public and Ukrainian citizens.

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It is notable that this is one of the first wars in recent memory in which there are no embedded western reporters on the “good side” showing the conflict that they are reporting on and making numerous claims about. That is not accidental. We have not had any way to verify their incredible claims of supposed massive Ukraine wins and killings of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops.

Rod Dreher chastizes western media coverage of the conflict

In a scathing January 29. 2023, article, prominent U.S. columnist Rod Dreher warned that “U.S. elites are steadily leading” Ukraine “closer to World War III.” Bemoaning the dishonest western media coverage of this catastrophe, he proclaimed, “Why aren’t we talking about this?” He reported that a total of 17 million Ukrainians have fled the nation just before and during the war, possibly never to return – and all that occurred before the current, huge offensive began. This has been a historic disaster for Ukraine and possibly the end of that nation.

The U.S. kept preventing an early, imminent, negotiated peace agreement with Russia and instead fed the Ukrainians more and more weapons and employed the full resources of the mighty U.S. intelligence agencies to give the Ukrainians a crucial, hoped-for edge over the Russians.

Here is the text from the Conservative Treehouse report:

I must admit that sometimes I scratch my puzzler, when I watch geopolitical influence agents say the quiet part out loud, and yet no one seems to pay any attention.

In case you missed it – a few days ago (2/14/23), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stepped in front of the cameras for an impromptu presser following a meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

General Stoltenberg openly tells western media that NATO has been in a war against Russia since 2014. That’s when the combined effort of western political leadership, led by the U.S. State Department and NATO forces, overthrew the former Ukraine government and established the country as the center for strategic military operations against Russia. This isn’t the first time Stoltenberg has made this admission.

Against this backdrop, the February 2022 military incursion by Russia into eastern Ukraine (Donbas region) can be viewed as a counter-offensive against the NATO advancement; yet, almost no one in western media seems to hold these NATO admissions as a reference.

Crisis magazine editor presents dramatic, alternative view on the conflict

Eric Sammons, editor of Catholic outlet Crisis magazine, has also provided a dramatic, October 4, 2022, alternative view on the Ukraine conflict, compared with what we have been inundated with in all the mainstream media. He noted that this is a difficult subject for anyone to objectively address “due to the emotional responses it elicits.” Every critic of the western media narrative is called a “Putin lover” and accused of “repeating Russian propaganda” and other demeaning slurs.

The Crisis editor warned: “Events in Ukraine have reached dangerous levels, as the threat of a nuclear World War III seems to grow with each passing day. What’s going on? Who’s to blame? How should Catholics respond?” He presented some crucial background to the Ukraine situation that the vast majority of the western public has not been told about and is almost totally unaware of.

In his articulate video presentation, Sammons stated, “We can say that both Putin and the West are wrong” and “the goal is peace – a just peace.” Responding to many claims that Putin is like Hitler during WWII and that those advocating a diplomatic settlement are like Chamberlain, he says that the current situation is instead “much more comparable to WWI.” He makes a very good case for this.

In response to all those urging the sending of more weapons to Ukraine and for the U.S. to get directly involved in the war, Sammons emphasized, “War is a failure. Escalating war is a further failure.” That is what the U.S./NATO alliance has been doing – escalating the war – no matter how many more Ukrainians must die nor how much Europe must suffer from escalations such as the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipelines.

Incredible Oliver Stone documentary and interview

For an even more detailed background on the Ukraine conflict, it is mandatory to view the over two-hour, powerful, Hollywood quality 2016 documentary, Ukraine on Fire by Oliver Stone.

The documentary introductory text states that it “investigates the fall of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. Stone interviews Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin to shed light on the involvement of the U.S. State Department in the 2014 revolution.” Keep in mind that this film discusses the uprising from the perspective of the [pro-Russian] leaders who were removed at the time.

