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Pledge your prayers and fasting for peace in the Holy Land HERE

(LifeSiteNews) — The Israel-Palestine conflict has dominated the news since Hamas terrorists killed and kidnapped hundreds of Israeli civilians on October 7.

How does this terrible conflict relate to Catholic prophecy? Could this be the start of a third world war? To discuss these questions, lay theologian Xavier Ayral returned to The John-Henry Westen Show this week.

Ayral said that for Islamic Hamas terrorists, “it is an honor to die for their faith. Allahu Akhbar [God is greater] is their war cry… For them to die a martyr is the greatest of rewards, for paradise is being offered to them.” 

He explained that both Hamas and its Lebanese counterpart, Hezbollah, are financed by the Islamic regime in Iran. With people worldwide being rightfully enraged by the heinous Hamas crimes, Israel’s government could use this as a pretext to launch a strike not only against Gaza but also the “mastermind” behind the attacks: Iran.

“Iran, for the past 20 years, has been enriching large volumes of impoverished uranium stocks for one purpose and one purpose only: to develop a nuclear arsenal with which they have sworn… to quote-unquote, ‘eradicate the state of Israel,’” he said. 

A military strike on Iran by Israel would “unquestionably rally every single Muslim nation and organization together to counterattack one way or the other,” he continued. 

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Ayral and I agreed that this war is not an obvious case of “good guys against bad guys” but a very complex conflict in which both sides are ready to cause civilian casualties.

Addressing Catholic prophecies, Ayral stressed that “we are no longer living the times of admonitions. That time is behind us.”

“Now we will be actually literally living the moments of prophecies. And I regret to say that what is ahead of us is most disconcerting.”

Ayral explained that the Israel-Palestine war, the war in Ukraine, and a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan are all geopolitically connected and could lead to a third world war.

According to the theologian, the Russia-Ukraine war is not a simple “territorial dispute between Ukraine and… Russia” but rather “a proxy war that has led to two alliances” clashing with each other: NATO and “an alliance that has been established clearly through Iran, Russia, as of late North Korea, and, yes, China.” 

“If there is a violent clash or violent attack upon Iran, this cannot be left unanswered,” he stressed. “And it is a trap which was meant from the moment, from the eve of the attack on Israel by Hamas. It was a trap meant to lead Israel to an attack ever so violently.”

As Catholics, “heaven is requiring and asking the faithful… first and foremost to keep a cool hand, to pray with all your heart, to go to confession, if possible… on [the] first Saturdays of every month to go… receive Holy Communion, believing with all your heart that this is not a symbol or commemoration of the Last Supper, but truly the body and blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Ayral said. 

He furthermore called on Catholics to read Holy Scripture and the Catechism, pray the Rosary, and fast.

“Those are the means of salvation and the means to change history,” Ayral stated.

“If [these events] continue in this path, there will be a major international cataclysm. So we must pray, for these are the only weapons that heaven is asking us to use, and to avoid hatred or feelings of retaliation for those who are not inspired by God, but by his enemy.”

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Pledge your prayers and fasting for peace in the Holy Land HERE

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