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(LifeSiteNews) — Individuals, including children, caught up in the current trans craze who have had their bodies medically and surgically mutilated and their personalities altered via social “affirmation” are nothing more than stepping stones to launch an even more macabre form of existence: transhumanism.    

Once considered to be nothing more than a cultish fringe ideology belonging more to the world of science fiction than reality, “transhumanism” is now being driven into reality by governments, multinational corporations, global banks, international law firms, and of course, Silicon Valley.   

What is transhumanism? It’s a movement that seeks to create humans with augmented capabilities by merging the human person with technology.   

While some of the initial forays into transhuman science have laudable goals of helping people with neurological disorders such as paralysis, dementia, and Alzheimer disease, these efforts will be used to pave the way to a form of immortal “boundless” existence by fusing the human conscience with computers, creating a hybrid species of individuals who will exist in cyberspace.

The ultimate goal is to create an enhanced species that transcends humanity. In other words, the aim is to create an upgraded, “posthuman” society.   

“Transhumanists want to apply technology to overcome limits imposed by our biological and genetic heritage,” explained Max More, a philosopher who deals with the cultural implications of emerging technologies.  

“Transhumanists regard human nature not as an end in itself, not as perfect, and not as having any claim on our allegiance,” continued More. “Rather, it is just one point along an evolutionary pathway, and we can learn to reshape our own nature in ways we deem desirable and valuable.” 

“By thoughtfully, carefully, and yet boldly applying technology to ourselves,” said More, “we can become something no longer accurately described as human – we can become posthuman.” 

You are being groomed: Transgenderism is the ‘on ramp’ to transhumanism 

Normalizing “body dissociation” via the promotion and enforcement of transgenderism is the means through which western culture is being conditioned to accept transhumanism. 

Outspoken investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek has pointed out that the political-corporate-NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations)-legal-academic infrastructure driving “body dissociation” is “mammoth.”  

“There is so much money in it,’ noted Bilek in a 2020 interview. “It’s ghastly. It’s terrifying.”  

The ultimate goal is to create an enhanced species that transcends humanity. In other words, the aim is to create an upgraded, 'posthuman' society.

Bilek described how strange it is that these massive global organizations have taken up the cause of trans-identifying individuals. Corporations “don’t get behind a miniscule part of the population’s identity issues,” she said, yet “these entities are all driving and supporting this.”  

This financial and political muscle plus the relentless affirming support given to transgenderism from major media, Hollywood, and even the current White House, Nashville, and beer producers, raises the question: What is really going on?   

Western populations are being conditioned – “groomed” – to more easily accept transhumanity.  

“In order to sell that to the public – transhumanism and disembodiment – as a life, you’re going to have to groom them and get them there,” explained Bilek in a recent video interview. “And the way to do that is to create this ideology that says that you can choose your sex.”  

From transgender to transhuman 

“Transhumanism arises from the groins of transgenderism,” Martine Rothblatt, a chief proponent of both transgenderism and transhumanism, explained in his book, From Transgender to Transhuman. Rothblatt, a wealthy entrepreneur and a genius by any standard, is responsible for multiple breakthroughs in the worlds of medicine, technology, communications, and aviation. He is himself a “trans woman,” i.e., a man who “identifies” as a woman.  

More than a decade ago, Rothblatt wondered: 

Will technology stop at transgenderism? If a century or so of technology has demolished millennia of absolute sexual duality, what might another few decades of exponentially growing technology do? Sex lies at the heart of biology, and yet in transcending biology technology gave us an explosion of sexual identities. So, as technology continues to transcend biology, what next can we expect beyond the apartheid of sex? An explosion of human identities? 

The answer, in a word, is transhumanism. 

 He envisions “a civilization of enormous capability with transcosmic scope via self-replication and virtually unlimited intelligence.”   

“Transhumans” will be those who are “receptive to transcending biological limitations,” willing to “hybridize” themselves with computational technology as part of “humanity’s effort to control its evolutionary destiny.” 

The new techno-human species will live in cyberspace 

“Everyone who is alive during the epoch of humanity’s full-fledged merging with computation will always be alive (if they wish) via computer substrate,” said Rothblatt. “Homo sapiens will become Persona creatus as it rides the journey of near infinite growth in computational knowledge … This means that the grace and beauty of human culture will grow right along with the scientific and technological competence of the hybrid human-computer species.”

According to Bilek, transhumanists such as Rothblatt yearn to direct humanity beyond body dissociation to complete disembodiment, “where everyone lives in cyberspace.”   

“They can manipulate your DNA, they can manipulate you any way you want,” said Bilek. “That’s why these ‘gender rights’ are being passed. It’s not about people allowing a medical attack on their sex. It’s for future augmented human beings.”    

“I follow the money and money trails do not lie. They tell you the truth,” she continued.   “I don’t care how crazy I sound. It doesn’t matter to me. Just get the information out there so people can go looking for themselves.”  

“None of this is hidden,” she exclaimed. It’s just that “people aren’t looking for it. [Instead] they’re looking at the human rights angle.” 

If you follow the money, Bilek said, “The money points to them overlaying a virtual reality over the natural world and subjecting the natural world.” 

The goal of transhumanism is at odds with the Gospel 

“The most important Christian critique of transhumanism concerns the goal and focus of human life. Christians and transhumanists may agree that in the ideal human state we will not be subject to death, aging, or other natural limitations we suffer from now. However, for transhumanists, overcoming these limitations is the goal and focus of life,” wrote Kyle Hubbard, a philosophy professor at Saint Anselm’s College, in 2012.  

“Christianity disagrees and instead claims that the focus of life should be on submitting to death,” said Hubbard. He concluded: 

While transhumanists argue that we can achieve the best possible future only by developing technologies to counter death, Christianity holds that the only way to overcome sin and death is by God’s gift of grace that allows us to develop the virtues of faith, hope, and love. 

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.