The interviews with Putin that Stone was able to conduct are astonishing. Putin presents himself not at all as all the western media portray him. That is not to say that Putin is right or good, but that we must be allowed to see and hear him in order to better make our own decisions about this terrible conflict.

Stone follows up with further, and some now changed views, in a more recent May 17, 2022, intriguing, three million times viewed video interview with Lex Fridman. Again, the information presented is dramatically different from what we have been subjected to from all of our tightly controlled mainstream media.

In the interview, Stone mentions the frequent accusations that anyone who questions the western response to Ukraine is subjected to. He states, “I have never seen such a wall of propaganda as I have been seeing on this.”

He calls NATO, which was supposed to be only a defensive alliance, “very dangerous” and proclaims that the “NATO nations don’t have the freedom to say what they want to say on these things. “The US controls everyone” with its heavy financial pressures, according to Oliver Stone. It is hard to disagree with some of what he says given how much many of us have learned about this conflict over the past year from well-informed, seemingly much more reliable information sources .

When Russia first invaded Ukraine during its limited “Special Operation,” Stone says Ukraine had 110,000 troops on the Donbass border, heavily armed and waiting for the Russians to fall into their trap “theoretically set by the United States.” He says there was “nothing in the western media about the Ukrainian forces and supposedly only Russian troops on the one side.”

The documentary producer claims that since the 2014 revolution “Ukraine has been a terror state,” and any time Ukrainians have expressed any support for Russian views, or simply questioned Ukrainian government policies, terrible things happened to them.

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Stone says, “Ukraine was neutral before 2014.” “Death squads were out there” to crush dissenters from Ukrainian government policies. “Zelensky was elected on a peace platform.” “He did not even try to make peace with Russia.” There was a very hostile attitude toward Russia from hardcore groups in Ukraine who “threatened Zelensky.” Stone says 14,000 Ukrainian civilians were killed from 2014 onward by Ukrainian Azovs and other military and death squads.

The last video for this article is an astonishing commentary by Tucker Carlson during his evening show on Friday, February 24. This has to be the bluntest, most powerful warning by him to date as to where this conflict is seemingly inevitably going.


In summary, there has been a vast propaganda campaign in the West presenting only a tightly controlled, pro-Ukraine view of events happening in the nation prior to and since the invasion. I have included in this article only a few of many more and growing sources I have discovered that have presented a very different, seemingly much more credible and sincere picture of what is going on in that tormented, most corrupt nation in Europe.

I have been noticing on YouTube a recent slew of new videos alleging to be reliable in-the-field news reports demonizing the Russians, portraying captured Russian troops as being dispirited and critical of Putin, and Ukrainians achieving major new successes. It is hard to say for certain, but these reports seem too scripted to suit only one side (not real journalism), with seemingly very excessive claims, accusations of Russians often attacking civilians (they are forbidden from doing so) and never referring to extensive Ukrainian losses or the horrendous things we now know are being done to some Russian prisoners.

Perhaps these videos are an attempt to counter the growing number of internet videos from more principled, independent reporters in the West who are real journalists. They are presenting very different, more objective, balanced reports from reliable sources in Ukraine, thereby generating serious doubt about the growing involvement of the U.S. and NATO in the war.

As to who really is telling the truth, history will reveal that. In the meantime, we must seek out and at least consider these alternative source views because of the enormous danger this war presents to the world and considering what we have learned these past few COVID years about incredibly disturbing government and U.S. intelligence agency actions to heavily bias all internet information to support government policies.

Peace must be the goal that we all seek, rather than an impossible military victory. The alternative of a great powers’ nuclear conflict is too horrifically unthinkable to accept. And, at the moment, we seem very close to that actually happening.

Let us hope and pray for the rapid growth of a powerful peace movement that will convince especially western leaders to put peace negotiations as their highest priority to finally end this war before it is too late.

Compromises will be necessary and must be accepted. There has already been far too much death and destruction that could have almost entirely been prevented.

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