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(LifeSiteNews) — Today is Day 2 of our Fall –  25 Years: A Legacy of Life Campaign. Please donate by clicking here.

Please keep all our wonderful, highly motivated, dedicated staff in your prayers as you read the articles and videos that they produce, publish, and email for you to read. None of this is simple. It is a very complex, technically and otherwise, high-level operation.

There is an enormous of amount of work undertaken by our team of now almost 70 people to make this happen.

We have the following:

  1. Many journalists in several nations and the editors, also in a number of nations.
  2. The video productions team.
  3. The marketing team that plays a huge role in making sure our articles are promoted throughout the Internet and distributed and read by millions. This is now an intense, very complicated, expert-level task because of the heavy censorship that we endure all the time. They also handle the communications from readers to LifeSite.
  4. The web development team that performs miracles in keeping the website running and protected from the frequent hacker attacks we experience, and designs, programs, maintains, and is constantly improving our impressive website.
  5. The development department that organizes and runs these campaigns, works hard to ensure that we have the funds needed to keep LifeSite going, communicates with supporters, works to develop ongoing, good relationships with all of them, and attempts to find more supporters to replace those who drop off or the additional supporters needed to finance our increased readership needs and/or major new projects.
  6. The directors who are the leaders of all the departments and who regularly all meet and report on the progress of the activities in their departments so that we all know what each other is doing and coordinate the activities between departments to ensure a smooth running of the entire organization.
  7. The administration team that takes care of the financial and other needs of all staff, organizes the gala and special meetings and flight and other transportation needs, takes care of all the accounting and financial reporting tasks and handles most legal matters.
  8. The top management team that oversees all the above and works to ensure that we have the number and especially quality of people that we need, that all aspects of LifeSite are well taken care of and oversees the future planning for LifeSite.
  9. The numerous outside services companies (beyond the 70 people mentioned above) that we must use to keep this high-level, complex website and all of its aspects running, including our many website servers and software programs and services, and much, much more. There is a long list of all of these companies and services that are absolutely required and constantly needing to be updated in order to keep LifeSite running at the high level that it does every day.
  10. Legal counsel and other special support organizations and professionals.
  11. And I am sure I have missed some things.

Every day is an incredible beehive of activity at LifeSite. There is no such thing as a dull day for us. We therefore really do enjoy our weekends and especially Sundays when we all try not to do any LifeSite work.

I’ll bet that some of you did not know that there is so much involved in running LifeSite.

As for today’s news articles, there are two, here and here, regarding assisted suicide in Canada. It is not always clear what the difference is between that and euthanasia. What we do know is that in Canada, since the legalization of these evil deeds, the amount of this killing has rapidly grown, placing Canada into the highest level in the world of legal killings assisted by “healthcare” workers or assigned to others.

A good friend of ours is currently undergoing late-stage terminal cancer and is in hospice care in a Toronto hospital. As in many hospitals in Canada, assisted suicide and euthanasia are offered. She is still lucid and tells us a doctor comes around every day asking how she is doing. He told her, after she was offered more chemotherapy to prolong her life a bit more, “You know, you don’t have to go through that anymore.” That is, he offered to kill her to avoid the discomfort from the chemotherapy. She is morally very opposed to euthanasia, yet he keeps coming around, presumably to take advantage of her when she soon gets to a much harder to endure stage of her cancer.  This evil is happening all over Canada. What a sorry state the nation has come to. That is why we have to keep reporting on euthanasia and assisted suicide and the efforts to try to stop this inhuman atrocity.

The World Economic Forum is now getting a thin skin about all the news reports about their diabolical plans for the world. We published Thursday a WND account of a senior World Economic Forum official who accused Canadian politicians of spreading disinformation, apparently for citing founder Klaus Schwab’s boast that the globalist organization had “penetrated” the nation’s cabinet. Trouble is, the report is absolutely true because it is entirely based on Klaus Schwab’s very own public statement explicitly stating that. They have publicly stated their plans for years and now they are surprised that the public is turning against them. So sad.

There is much, much more to mention about our articles today, but that is enough for now.Please keep our special campaign in mind and make a donation by clicking here.For life and family.

Steve Jalsevac

Co-founder and PresidentLifeSiteNews

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