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(LifeSiteNews) — As any reader of this site will know, the drag queens are at the forefront of the latest skirmish in the sexual revolution—specifically, the phenomenon of drag shows or drag queen-led story events for children. These events have sparked a parent-led backlash, and it isn’t difficult for any sane person to understand why. Drag queens are promoting gender fluidity to kids; teaching children how to “perform” and collect tips like strippers; and doing sexually explicit dances in front of children. The activists behind Drag Queen Story Hour have stated explicitly that their aim is to “create a site of queer pleasure” and subvert “childhood innocence.” Those are their words, not mine.

In response to this, much of the mainstream press has engaged in a coordinated campaign of collective gaslighting, insisting that anyone who sees these sexually-charged and often sexually-explicit events as sexual is somehow perverted in turn; that anyone who says these events are inappropriate are bigots; and finally, when the sheer torrent of video and photographic evidence prove beyond doubt that these events are precisely what conservative journalists and horrified parents say they are, that they are “family-friendly” nonetheless. The media’s willingness to defend every aspect of the sexual revolution reveals, once again, their complete moral bankruptcy.

Exhibit A is a recent article from Canada’s CTV News titled “Drag queens and how they got pulled into politics.” Of course, the answer to this implied question is a simple one. Nobody much cared about drag queens and their weird fetishes when they weren’t the featured attraction at children’s events at schools and in public libraries. Parents didn’t think about drag queens at all before their performances morphed from a niche fetish into a “family-friendly” event (many of them funded by Democratic politicians). But as you might have suspected, CTV—which receives a substantial amount of funding from the Trudeau government—isn’t interested in the obvious (and true) answer. They’re interested in smearing those who object to sexual performances for children.

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Here’s how they start off:

Lately, drag has been dragged through the mud. The art form has been cast in a false light in recent months by right-wing activists and politicians who complain about the “sexualization” or “grooming” of children. Opponents often coordinate protests at drag events that feature or cater to children, sometimes showing up with guns. Some politicians have proposed banning children from drag events and even criminally charging parents who take their kids to one.

Performers and organizers of events, such as story hours in which colorfully clad drag queens read books to children, say the protesters are the ones terrorizing and harming children and making them political pawns — just as they’ve done in other campaigns around bathroom access and educational materials. The recent headlines about disruptions of drag events and their portrayal as sexual and harmful to children can obscure the art form and its rich history…Drag is the art of dressing and acting exaggeratedly as another gender, usually for entertainment such as comedy, singing, dancing, lip-syncing or all of the above. Drag may trace its roots to the age of William Shakespeare, when female roles were performed by men.

It is important to note that CTV’s characterization of conservative opposition is an outright lie. LGBT activists are working hard to influence kids, and it is those who object to these performers who are somehow victimizing the performers. I have no idea how King Lear was performed at the Globe, but I’ll bet it wasn’t by a drag queen named Flowjob or a drag troupe calling themselves (for the gross, obvious reason) Glitter Hole. And it must be pointed out that these folks choose their own names, and so we can hardly be accused of homophobia simply for noticing them. But CTV insists that these events are, for the most part, child-appropriate, citing the fact that some child drag queens do performances, too.

I don’t think citing child drag queens is the defence they think it is.

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Another example of CTV’s “debunking” of conservative objections is their note that it is a “false claim that the head of the Drag Queen Story Hour organization was arrested for child pornography.” In fact, the number of people associated with Drag Queen Story Hour arrested on such charges is long and growing longer.

 A Child Court judge who sponsored DQSH was in fact arrested for possession of child porn. In 2019, the Houston Public Library admitted that a registered child sex offender had been reading to children as part of their Drag Queen Storytime program. In 2020, UK Drag Queen Storytime tweeted out the pedophile slogan “Love has no age.” In 2021, a sponsor of Drag Queen Storytime in Milwaukee was arrested on child pornography charges. And this year, a Pennsylvania drag queen named Brice Patric Ryschon Williams, who has danced explicitly for children, was charged with 25 counts of child pornography in Pennsylvania. Williams identifies as a “genderqueer social worker” and is a well-known LGBT activist.

That’s just a partial accounting. None of those examples, I notice, made it into CTV’s reporting. That is because they are simply a state-funded mouthpiece of the state-supported LGBT movement, and they are trying to gaslight parents who do not want children to be sexualized. Don’t let them do it.

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