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Dear LifeSiteNews readers,

Today is the last day of the ’25 Years: A legacy of Life’ campaign. Thanks to many wonderful supporters, total donations have reached 78% of the minimum goal. That is amazing! We are very grateful and relieved. 

Mind you, LifeSite still needs at least a substantial $110,000 more by tonight, or at least by the end of the weekend, to reach the minimum $500,000 goal. We deliberately did not set the current goal to also try to make up for the unusually large shortage of the last campaign. That is why the word “minimum” was attached to the current need. The real need is actually larger, especially because of that last shortage. 

It would be extra wonderful if supporters could additionally make up at least some of the around $110,000, unprecedented shortage experienced in the Summer Campaign. We of course leave that entirely up to you and will be delighted and grateful for whatever is given.

Please donate whatever you are able to

I will just note two of Thursday’s story items in this message. There were far more articles of major significance Thursday, but these should receive special attention.  

The second part of the interview with Dr. Malone has been published and, wow, it is what they used to call a “barn-burner” interview. This man is extraordinary, very perceptive and unusually, publicly frank for a person with his high-level talents and prestige. Dr. Malone continues to get personal as he did in Part 1. He has obviously grown a great deal over the past two years to better understand the depth of the depravity in our modern world which he did not realize before. Dr. Malone shares his heart and soul with us, and we feel privileged for him trusting us with that.  

Please watch the interview and pass it along to others. You will be moved. Dr. Malone deserves the encouragement and strong support of LifeSite readers and many others in many nations for what he has done for us in the past two years. He really cares about what is being done to everyone by the criminal medical and scientific mafia related to all things COVID and much more. We hope to produce more interviews with Dr. Malone. 

Be sure to watch Part I first Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Monopolist’ Bill Gates has his ‘tentacles’ everywhere

The other item of special note is the latest on the FBI raid on Mark Houck’s family. That story keeps growing in significance. See the dramatic, Mark Houck’s wife describes the ‘devastating’ FBI arrest of her husband to Tucker Carlson. 

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For life, family, freedom, faith and truth. 

Steve Jalsevac
President of LifeSiteNews 

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