A woman who has betrayed the feminist movement—who supports treating one’s pre-born offspring as objects the way men once treated women—has ironically pointed the finger at another woman, blaming her for something she herself is guilty of.  Today, in an Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada press release, abortion supporter Joyce Arthur claims MP Rona Ambrose is guilty of throwing “women under the bus.”

Ambrose’s crime?  Voting yes for Motion 312, which would have struck a committee to review Section 223 of our Criminal Code which currently says a child isn’t a human being until she has proceeded, in a living state, from her mother’s body.

How does reviewing a law that says where you are determines what you are, at all an example of throwing women under the bus?  At this point, all we’re talking about is voting about talking about it!  But Joyce, it seems, just isn’t a fan of debate.  Her objection to Ambrose’s support for discussion about scientific facts isn’t new.

Over 10 years ago, Joyce refused my request for her to debate pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf.  She subsequently wrote an article explaining why the “pro-choice” wouldn’t debate the “anti-choice,” asking, “Would a Jew debate with a Nazi?”

Given that she brought up the analogy, it’s worth asking: Just which side has the Nazi mentality?  Last time I checked, Nazis were big on suppression of opposing views and killing the vulnerable (who, they incidentally decided, weren’t really persons like everyone else…hmmm…sound familiar?).  They also liked to cloud the reality of their human right violations with nice language.

Joyce and her team of abortion supporters love to throw slogans around like, “trust women,” “rights,” and “choice,” all the while claiming we have “social peace” on abortion.  But when you look at what all that means in light of the abortion procedure, it doesn’t seem so nice.

In fact, we took Joyce’s words, just a few days ago, and exposed them for what they mean.  Her group ARCC responded on Facebook asking, “Do you think it might be considered defamatory?”  The only person talking in the video is Joyce, and surely she’s not defaming herself.  As for the imagery, it merely brings to light her sinister words.  Are they afraid of facts?

The reality is, women like Ambrose and my ten female colleagues (we have more females on staff than males) believe debate needs to happen, not be suppressed.

See, without debate, Joyce is able to continue to mislead the public, but with debate, that’s not as easy to do. So maybe that’s why she is so vehemently against Ambrose.  Because if we just happened to hear both sides of the debate about when life begins, then maybe, just maybe, it would no longer be legal to kill pre-born girls in Canada just because they’re girls.  So who’s really throwing women under the bus?