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(LifeSiteNews) — Progressive commentators and politicians seem confused about why so many Canadian parents are angry as protests against “Pride” activities erupt in cities across the country. A small sampling of recent press coverage should be helpful and instructive in facilitating some understanding.  

Grade 9 students in Saskatchewan were exposed to sex education that included a series of “A to Z” flashcards of various sexual behaviors they might be interested in. For example, “K is for Kink,” which came with this description: 

Non-traditional sex. What’s non-traditional to one might not be to another. For some, being restrained with a ball gag, while being tickled by their hooded master is an everyday occurrence. What do you consider kinky?

Or the card reading “R is for Raw Sex,” which advises the Grade 9 students: 

Anal sex without a condom. Avoid it if possible, as you’ll be at a high risk for getting or passing on HIV and STIs. If you do decide to go condom-less, use lots of lube and get tested regularly for HIV and STIs.

Any politician or journalist who does not understand why parents might be appalled by this sort of “education”—and many of the other cards are worse—has entirely lost the plot. In response to outcry, Saskatchewan’s education minister banned Planned Parenthood from presenting in schools. Here is how CTV covered that story: “Planned Parenthood shocked after being suspended from Saskatchewan schools.” The reality is that plenty of LGBT books and sex-ed curriculum materials currently being used in public schools contain equally disturbing material, often accompanied by graphic illustrations. 

Indeed, whenever any politician tries to stick up for parents, they face immediate attack from the Canadian elites. The common-sense move by Premier Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick to involve parents in any decision to “socially transition” gender-confused children at school, for example, has provoked foam-flecked vitriol from progressives and almost total silence from conservatives.  

Canada’s state broadcaster is not even attempting to address parental concerns—instead, they are focused on backing Higgs’ critics and insisting that parental rights are dangerous. On June 22, for example, the CBC published an explainer titled “5 questions answered about the LGBTQ school policy debate.” Their first question, posed to hand-selected, pro-LGBT medical professionals, made no attempt to even acknowledge that the policy might be necessary: “How does making it mandatory to tell parents about pronoun and name changes hurt children?” 

Good grief. 

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Similarly, when the Toronto District School Board acknowledged that some parents might not want their children to have pro-LGBT books read to them by cross-dressing men, the Toronto Star actually framed this as a setback for human rights: “Human rights and 2SLGBTQ+ education should not be optional.” An excerpt: 

The Toronto District School Board’s decision to allow parents to opt their children out of drag storytime — a common part of family-friendly programming during Pride Month and beyond — is a dangerous setback for 2SLGBTQ+ human rights education…

Celebrating and acknowledging that 2SLGBTQ+ students exist through representation and education — including drag storytime — is the bare minimum the TDSB can do to prevent prejudice, discrimination, and hate. No member of the school community should have a right to opt-out of that learning.

The media isn’t interested in finding out why parents across the country are upset—and when they find out, they don’t care. They’re more interested in telling parents why their involvement in the lives of their children “hurts children”—and, the article makes clear, triggers suicidal ideation. And then there are stories like this one, also out of Saskatchewan: 

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is very much alive and well in this Sask school, especially if that sexual orientation is straight. High school students in Swift Current were pulled into the principles office for signing their name on a poster that said “I’m straight and proud”.  I’ve attached a copy and covered the student’s names in order to protect their identity.

The principal allegedly had an RCMP officer brought in to question some of these kids without parents there and the kids have disclosed to their parents feeling being intimidated by this RCMP officer who was saying things like this borderlines a hate crime and they could get in legal trouble. What makes this worst is the school never even notified the parents of those kids!

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is very much alive and well in this Sask school, especially if that sexual orientation is straight.

The entire idea of “pride” in sexual identity is foolish and wrongheaded, but it is important to note that educators are making it clear that “pride” only applies to sexual identities other than heterosexual. That, as anyone who understands anything about children, matters. Here is another example, from Stonecrest Elementary School in the Ottawa region:

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For Canada’s LGBT activists, progressive politicians, and the mainstream press, this is a zero-sum game. The most aggressive forms of sexual indoctrination are a fundamental human right; parental involvement in the most life-changing decisions of their children is dangerous but those decisions being made with government employees is not; parental protests are simply a sign of hate and highlight the need for more of the indoctrination being protested in the first place. The answer to parental protests, in other words, is to force-feed everyone with more of what parents are upset about in the first place. 

There is no neutrality, and with the elimination of most “opt-out options,” very little room for compromise. Many parents are finding that out the hard way. 

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Jonathon’s first book, The Culture War, was released in 2016.