Kathleen Gilbert


Let’s do it: fast today (Friday) for religious liberty!

Kathleen Gilbert

For all you Catholics out there, Holy Week is around the corner, and Lent is about to start getting real. But before you think you can get away with just not eating meat today…

Today is the day Pennsylvania bishops have asked their flock to fast for religious liberty - ie against the onslaughts of the Obama administration against the Catholic Church.

Throughout history, Catholics in times of need have turned to God through prayer and fasting, as these practices allow us to grow closer to the Lord, inspire us to do His will and invoke His protection in answer to our prayers. ...

Recognizing the efficacy of prayer and fasting as well as the challenges we face in overcoming the recent attack on our religious freedom, we, the Bishops of Pennsylvania, request that all Catholics dedicate the regular Lenten Friday practice of prayer and abstinence as well as the additional practice of fasting on Friday, March 30, to the preservation of religious liberty.  On that day, offer your sacrifice for the cause of religious liberty, that the Church may be granted the basic right to practice what she preaches, and for our political leaders, that their eyes may be opened to the rights of all Americans, including those of faith.

But why leave it only to Pennsylvania - or to Catholics?

As we know from the incredible 40 Days for Life Campaign, which churns out miraculous abortion clinic conversion stories like it’s no big deal, if you’re actually serious about getting something done spiritually speaking, fasting is where it’s at. 

A spirit as stubborn as the culture of death, after all, “is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.” MT 17:21

Fasting is easier - and more efficacious - when we know we’re doing it together, and tens of thousands of Christians fasting together would be nothing to sniff at. In my personal opinion, it could change the tide of history - in fact, it’s far more likely to do so than all the legislative victories in the world, put together.

Who’s with me?

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