Mary Powers


“It’s a Wrongful Life”?

Mary Powers

Last week, a Belgian appellate court approved, for the first time, the concept of “wrongful life,” finding doctors liable for not discovering a child’s disability before birth. The court held that it would have been in the child’s best interest to be aborted.

How would it be in anyone’s best interest to die?
The Court stated that, “of course, the diagnosis error did not cause the handicap of the child, that preexisted,…nevertheless, the damage must be remedied.”  Thus, according to the Begian Court, the child, by the voice of its parents, can claim repair to the doctors because, by their fault,  the doctor wronged his certain and legitimate interest to be the object of a therapeutic abortion.

Again, how would it be in anyone’s best interest to be aborted?
As I was reading an article on this court case, the first thought that came to mind was the traditional Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. It is one of those Christmas movies everyone watches, but do we really grasp it’s full meaning?
After his Uncle loses a large sum of their loan company’s money, George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) gets so upset he seriously considers committing suicide. Wouldn’t it be in his best interest to kill himself? After all, when the town finds out, he will go to jail and his family will lose their good reputation. George then meets Clarence, his guardian angel, whom he tells, “I wish I had never been born.”
Clarence grants George’s wish and shows him what life would have been like had never been born and only then does George come to the realization that he really not only had a wonderful life, but also that throwing it away would be a massive mistake. “It’s funny how one life touches so many lives,” Clarence tells him, “And when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”
Each of us, no matter what we do, lives a wonderful life. We have the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of people we meet and work with every day.
I always wondered what would happen if we were to create a modern day “It’s a Wonderful Life” to show a mother contemplating abortion. Although her pregnancy might be unplanned and she may feel alone and scared, she has people to turn to for help, and like George Bailey, she has a wonderful Life…and the ability to give another person a wonderful Life.
If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend you do. It’s an amazing pro-life movie that really shows the value and importance of each life.  As we learn each Christmas, no life can ever be wrong, every life is wonderful.

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Undercover at the Feminist’s Majority Foundation conference part 1: ‘It’s not about abortion’

Mary Powers

This weekend, I attended the Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Young Leaders Conference (FMF), and why not? I’m a 21st Century Feminist, right? Or so I thought…

On Saturday, I had an eye-opening experience learning what 21st century feminism means to the FMF and the “revolution” they are trying to sustain and make permanent in American society.

The general session I attended talked about the about the current “war on women” and the “dangerous” bills that are in Congress like HR-3, the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act, or as they call it, “Stupak on Steroids,” and HR-358, Congressman Pitt’s “Protect Life Act,” or as they call it the “Let Women Die Act.” (Talk about violent language.)

But most of all – they are scared of the Pence Amendment – the kingpin of the pro-lifers’ “war on women.”

Over and over again, I was informed that the battles in Congress weren’t about abortion, though, they are about choice.

I agree with them on one thing – the battle in Congress right now isn’t about abortion, it’s about whether or not taxpayer dollars should fund the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood.

  • It’s about how low-income and college-aged women are directly targeted by Planned Parenthood.
  • It’s about the lies and false advertising of Planned Parenthood.
  • It’s about the fact that the condoms that Planned Parenthood hands out have the lowest performance rate according to Consumer Reports. Bad condoms = More abortions.
  • It’s about empowering women so they have control over their own lives, not the abortion industry.
  • It’s about giving women access to REAL health care and real options for their future. Real health care promotes and protects Life while the abortion industry destroys it.

As announced at the conference, pro-abortion feminists are organizing a massive March on Washington on April 7th in coordination with Young Woman’s Christian Association (YWCA) Capitol Hill Day and NARAL’s National Pro-Choice Lobby Day.  Twenty-nine organizations will be participating.

Since their fight is not about abortion, I wonder what they will lobby for?

  • Making sure Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, remains fully funded by taxpayer dollars?
  • Ensuring taxpayer dollars go towards greater access and funding for abortifacients that are mislabeled “contraception” such as ella and Plan B?

Seems to me that it’s all about abortion with the FMF and their allies.


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Abortion, pre-requisite for higher education?

