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(LifeSiteNews) – In a new interview given to Dr. Michael Scheuer and Colonel Michael on the Two Mikes show, Jack Maxey delved deep into the current problem of the corruption of prominent figures connected with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Defense (DoD), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who are often considered to be good men. Here, he mentioned names such as Mike Pompeo and General Michael Flynn. In addition, Maxey also raised questions about former President Donald Trump and his apparent lack of detecting the untrustworthiness of some of his collaborators.

The basis for Maxey’s insights is his in-depth research of the Hunter Biden laptop and the experience he has gained from trying to work with some of these forces in revealing Biden family corruption.

In Maxey’s eyes, federal agencies such as the FBI and CIA are themselves so deeply intertwined with political corruption that they helped cover up a major instance of Biden family corruption via the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

He developed some of these arguments in another new interview on August 26, entitled “Jack Maxey slays the bad actors in the corrupt government, CIA, FBI, DOJ and more.”

Sen. Ron Johnson, Mark Zuckerberg shed light on FBI and Biden laptop story

As Maxey has said, the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop since December 2019 and did not investigate it at all.

Because of this, one could argue that both the members of Democratic Party during primary elections, as well as U.S. voters during the 2020 general election, were not properly informed about the Biden family’s corruption.

“Joe Biden is a dupe for the intel agencies,” Maxey told Two Mikes. “They put him in power. And proof of that is the betrayal of all of the Democratic candidates in the primary because they had the laptop since December of 2019.”

And indeed, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) just made public, on August 25, a whistleblower’s testimony according to which FBI employees were told not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop until after the 2020 election.

In addition, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan in an August 25 interview that the FBI had prompted him to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election.

LifeSite recommends our readers watch the entire episode of the Two Mikes show. It gives us many insights into the current problems in U.S. politics on a deeper level than usually discussed.

Dr. Michael Scheuer himself worked for the CIA and headed for several years the Osama bin Laden unit. He later became a critic of the U.S. government’s handling of the Islamicist insurgence and left the CIA.

Colonel Mike is described on the show’s website as “a former liaison and contractor for many years in South East Asia” and a businessman.

Therefore, both Mikes are excellent interview partners for Jack Maxey.

Maxey himself is a Yale graduate (class of 1988), a historian and political analyst who worked for some years for Steve Bannon at the War Room Pandemic. He is known to LifeSite readers also for his being part of the Faith & Reason show.

Maxey has to be honored (as does the Epoch Times here) for his tireless work that finally led U.S. national newspapers to admit that the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic, after they had first suppressed the story by claiming it was Russian disinformation.

As he told the Two Mikes, Maxey has now successfully passed on copies of the laptop to several U.S. sheriffs who are now doing their own forensic work on it.

The overall discussion between Jack Maxey and the Two Mikes on August 17 dealt with the corruption of the Biden family and of all the people connected to them as it can be detected on Hunter Biden’s laptop (LifeSite has published numerous reports on this matter). While many of the people connected with the Biden corruption are Democrats, there are also numerous Republicans to be named. In the following, we shall present Maxey’s analysis of some of the major actors on the Republican side that might have to be looked at with more caution and suspicion.

Mike Pompeo, former head of CIA and former Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo was the head of the CIA before serving in Trump’s administration as the Secretary of State.

Maxey asks: “How was it possible for Mike Pompeo, great Mike Pompeo, big Mr. MAGA to leave CIA in the last 15 months of the Trump administration and move to State Department and replace himself with Gina Haspel, who was a little Brennan acolyte?”

Before her appointment as head of the CIA, Haspel “had been station chief in London,” said Maxey. “I mean that station chief in London has to be the top three job at CIA.”

As Maxey then revealed, Haspel was personally involved in London in creating the 2017 Christopher Steele report that was used against Trump, alleging his having close ties with Russia.

“She ran that Steele dossier,” Maxey stated.

He further asked: “How does she then become the head of CIA? How does Pompeo go to Trump and convince him this is a good idea? What was Pompeo’s motivation?”

For Maxey, it is clear that “this is a racket to protect these agencies and the leadership inside them from having their misdeeds be uncovered to the American people.”

It is, of course, also to be asked why Trump trusted Pompeo’s recommendation for Haspel’s appointment as head of the CIA without looking into her background.

Of Pompeo, Dr. Scheuer added, “he’s running for president and he smells better than DeSantis and Trump because he wears cologne.”

“He’s fake,” Scheuer concluded.

Bill Barr, former Attorney General

Speaking about Mike Pompeo, Maxey insisted that “these things need to be cleaned up.”

