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Germany players pose with their hands covering their mouths in protest of not being able to wear pro-homosexual armbands. This photo was taken prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group E match between Germany and Japan at Khalifa International Stadium on November 23, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has revealed the double standard of woke politicians, celebrities, and media outlets.

Activism and calls for boycotts against the “intolerant” culture of the Islamic state of Qatar seem to be en vogue, while criticism of the growing influence of Islam in Europe is most often scolded at and labeled as “racism” or “islamophobia.”

In their first match against Japan, the players of the German national soccer team covered their mouths as a sign of protest, because they were not allowed to wear the pro-LGBT “OneLove” armband in Qatar.

Apparently, some of the Western teams were surprised that their ideas and values aren’t shared by people in the Islamic world – who would have thought?!

It seemed very important to the German national team to take a stand against the intolerant attitude towards “LGBT issues” in the Islamic country.

The people in Europe, on the other hand, who oppose unchecked mass immigration, and warn about the growing influence of Islam that has turned parts of European cities into places resembling Islamic countries are, of course, evil racists and Islamophobes.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Many are seemingly unable to recognize that the doctrine of Islam is not compatible with either the values of Christianity or the ideas Western secularists espouse.

Islam calls for the persecution of the Kafir (unbelievers) and apostasy is punished by the death penalty. Sharia law also tends to be not very friendly towards feminism or “LGBT issues.”

I don’t think the inhabitants of the majority-Muslim districts in cities like Paris and Brussels would be too happy with a “pride” parade in their area either.

This incoherence of the leftist ideology is made evident when they want to support feminism and the LGBT agenda on the one hand, but call critics of Islam (at least if they are in Europe or North America), racists and Islamophobes on the other hand.

Critics of Islam in Islamic countries like Iran are “freedom fighters,” just like the protestors against the draconian COVID policies in Communist China. However, critics of Islam or the COVID lockdowns in Europe and North America are evil “right-wing extremists.”

The mainstream media narratives have really become utterly ridiculous.

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Andreas Wailzer is an Austrian journalist based in Vienna writing for LifeSiteNews. He studied business and economics in Vienna and Vancouver, Canada. In 2022, he left his job in the corporate world to work full-time in the field of Catholic journalism and advocacy, first at the St. Boniface Institute in Vienna and now at LifeSiteNews.

Andreas loves to write about politics, economics, and everything related to the Catholic faith. His work has been published in English and German in multiple media outlets, including Die Tagespost, Wochenblick, Corrigenda, and LifeSiteNews.

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