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(LifeSiteNews) – While freezing hundreds of private bank accounts of citizens opposed to his regime, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced he placed sanctions on Russia in a stand against “authoritarianism.”

Certainly, many people see that Trudeau is being majorly hypocritical when he calls Russia “authoritarian,” considering he has placed financial sanctions on political dissidents and employed military-style force on peaceful protestors and journalists. But I would say he is not just a hypocrite: he is intentionally mocking his own people.

Trudeau knows that he has given himself dictatorial powers. He is aware that freezing the bank accounts of private citizens without a court order is an unprecedented move in Canadian history that violates all precepts of Western society, he just does not care. He is not hiding his newfound tyrannical powers. He is not denying he has them; he is flaunting them.

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VICTORY - Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act!
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VICTORY - Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that his government will revoke the Emergencies Act (EA) despite it being approved by the House of Commons on Monday.

Trudeau had said at the beginning of the week that the EA was still needed because his government was worried about further freedom-oriented activity from Canadian truckers and patriots.

The drastic change in governance comes as the Canadian Senate has spent the last two days debating whether to approve the EA when a national emergency is not present.

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos has led the charge in the Senate, and he gave an impassioned speech today against using the EA under the circumstances.

“This country is deeply divided like I’ve never seen,” Housakos said. “It’s moments like this when the executive branch of government and every prime minister has an obligation to put the nations interests above the interests of himself, his party, and partisan politics.”

Thank you for signing this petition which urged world leaders to condemn Trudeau's use of the extraordinary powers in the Emergencies Act to suppress the Charter Rights of peaceful Canadians.

Please read the latest article from LifeSiteNews about Trudeau's about face: 'BREAKING: Trudeau gov’t dropping Emergencies Act early after pressure from Senate'


The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is using police-state tactics to attempt to suppress the civil rights of the Truckers' Freedom Convoy protesters, those brave men and women who have called for an end to the mandates and a return to freedom.

This past Tuesday, Trudeau took the outrageous step of invoking the Emergencies Act (EA) in his ongoing battle against the truckers (and freedom, in general), and has officially moved to FREEZE the bank accounts of participating protesters.

And, in the latest dramatic development, police - some in riot gear, others on horseback - have started to move in, to attempt to disperse what has been a peaceful, democratic protest.

This kind of authoritarian police-state action cannot go uncondemned.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which asks world leaders to CONDEMN these strong-arm tactics and urge Trudeau and his government to use restraint and allow the peaceful protests to continue.*

The EA, which replaced the War Measures Act in 1988, permits the federal government to take "special temporary measures to ensure safety and security during national emergencies," which the law defines as "an urgent and critical situation of a temporary nature" that either "seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it" or "seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada."

But, of course, the truckers' nationwide protests have not in any sense risen to such a level that anyone's life or safety have been endangered!

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which asks world leaders to CONDEMN these strong-arm tactics and urge Trudeau and his government to use restraint and allow the peaceful protests to continue.

Trudeau's politically-motivated use of the EA, therefore, seems nothing more than an effort to violate the rights of protesters, and, for all intents and purposes, impose "martial law" as a means to quash the civil liberties of people he sees as political opposition, but who are, in reality, just normal, freedom-loving Canadians who want their freedoms back.

Indeed, Trudeau is now using tyrannical, authoritarian-style tactics to silence dissenters, and mercilessly attack the Charter rights of Canadians who are using their freedom of expression to protest his unjust war against citizens' medical autonomy.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING this petition which asks world leaders to CONDEMN these strong-arm tactics and urge Trudeau and his government to use restraint and allow the peaceful protests to continue.


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*This petition will be sent to UN delegates and mission heads from the world's most populous countries.

**Photo Credit: Darryl Barton/Shutterstock

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Placing sanctions on Russia, calling Russia authoritarian, calling out the inhumane treatment of protestors in Cuba, all while expanding his own powers and crushing law-abiding adversaries, is not accidental or a sign of Trudeau’s obliviousness or stupidity. On the contrary, he is acutely aware that he is cut from the same cloth as these other rulers, and he wants Canadians to know it.

He calls out Russia for being authoritarian because he knows he can. He knows that the state-funded media and his World Economic Forum-aligned cabinet will allow him to gaslight Canadians. His own Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has her picture proudly displayed on the WEF’s official website.

Their radical socialist global takeover plot, the Great Reset, essentially employs the tagline, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” The slogan is not, “We will own nothing and we will be happy,” because that would imply we are to be governed under the same system as our overlords.

The left’s problem with authoritarians has never been a principled rejection of force, but rather the belief that force is being inflicted by the wrong people. In essence, the modern political left’s underlying principle is, “We should be the dictators, not these other folks.”

Everything else is a complete diversion from this underlying principle. Trudeau has made countless statements about the importance of reconciling with the Aboriginal population, apologizing for past malfeasance, and decrying any semblance of discrimination or maltreatment still occurring.

Yet, when an Aboriginal elder decides to protest her government’s COVID regime, Trudeau has no problem with a horse trampling her. When his own federal police officers are caught celebrating the fact that an elderly woman riding a mobility scooter was crushed by a thousand-plus pound horse, Trudeau says nothing.

Trudeau is stupid, just not in the way he wants us to think he is stupid. Trudeau is not stupid in the political sense, or the worldly sense. Trudeau wants to be a hypocrite, because he wants his population to know that he controls the narrative, he controls the country, and he controls you.

When Trudeau condemns Russia, he is really signaling to Canadians that he is above them – that he can condemn what he himself does, decry what he himself loves, and there is nobody of institutional importance who will call him out.

Trudeau does not need to give his head a shake, he needs to give his soul a shake.

Trudeau being called a hypocrite or a tyrant is not anything he does not already know. What Trudeau really needs to be reminded of is the words of Christ in Matthew 16; “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.”


Jack Bingham is an addiction recovery advocate and author turned Catholic journalist and writer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Laurentian University and currently resides in Western Canada with his wife and children.