“And then also you have to look at a guy like Bill Barr,” former Attorney General under President Trump.

Maxey pointed out that Barr “had [an] eight-year active job at CIA as an analyst; they sent him to law school and he spends 12 years as their outside counsel. But too secret to reveal to the American people during the confirmation process for Attorney General.”

That is to say, the public did not know that Barr was working with CIA for 20 years; he kept this fact hidden.

“Note that both Pompeo and Barr are now calling almost daily for an independent counsel investigation of Hunter Biden,” said Maxey. But such a move “would be a grave error,” according to the historian and journalist.

“This needs to be openly shown to the American people. We give it to a guy like Durham and what, eight years and three administrations later, we’re going to find out what may have happened. No.” These things are “deadly serious.”

General Michael Flynn, former director of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Trump’s National Security Advisor

Maxey also discussed the role of General Michael Flynn, saying that “people have to question what are the motivations of General Michael Flynn.” He is presented as a man who “got canned by Obama” and is an “angry patriot who never got his fair shake,” but there are other angles to the story.

Maxey went on to say: “And you now find out that – and I broke the story – that all those bio labs in Ukraine and Georgia and Kazakhstan and the Metabiota deal in Wuhan all were funded by DoD in a cover story through the Department of Agriculture.”

That is to say, the Department of Defense – with which Flynn was linked by way of being the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2004 to 2006 and then later as National Security Advisor – was and still is involved with the very bio labs which are often operating under the guide of private bio research companies such as Metabiota.

When Jack Maxey went to Switzerland in March of this year in order to do a forensic investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop, he actually found some 250 emails regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with the firm Metabiota and even more specifically with its work in Ukraine. LifeSite quoted Jack Maxey as saying on March 22, after discovering these e-mails that had previously been deleted and that he was able to recover: “I have 100 percent, clear 100 percent, in writing evidence that Metabiota – you have heard me speak about this – that Metabiota [which] is inside Ukraine, working in those [bio] labs, is a DoD [Department of Defense] contractor, in writing.”

The Yale graduate told the Two Mikes that in 2005, the CIA and other agencies planned to investigate these bio labs in countries that had been formerly under the influence of the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazhakstan.

But then, said Maxey, they “privatized it.”

They had “Metabiota, they created a little Blackwater, you know, no oversight and plenty of dough. And so the greed took over and. You saw things occur. I thought it was very telling.” Maxey then explained that there was a “professor inside the virology community that did the experiments who were going on inside the Wuhan lab working on gain-of-function [research]. These were experiments that were illegal in the United States dating all the way back to 2014.”

That is to say, Maxey sees a link between the DoD, bio labs, Metabiota, the Wuhan lab, and the research that led to the coronavirus in 2020. He continued: “So they were engaged in illegal behavior using our taxpayer dollars. And now you know why this cover up is so large. Listen, we’re going to find out that the Americans, maybe not on an official level, but [that] Americans working in conjunction with other Frankensteins in Wuhan were partially responsible for what happened [with the coronavirus].”

And here comes General Flynn into the story. “What I want to know about General Michael Flynn is,” said Maxey, “Metabiota was around for a few years before he got canned and DoD was funding these secret laboratories. Did Michael Flynn at head of the DIA know about them? And if he knew about them, what did he know about them and when did he know it?”

Maxey would expect honest answers from Flynn, who is usually regarded as being an opponent to the Deep State. Yet Maxey himself had a bad experience with Flynn while in Switzerland.

He said had called Flynn up after he discovered that Hunter Biden had active DoD root certificates on his laptop that should not be there and that could present a national security threat. They “gave Hunter admin responsibility in their email system,” Maxey said. So he called Flynn while in Switzerland, asking him for help in this national security matter, assuming that Flynn would be able to get DoD to at least deactivate these certificates.

“Flynn did nothing. And then later he came out and criticized what I was doing in Switzerland,” the journalist went on to say. In July, Maxey posted a recording of his call to Flynn on Gettr. In that conversation, Flynn declined to make any comment on Maxey’s findings and said he would get back to Maxey on the root certificates, which he never did.

On the contrary, both General Flynn and his brother Joseph Flynn then went public to undermine Maxey’s trustworthiness. That was in April, and since then they never recanted their statements, nor did General Flynn explain what he knew about Metabiota and why he never came to Maxey’s assistance in a national security matter. Maxey thankfully was able to get these DoD root certificates deactivated by way of other channels.

