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(LifeSiteNews) — The transgender debate has been rocking Kansas politics, with two bills – House Bills 2791 and 2792, which would ban organizations receiving state funds from recommending sex change “treatments,” block the state’s medical assistance program from covering sex changes, and penalize medical professionals who engage in them – triggering a backlash from LGBT activists.  

The bills are particularly contentious due to the straightforward language they contain. HB 2791 states that sex changes for gender dysphoric minors constitutes child abuse due to the irreversible nature of “treatments” such as puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and surgeries. The bill would also permit lawsuits against medical professionals who break the law in this regard, opening them up to malpractice suits. 

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It is unlikely that these bills will pass, and even if they do, a veto from Democratic Governor Laura Kelly is a near-sure thing. Many legislators will be unwilling to expend political capital on a bill that is going to get killed on the governor’s desk, anyhow. But the discussion surrounding the bills has been illuminating in many ways. As usual, press reporting has been, with the exception of some conservative alternative media outlets, conducted as if the claims of the LGBT movement were factual, with LGBT activists quoted as experts. 

A short video clip of a Kansas mother testifying against SB2791 at the Kansas Statehouse has also gone viral, accruing 4.1 million views since February 29: 

A middle-aged mother with hair dyed purple explained that she has not one, but two “transgender children”: “My oldest is my transgender daughter, and my youngest is an 11-year-old transgender boy.” Translation: her oldest is a son, who identifies as a girl; her youngest is a girl, who identifies as a boy. Two out of her four children identify as trans and, she stated, “both are receiving gender-affirming care.” Presumably, this means that the girl is on puberty blockers, and the boy is on cross-sex hormones.  

She states that surgery has not been mentioned to her children, and that parental consent for “treatments” has been required. One statement she made was quite chilling: “All parents make non-reversible choices for their children.” Maybe, but body-altering drug regimens? Treatments that eliminate, while still a minor, the capacity for sexual pleasure or reproduction? Until just a few years ago, no parent could make that choice for their children. There is not even any good comparison we could make. 

Then there is the fact that this mother has two children who identify as transgender. I don’t want to be hasty in asserting that the parents had anything to do with it, despite circumstantial evidence. I have spoken to heartbroken parents who have more than one child identifying as transgender, and there are many factors that might have contributed, including peer contagion, school indoctrination, and exposure to the internet. But as evangelical scholar and cultural critic Nancy Pearcey noted: “Two trans kids in one family? It would seem that this mother did not even try to help her kids avoid transitioning.” Indeed, the Substack “Parents with Inconvenient Truths About Trans are full of such stories. 

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The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was more to the point: “What are the odds that a purple-haired liberal woman would have not one but two transgender children? Perhaps transgenderism is inherited through the epigenetics of the purple hair dye.” 

Conversely, consider how parents who do not want their children to transition and wish to address gender dysphoria in other ways are treatedsuch as this nightmare story out of Montana earlier this year. From Reduxx: 

A family in Glasgow, Montana is accusing the state’s child protective services of ‘kidnapping’ their teenage daughter after the girl began to identify as a transgender ‘boy.’ Krista and Todd Kolstad spoke to Reduxx about their ordeal, revealing that the child had been removed from their care and was now going to be sent to Canada.

Krista, the child’s step-mother, explains that their nightmare began in August of 2023 after they received a call that their 14-year-old daughter, Jennifer*, had expressed suicidal ideations while at school.

‘She had always had problems at school,’ Krista says, noting that she and Todd had even pulled her from one district and sent her to another due to issues with bullying in an effort to give her a fresh start. But despite experiencing some real-world hardships, Krista claims Jennifer also had some undiagnosed mental health concerns, including attention-seeking behavior.

Read the whole storyit’s heartbreaking, but worth it. Imagine the nightmare desperation of parents who realize that their suffering child may soon be subjected to transgender “treatments”and that they are prevented by the state from doing anything about it, just as the real harms of this medical quackery begin to become better-known. 

Here, for example, is a Canadian endocrinologist explaining why children need to be protected; and here is Dr. Phil going after the transgender medical complex recently: 

I wonder if we’re going to see the formation of two Americas. In Blue America, parents could have their children removed from their home by the government and “transitioned” against the wishes of their desperate families. In Red America, these treatments would be recognized as the greatest medical scandal since eugenics and banned. Strange times are ahead. 

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