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(LifeSiteNews) – The leak of a possible draft of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is, as legal experts are universally noting, an unprecedented attack on the institution itself. Theories abound as to whether the draft is accurate (it certainly seems like it); who leaked it—the clerk of a liberal justice attempting to influence the outcome? A conservative clerk seeking to prevent Roberts from persuading a justice to join him in declining to overturn Roe?; whether this represents the Court’s final decision or if the pro-life cause will be betrayed once again.  

But watching the reaction of progressives last night, we can say a few things for certain. 

Once again, the Left has abandoned the pretence that men can get pregnant and dispensed with recently mandatory phraseology like “birthing people.” Their red, raw rage over the potential loss of Roe is fixated on one thing: the right of women to have children killed in the womb, and the right of the abortion industry to kill them. This is not planned—the reactions pouring out across social media and increasingly in the streets are too instinctual for that. It reveals the fact that these new gender dogmas are not as entrenched as they seem. 

Abortion activists are hoping that this leak will scare Democratic politicians into taking drastic action before they likely lose their Congressional majority during the midterm elections. As Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman tweeted: “Let’s be clear: The right to an abortion is sacred. Democrats have to act quickly – get rid of the filibuster to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act + finally codify Roe into law. We cannot afford to wait.” Hundreds of tweets from other progressives concurred with this sentiment, despite the unlikelihood of Senator Joe Manchin signing on to torch the filibuster to create a pan-American abortion regime. 

Until several minutes ago, the Democrats had constantly been warning against the “erosion of norms” and questioning the legitimacy of institutions. Predictably, this sentiment has vanished. As Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey tweeted: “A stolen, illegitimate, and far-right Supreme Court majority appears set to destroy the right to abortion, an essential right which protects the health, safety, and freedom of millions of Americans. There is no other recourse. We must expand the court.” The sole reason Markey—and many others—are saying the Court is illegitimate is because Roe may fall 

I suspect that constitutional professor Adrian Vermeule’s analysis is correct: “The main play here probably isn’t an attempt to change the result at the Court. It’s an attempt to influence Congress to act before the election, either through legislation or court-packing, or alternatively to affect the election itself.” 

As politicians and alleged journalists called for drastic action online, abortion protestors gathered in the streets in front of Supreme Court (where barricades have been put up.) There has been no violence as of yet, but considering what took place during the Kavanaugh hearings, I hope the justices and their families have been placed under police protection. As Ian Milhiser—who is a senior correspondent for Vox—tweeted: “Seriously, shout out to whoever the hero was within the Supreme Court who said ‘f**k it! Let’s burn this place down.’” Progressives don’t care about institutions. They care about abortion and the sexual revolution, and if those institutions get in the way, they turn into arsonists. 

The abortion activists were met by pro-life protestors of all stripes (including atheists) chanting “Hey hey! Ho ho! Roe v. Wade has got to go!” The crowds got large, but no altercations broke out.  

We may be on the very brink of the death of Roe. After nearly a half-century of carnage, blood, sweat, and tears, the Supreme Court decision that sentenced sixty million innocents to death may fall. Pro-lifers have worked and prayed for this for decades, and most are too anxious to hope. But if it comes, what a moment it will be.

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Jonathon Van Maren is a public speaker, writer, and pro-life activist. His commentary has been translated into more than eight languages and published widely online as well as print newspapers such as the Jewish Independent, the National Post, the Hamilton Spectator and others. He has received an award for combating anti-Semitism in print from the Jewish organization B’nai Brith. His commentary has been featured on CTV Primetime, Global News, EWTN, and the CBC as well as dozens of radio stations and news outlets in Canada and the United States.

He speaks on a wide variety of cultural topics across North America at universities, high schools, churches, and other functions. Some of these topics include abortion, pornography, the Sexual Revolution, and euthanasia. Jonathon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history from Simon Fraser University, and is the communications director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Jonathon’s first book, The Culture War, was released in 2016.