At the same time with Flynns’s attack last spring came John Paul Mac Isaak’s questioning of Maxey’s claim that, while in Switzerland, he was able to recover 450 gigabites of deleted material on the Hunter Biden laptop. Mac Isaak at the time told Newsmax that so many gigabites would not have fit onto the version of the laptop that originally was in his possession, thus undermining Maxey’s work. Maxey did have a copy of Mac Isaak’s version, since it was Rudy Giuliani who had received a copy from Mac Isaak in August of 2019 and then had passed a copy on to Maxey, who was working at the time for Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic.

Former intelligence officer Sam Faddis was also able to disprove Mac Isaak’s claim about the amount of gigabites found by Maxey on the Hunter Biden laptop. Maxey himself, who had always praised Mac Isaak for his courage to make the laptop available to law enforcement and then to Rudy Giuliani, was taken aback by Mac Isaak’s questioning of his work and could not understand why. But now he has learned more about the background of Mac Isaak who has connections with no one else but General Flynn.

As Maxey was able to find out, all these men are interconnected, among them also Patrick Byrne and Garret Ziegler, who had received a copy of the laptop from Maxey back in 2020 and now runs the Marco Polo project on the laptop. “I get attacked by Ziegler, all these people. And guess who’s funding Ziegler? Byrne, Flynn. Guess who’s funding Mac Isaacs? Byrne and Flynn,” Maxey told the Two Mikes on August 17.

Patrick Byrne, together with Sidney Powell and General Flynn, appeared during the election fraud discussion in 2020, “all of a sudden,” in the words of Colonel Mike, and played a major role. These people “would just all of a sudden [appear], you know, Flynn was on every platform or stage he can get his face on with every rotating MAGA show there is in the country,” he went on to say.

Byrne was among those men who came out questioning Jack Maxey as soon as he broke the news that he had recovered 450 gigabites of deleted material. Byrne was defending Garret Ziegler, who was accused by Maxey of having received from Maxey a copy of the laptop under false pretense, namely that he had wanted to give the copy to the Director of National Intelligence.

As Maxey now says he has been able to find out, all these men who were trying to undermine the credibility of his own work on the laptop – and Maxey is the only man who got the New York Times and the Washington Post to finally admit that the laptop is authentic – are interconnected with each other: Byrne, Mac Isaak, Flynn, and Ziegler. This raises questions of their true purpose and whether or not they are in one way or another agents of the Deep State themselves. Speaking of that group of men (and one woman, Sidney Powell), Maxey told the Two Mikes that “there’s something very odd about that crew and I don’t know what it is. I do believe that Lin Wood has started to see the light. He released a recording of a telephone call that he had with Patrick Byrne. It’s about 70 minutes, but it’s well worth listening to because it becomes very clear that things were not right, even between Byrne and Sidney and Byrne and Flynn.” (See here a short summary of that telephone conversation.)

Whether or not General Flynn is trustworthy, according to Maxey, could be determined by Flynn coming out and explaining what he knew about U.S.-run bio labs in Ukraine and elsewhere. Maxey waits for “his answer concerning those bio labs, right? Is he trustworthy or not? Because it’s all going to come out, General Flynn. You want to come forward and explain what happened?”

Flynn might even have a “benign” explanation, like, “I was looking into agricultural issues, you know…bovine encephalitis or something.”

But Flynn must give an answer if he wishes to regain trust.

Interestingly, Maxey had been alerted early on about the Biden connection to Metabiota, by some whistleblowers who reached out to him. They explicitly asked him whether he found any material on the laptop regarding that bio research firm. He himself at the time had not even heard of that company, but immediately found several e-mails on the laptop regarding this topic.

President Donald Trump

Finally, Jack Maxey also discussed President Trump’s own weaknesses and how he should come out publicly explaining them to the American public. While the left had suppressed the discussion of the Hunter Biden laptop because it could embolden Trump, Maxey thinks that “he has to answer for things like Miley and Pompeo and Barr and all the rest of it. And Gina Haspel. I mean, Trump’s going to have to come clean on some of his errors in order to run [his re-election campaign] again effectively.” The political analyst stressed that he “likes” Trump and “what he tried to do.”

Then he quoted a recent Op-Ed by Peter Navarro that he published on American Greatness regarding the devastating role Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, played during Trump’s presidency. That article, according to Maxey, gives a “very devastating look at Jared Kushner’s meddling from day one. And, how many times he got in the middle of important things.” For Maxey it is clear that “you can’t have a leader who surrounds himself with sycophants.”

Dr. Scheuer even called Kushner an “agent of a foreign power,” and Maxey agreed, answering, “yeah, potentially, absolutely. I mean, look how much money he made on the Middle Eastern deals.”

