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(LifeSiteNews) — In today’s episode of Faith & Reason, Hunter Biden laptop expert Jack Maxey reveals his new findings concerning the Biden family, the CIA, Metabiota, and the Wuhan lab.

“The problem is Hunter [Biden] is doing criminal behavior with the blessing of U.S. intelligence,” Maxey explains in the episode.

Maxey then first goes into the history of the company Metabiota, with which Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm had investments and which is connected to the controversial biolabs in Ukraine.

“I’ve talked for over two years about Metabiota, which is an American company that was the prime contractor inside the U.S. intel-operated laboratories in Ukraine, the ones that they said didn’t exist,” Maxey says. “And then they admitted, ‘okay, they do have smallpox in them,’ even though the World Health Organization said that had to be eliminated 30 years ago.”

Maxey goes on to say that “Metabiota runs them [the biolabs in Ukraine]. Metabiota is also inside the Wuhan lab. They were partners with a guy named George Gao, who’s the head of the Chinese [equivalent to the] CDC.”

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Then the historian and former member of Steve Bannon’s War Room explains the connection between the then-head of the Chinese CDC and Hunter Biden, saying that Gao was “introduced to Metabiota through Hunter Biden because Hunter Biden had a relationship with a woman named Xiaoying Zeng in Beijing through a company in Beijing called Radix.”

This part of Maxey’s findings is covered by LifeSite’s report from last November.

In e-mails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, he and his colleagues were explicitly discussing how to utilize that husband and wife connection in order to promote a firm called Metabiota, which itself has strong U.S. government ties and which worked directly with the Wuhan lab at the center of the COVID-origin debate.

Gao, as scientist, is an expert on coronaviruses, and is connected with the gain-of-function research that is believed to have been the cause of the coronavirus so-called pandemic.

Further research of the name “Xiaoying Zeng” shows that such a woman exists in the U.S., and that her full name is Xiaoying Gao Zeng.

More importantly, the e-mail address given on the internet linked to this woman is the same e-mail address that can be found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

But let us return to Jack Maxey’s new findings.

“… today I just put together some extra dots,” Maxey says in the newly released interivew. “Metabiota is a portfolio company of an investment group based out in San Francisco that is funded by the CIA, that’s not secret, called In-Q-Tel.”

“Hunter was in conversation with one of those board members early on about Metalbiota, and I’m guessing it was long before it became a portfolio company of a taxpayer funded, CIA-run investment firm in San Francisco called In-Q-Tel.”

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In-Q-Tel’s website can be found here, and explicitly states it is working “to enhance and advance national security for the U.S. and its allies.” According to the Department of Homeland Security, “IQT is the independent, non-profit strategic investor for the CIA and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community – including DHS.”

The collaboration between In-Q-tel and Metabiota is of public record, as shown in this 2017 article.

According to Maxey, George Hoyem is the In-Q-Tel man with whom Hunter’s firm was in contact.

For example, the following 2014 email from Hunter’s laptop shows that a representative from Metabiota reached out to Hunter’s firm, explaining that he was introduced to In-Q-Tel’s Hoyem.

“Wanted to give you a heads up that I got an intro to George Hoyem at In-Q-Tel I don’t think that was the person you mentioned but wanted to make sure. He is based in SF [San Francisco],” Nathan Wolfe of Metabiota told John DeLoche, an associate of Hunter Biden on October 1, 2014.

DeLoche responds back on the same day with the words: “Nathan, That’s great. Gillman Louie is the founder of In-Q-Tel and a close friend of mine and Will’s. He runs his own firm now, Alsop Louie partners in SF. We will make an intro when the time is right. Best, John.”

Further explaining the link between Hunter Biden, the CIA and Metabiota, Maxey goes on to say: “So that means that when Hunter was out trying to get his besties, with the help of Boies, Schiller [of this firm, whose names are often found in the Biden e-mails] and other people in Washington, D.C., to get investors, insiders invested in this deal, this private company, my guess is Hunter already knew full well that In-Q-Tel was going to be the buyer.”

That is to say, that the U.S. government would invest in a company that Hunter Biden was involved with. States Maxey: “There’s a bribe paid to the Bidens from the United States, CIA and right out of the backpocket of every American. And if you want a bonus, hey, that’s the pandemic which they were also all involved in.”

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The historian and political analyst then draws a direct link between the Bidens and the COVID pandemic: “If nothing else, people out there, the Biden family profited directly from experimentation going on inside the Wuhan lab through the relationship with George Gao, Metabiota and their profit from it in coronavirus research in the Wuhan lab. And the CIA knew every single detail.”

This would further point not only to Chinese involvement in the origins of the coronacrisis, but also to U.S. governmental involvement.

Maxey then expounds on other areas of the Biden corruption:

And then you remember Hunter goes to try and sell Metabiota to the Ukrainians. A month later, his dad gets the prosecutor fired. He [the prosecutor] was trying to prosecute Zlochevsky [Mykola Zlochevsky], who is the chairman of Burisma, the very company that later hired Hunter Biden for $82,000 a month. Well, the same company a year and a half later hires a guy named Cofer Black. Cofer Black is a CIA case officer, retired, formerly worked very closely with John Brennan in Riyadh on Saudi Arabia, the same John Brennan who led the group of 51 intelligence professionals when they interfered in the 2020 election, calling the laptop Russian disinformation and a fabrication of the Kremlin.

Herewith, Maxey draws the connection between the role of the CIA in covering up the Hunter Biden laptop before the 2016 presidential election, that now can be seen as a direct attempt at election interference.

Maxey then encourages listeners to be alert and to face reality: “Connect the dots, people. Our target has to be these rogue intelligence agencies. Hunter Biden is a bit player. He’s like a kid selling crack on the corner. He is not the cartel leaders.”

When asked by LifeSite’s editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen as to what should be done about these 51 intelligence people who gave their names to the statement that the laptop was a piece of disinformation, Maxey insists upon action: “I believe that the United States Congress should call all of them in. They only have to ask them one question. Who asked you to sign this and what led you to sign it? And then after they’ve answered those two questions, I’d ask them all to leave. And I’d have a press conference demanding that all of their security clearances be pulled because these people are still employed in the private sector.”

Thus, Hunter Biden has to be protected by the powers-that-be because he knows too much, but he is not the leading figure, according to Jack Maxey. “I think this has been a fix from day one [to protect Hunter Biden], because, as I’ve always said, it’s not about Hunter. It’s about the big wigs who are protecting Hunter. Hunter’s just like a street mob boss. We’ve got to take down Tammany Hall. And that’s essentially what the intelligence services, with the complicity of the Department of Justice have become. It’s a protection racket for dirty actors on the inside.”

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It is here that we, once again, speak of the Deep State, a network of elites within the U.S. government agencies that do not serve the American people, but their own private and well-connected interests.

Jack Maxey’s findings are very important, and hopefully he will further detail them in the near future. They certainly would explain why Hunter Biden seems to get a “sweetheart” treatment by the prosecutors in Delaware, as Faith & Reason host Liz Yore calls it. “But not Hunter [is not being punished for his crimes],” insists Maxey. “You know why? Because Hunter has the ability to take down the CIA and the FBI. 100 percent.”

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