It’s just after midnight, Tuesday night (Wednesday morning really) and I’m sitting at my computer as our newborn son is being settled for the night, well at least the first few hours of it.  My wife Dianne and I learned early in this pregnancy that our son Zachary tested “positive” for Down syndrome (In Canada when the prenatal screening comes back with a chance of Downs greater than one in 200, it is considered a “positive” finding.)

As I ponder this new life before me I’m struck with the beauty of life, and with its fragility.

I’m so grateful for the advance in the medical side of the pro-life community – namely Napro technology which was instrumental in little Zachary’s survival during the first trimester.  His last three siblings went into eternal life during miscarriages at that time.


Many people in North America and beyond have been convinced of the beauty of life.  Countless lives have been saved through prayerful witness outside of abortion mills.  Even some abortionists have themselves been convinced of the truth.

However, there remains much to be done. I feel sorry for the dads who will not be able to hold their little ones in the wee hours of the morning, for all the Moms who won’t be able to quell their hungry cries.

Little Zachary was not born with Down syndrome, but when I ponder that 90% of babies who test positive for Downs are aborted it is heartbreaking.  This precious little child, so beautiful and small, so weak yet so amazingly intricate is a fragile wondrous creation of Almighty God. Little Zachary himself could easily have been another abortion statistic.

We must end this horror of abortion.