Last week we received an e-mail from one of our readers, who shared with us her story about participating in her local 40 Days for Life campaign. I thought it was extremely inspiring, and asked her if we could share her story with our readers.

This is Lola’s story:

I am a law student who heard about a prayer vigil for life going on at a Planned Parenthood in Smithtown, NY. I woke up two of my siblings early this Saturday morning and we joined the group of mostly elderly people who walked to the clinic from the local church and prayed for about an hour.

We began talking to one of the men nearby, a Korean War veteran who sat and prayed in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank nearby. His name was Al. He told me that every Wednesday and Saturday morning he was there with a small group of people to pray in front of the clinic. They chose the days the clinic performed abortions. I thought he was referring to every Wednesday and Saturday during the 40 Days for Life, but no. Throughout the year, in rain or snow, Al is there praying for the unborn. He kept telling me and my siblings how proud he was of us. Imagine that! A Veteran who spends his morning twice a week standing witness against abortion, telling a couple of kids that he was proud of us.

My brother, sister, and I chose signs that had a positive message (“Love them both”) and tried to be joyful throughout our witness there. We counted the number of positive and negative responses we received as we stood on the sidewalk – 28 to 3, in favor of supporting us as we stood up for life!

Perhaps the best part of the morning though, occurred as we were standing at the entrance to the Planned Parenthood driveway. We had seen women driving away from the clinic with their boyfriends or husbands and their faces were so full of pain and anguish. Some were even crying. Most could not look at us. But then one car drove up with what looked like a mother and daughter inside. The girl looked like she had been crying recently. But as they drove away she looked at us and said through the open window, “I chose life”.

It was the most amazing experience and I just wanted to share it with you! Standing up for life truly does make a difference and I want to encourage pro-lifers this month to keep up the good work, especially those dedicated individuals like Al who fight the good fight every day.

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