Mary Powers

Over the past four months, I have been eagerly reading 200 health care policies to investigate how many colleges and universities across the country cover elective abortions and how many require that their students enroll in these abortion health care plans.

The results are astounding…not only in what we have reported but also the fact that colleges and universities have now taken it upon themselves to promote and institutionalize elective abortions. Colleges and Universities should be places where students can go to learn and prepare themselves to enter into the workforce as enlightened individuals. Instead, they are being required to purchase abortion health care plans, and pay for their peers’ abortions on condition of enrollment.

In addition to this, students don’t know that they are paying for their peer’s abortions.  Many universities not only require students to purchase health insurance, but unless a student can provide proof of creditable health care coverage, they will automatically be enrolled and billed for the school endorsed plan.  This is happening without students even knowing.  Many parents who pay for their child’s tuition are not aware about the hidden abortion coverage.

How have we come this far? How have we as Americans missed this? The youth of America have always been the target of the pro-abortion industry, but coercing students to purchase abortion health care on condition of enrollment enters new territory for the pro-abortion business. With the additional possibility of taxpayer funded abortions, colleges and universities, as well as the Department of Education have a lot to answer for.

Students for Life along with a Member of Congress have written to the Department of Education to inquire whether they know what is going on with the school health insurance policies and whether they know that federal education grants could be violating the Hyde Amendment. We asked the Department of Education to respond by the end of November, and are still waiting for a response.

While the study investigated school sponsored insurance plans that cover “elective abortions,” there are still a number of plans that cover “complications of pregnancy,” but do not specifically exclude elective abortion. This leaves room for the language to be misused and possibly misapplied.

Also, a majority of the plans placed pregnancy under the definition of sickness, and a number of them covered pregnancy and maternity expenses as “any other sickness.” The pro-abortion philosophy of a child being an illness or a parasite instead a fully formed preborn baby has silently made its way into our health care system and health care language. This to me was one of the most surprising finds of the research.

SFLA will continue to work with students on the ground as well as members of Congress to take a stand for Life on college campuses across the country. Abortion is not health care and should not be a pre-requisite for learning.

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Baby saved on Sacramento City College campus!

Mary Powers

This story comes from Steve Macias, our West Coast Field Agent who is based out of California, Nevada and Arizona. He has working on campuses in the region and has started 12 pro-life student groups this semester.

One of the techniques Students for life of Amercia (SFLA) teaches students and Field Agents is clipboarding. Clipboarding is an easy way to find pro-life students on campus by polling students, asking simple questions, and gathering information. We use this opportunity to either introduce the pro-life message or recruit students to lead a new pro-life group on campus.

Steve’s first day on campus in August was a little intimidating. It was a beautiful summer day and students were beginning their semester at Sacramento City College. He started his first day on campus clipboarding and had a remarkable experience. This is what happened in his words:

“As you know, a large part of the Field Agent’s job is rather unglorious. We spend a lot of time getting a feel for the campus and meet hundreds on students in a matter of hours. But some interactions truly stand out and show the real need for Students for Life on these campuses. One such interaction happened while I was clip boarding at Sacramento City College students.

While I was clip boarding, I approached a young woman who was walking between classes on her first day of college. I asked her if I could talk with her for a moment, she eagerly said yes. I then asked, ‘What do you think about abortion?’ She immediately began to tear up and asked, ‘How did you know?’ I assured her I didn’t know anything about her and apologized for upsetting her.

For the next few minutes, she began to pour her heart out to me. She told me that she was pregnant and her boyfriend wants her to abort their child. She told me, ‘I know it’s not right but I just don’t know what to do, I don’t have anyone to go to.’

I sat down with her and showed her some literature about child development and what her baby probably looks like right now. I prayed with her and then gave her the information for the local pro-life Pregnancy Resource Center. When we parted ways she thanked me and promised to visit the center.

It is short moments like this that make all of our work worthwhile.”

When Steve called us with this news, our office was full of cheers as we realized that this young woman was set on the path to giving her child life! We are so excited that Steve was able to be at Sacramento City College that day to speak with that young woman.

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