Huffington Post gleefully reported today that three Komen officials have now resigned and one more is threatening to, as the “backlash gains steam” over its decision to sever financial ties with Planned Parenthood.

The fools don’t realize what is happening. Every Komen exec who quits over the Planned Parenthood flak is good news for our side, one less pro-abort with clout in the United States’ most influential breast cancer foundation. Komen is undergoing a cleansing of its liberal bastion.

Perhaps now Komen will acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer, which, thanks to the Planned Parenthood flak, is getting renewed attention.

CEO Nancy Brinker’s (pictured left) eyes have certainly been opened these past couple days. I’m sure the former friend of Planned Parenthood is reevaluating a lot of things. She needs our prayers.


My source inside Komen tells me its email system crashed several times today due to the volume of emails. (Yes, my site has crashed several times today, too, due to a combination of invading bots and high traffic.)

At last count emails in support of Komen were at 20,000 and those in opposition straggled behind at 10,000. Keep the emails coming (although be warned the link may be down).

Meanwhile, Brinker said on a conference call today donations are up 100% since Komen announced it was severing its financial relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Since it is well known that conservatives are more generous givers than liberals (aside from grandstanders, something conservative givers are not), I’m betting all those pro-aborts huffing and puffing that they are going to stop giving to Komen never gave in the first place. Meanwhile, conservatives who have been withholding funds from Komen are loosening their purse strings.

There is also now an interesting battle of congressional letters emerging.

ABC has posted a letter signed by 26 senators asking Komen to restore funding to the United States’ largest abortion provider. No surprise, the signers are all Democrat pro-aborts, save one Independent/Socialist pro-abort.

But never fear, I’m told a pro-Komen letter is now circulating in Congress. The final count of legislators supporting Komen vs. opposing Komen should go our way, although I doubt the media will be interested in reporting that.


Brinker released a video last night, saying in it what she said to reporters today, that “the charity was trying to refocus grants on providers that are able to perform mammography services rather than just breast screenings,” just as my source indicated yesterday was Komen’s fallback plan for breaking up with Planned Parenthood.

Pro-lifers Bryan Kemper and Andy Moore have launched an “I Stand with Komen” petition drive.

They have made the icon, right, to post on your Facebook page as your profile photo.

One final note, our tolerant friends on the left hacked into Komen’s site last night.

[Photo of Brinker via the Associated Press]

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