“Jared Kushner is not a good guy,” he added, and went on to say: “I mean, first of all, how is he qualified to be in that position [as Senior Advisor to the President] to begin with? I think it should have been a red flag for all of us.” Maxey reminded his audience that one should always be cautious about hiring one’s own relatives to run things. “The worst thing you could do at a family company is hire the screwball nephew. Right. And this is what Trump did over and over again.”

“I mean, why were almost any of these people involved?” Maxey asked. “I’m all for a Trump agenda, but I’m not for necessarily the administration of that agenda if it’s going to be the same crew. I want IBM to succeed, too, but maybe not with the same chairman,” he added.

The Yale graduate also said that Kushner himself – whose own father was involved in highly questionable activities – is “very lefty on everything,” similar to how “Trump was five years before he decided to become president.”

Another aspect of Trump’s legacy that Maxey criticized is how the president dealt with the January 6 event and the people who got arrested that day, around 600 citizens. For him, a “a measure of leadership” is: “Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your people? And I just don’t see Trump sacrificing himself for anyone. He could have pardoned the 600, but then he would have lost out on the impeachment and couldn’t run for office again. Hell, he could have just paid their legal bills and their bail money because he raised $300 million for the recount between November 3rd and January 6th. But did he come to the rescue of his platoon? No.”

Colonal Mike agreed with Maxey here, saying “always say the best rally would be right outside the gulag, where the January-six prisoners are. The American Gulag. If Trump wants to do a rally, I’ll go to that one.” Being in accordance with the colonel here, Maxey added: “Well, he could have made sure none of the people went to the gulag.”

He also criticized Trump’s promise to help these January 6 prisoners after his re-election as president, saying, “And now it’s like, you re-elect me and I’ll pardon everybody after you’ve spent four years in jail. Really? Thanks. No, I’m glad it is still on your mind. I think that we have to start demanding leadership.” Maxey’s concept of leadership here means that “we expect from American men that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the people who follow them.”

“And if you’re not willing to sacrifice yourself for those people, then you really shouldn’t be followed,” the journalist concluded.

Most importantly, Maxey also challenged Trump on the fact that he still endorses the coronavirus vaccine and that he still praises his handling of the vaccine rollout. Dr. Scheuer first broached the topic by mentioning “the fact that Trump until recently has been keeping pushing this inoculation after he knows it’s killing tens of thousands of Americans and will continue to do it. And yet he still says he’s proud of it. It doesn’t make sense.”

Maxey responded to these words with the comment that “this is symptomatic of an unhealthy ego, right? This is the other side of the coin. You have to be able to admit your mistakes. I mean, Trump could come out right now and be like, look, it was a scam. Fauci lied to me, NIH lied to me, FDA lied to me, CDC lied to me and he’d go up ten points. Instead, he wants to take credit for what is clearly becoming a, you know, a failure in everyone else’s eyes. And he still thinks it’s some sort of bold achievement.”

“I don’t understand the guy,” Maxey went on to say. “I appreciate what he tried to do, but at the end of the day, he took the crucible advice from the absolute wrong members of the team. And I think that this has got to be fixed.”

Finally, it might be worth mentioning here that Maxey has stated in the past that he had offered a while back Trump’s team a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop, an offer that was declined.

‘These head fakes to conservative America’

In conclusion, Jack Maxey is convinced that it is important to reveal these “head fakes to conservative America.” A Pompeo, for example, when he became the Secretary of State, did not clean house and remove corrupt elements in the state department. In general, regarding these federal agencies, Maxey now believes that “we should have replaced everybody. I don’t see any heroes in the state or in the House [of Representatives] or the Senate at all.”

Summing up the political situation in today’s America, Maxey told the Two Mikes:

“This country is filled with good, wonderful people, and unfortunately it’s got like an evil nexus inside Washington, D.C. … I think it’s going to be so shocking for people when they understand the absolute depth and depravity of the grift that’s going on. I mean, there are hundreds of people who should be in jail, maybe thousands.”

Jack Maxey puts his hope in the American people. As he told former CIA agent Michael Jaco in his August 26 interview: “It starts with American men and women of courage standing up and saying: enough.”

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Dr. Maike Hickson was born and raised in Germany. She holds a PhD from the University of Hannover, Germany, after having written in Switzerland her doctoral dissertation on the history of Swiss intellectuals before and during World War II. She now lives in the U.S. and is married to Dr. Robert Hickson, and they have been blessed with two beautiful children. She is a happy housewife who likes to write articles when time permits.

Dr. Hickson published in 2014 a Festschrift, a collection of some thirty essays written by thoughtful authors in honor of her husband upon his 70th birthday, which is entitled A Catholic Witness in Our Time.

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