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Justin Trudeau’s LGBT activism largely appeals to white people, who think just like him

'Trudeau is phenomenally intolerant of all views that do not match his own—and those most likely to hold his views, as it turns out, are white people just like himself.' 
Wed Aug 7, 2019 - 3:20 pm EST
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

August 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — If you listen to Canada’s progressive political parties, you would think that social conservative views are virtually extinct in Canada. According to Justin Trudeau, Canadians are lockstep behind his agenda, and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer should be hanging his head in shame for refusing to revel in the sexual exhibitionism of the Great White North’s fabulous Pride Parades, which now consume much of the summer. 

Scheer’s consistent lack of attendance at these events, Trudeau and his obedient minions chirped to the media, is a profound insult to Canadians. “It’s just unfortunate that there are still some party leaders who want to be prime minister who choose to stand with people who are intolerant instead of standing with the LGBT community,” he told a gaggle of appreciative reporters solemnly. 

One has to wonder who Trudeau is referring to when he derides the “people who are intolerant.” Presumably, he means all Canadians who dislike Pride Parades (and there happens to be quite a few people who identify as "gay" who find these lewd displays distasteful, as well.) If that is the case, Trudeau is actually smearing a far larger portion of the Canadian public than he realizes. In fact, Global News reported earlier this month that “a new poll has found one in four Canadians still oppose” same-sex "marriage." 

That poll doesn’t even address the number of Canadians who oppose the Pride Parades Trudeau likes to scamper about in, a number that is probably far higher considering the range of simulated sex acts and adult nudity that are generally on display. That is a full quarter of Canadians who say that they are not on board with redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, which Canada legalized fourteen years ago. 

For those of us who are actually aware of Canada’s religious and cultural diversity, that statistic comes as no surprise. Most of Canada’s largest religious groups, including Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and orthodox Christians, all reject the LGBT redefinition of marriage. Most new Canadians and immigrant communities are profoundly conservative on social issues—they simply do not vote on those issues, and Liberals take care not to campaign on those issues in those communities. 

But it would appear that when Justin Trudeau refers to “people who are intolerant,” he is referring primarily to non-white Canadians. According to Global News, the “poll found a cultural divide among Canadians over same-sex "marriage," with 71 per cent of respondents of European descent backing the right versus 44 per cent support from respondents of East Asian backgrounds and 42 per cent support from respondents of South Asian descent.”

Got that? Justin Trudeau thinks that the enlightened post-Christian Europeans are the “tolerant” Canadians, while the brown Canadians who have not yet dispensed with their religious and cultural heritage the way he has are "bigoted" and "intolerant." Trudeau talks a good game about diversity being our strength and all that, but when push comes to shove, he starts to get pushy. Trudeau is phenomenally intolerant of all views that do not match his own—and those most likely to hold his views, as it turns out, are white people just like himself. 

Andrew Scheer should be loudly pointing this out. When Justin Trudeau says Scheer is siding with “people who are intolerant,” is he referring to new Canadians? Syrian refugees? Immigrant communities? The full quarter of the Canadian public that holds a different view than Trudeau? Trudeau should be crystal clear: When he says that “diversity is our strength,” is he talking exclusively about the primarily white people who think just like him, or is he actually referring to the many socially conservative cultures that make up Canada’s multicultural patchwork?

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