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Liberal news coverage of abortion after Kavanaugh win is not only biased, it’s demonic

'The banality of evil—has it ever been clearer?'
Fri Oct 12, 2018 - 12:02 pm EST
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October 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Earlier this week I had to make a long trip in my car, so I turned on National Public Radio, which is always a good way to stay awake as the liberal news coverage raises one’s heart rate and dilates the nostrils.

Apart from noticing that, as usual, the news coverage was obviously biased in favor of Democrats, without even an attempt made to disguise it (I suppose they are assuming that most listeners are either too liberal or too stupid to notice), I was struck by an enormous contradiction that kept me pondering all day long and days after.

The NPR news featured (not once but multiple times) statements from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. These were responding to “the fear of the reversal of Roe v. Wade” in the wake of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. They made pledges to expand access to surgical and pharmaceutical abortion across the country, to ensure that state legislatures were as strongly “pro-choice” as possible (just in case the question were thrown by the court back to the state level), to promote heavily programs that would “destigmatize” abortion, and so on.

It was demonic to hear the unwavering commitment of these organizations to the ongoing slaughter of unborn baby humans, which of course NPR reported on as neutrally as if they were talking about the weather, the stock market, or the death of a famous jazz musician.

The banality of evil—has it ever been clearer?

The contradiction loomed when a few moments later a feature show began, in which a person from NPR conducted an extremely interesting interview with Nicole Chung, author of the new book All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir. Chung speaks about her experience growing up as a Korean in a white family. She was born 10 weeks premature and her biological parents, being overwhelmed with other problems, gave her up for adoption. A Catholic family adopted her and lavished great love on her—a fact to which Chung returned again and again with obvious affection and gratitude. I found myself really impressed with Nicole Chung, with her respectfulness, eloquence, honesty, and radiance as she spoke about the life that her adoptive parents gave her.

Did anyone at NPR think about the fact that this joyful woman of 37, with a family of her own, who has written a memoir that has already been immensely helpful for countless adoptive parents and adoptees, this woman who was being honored on national radio for her literary accomplishment—she would have been a prime victim of the abortionists of Planned Parenthood and NARAL? They would have counseled her biological parents to “terminate the fetus” on account of the difficult circumstances. They would have argued that it was only a “blob of tissue” with no human or personal value. They would have maintained that adoption is an emotionally draining and expensive process and that it is far simpler and “cleaner” to end the pregnancy (and leave the world better off, with one less hungry mouth to feed and one less source of environmental pollution). In short, they would have expunged Nicole Chung from the face of the earth.

In doing so, they would have deprived her of a life of her own, and the experience of love; they would have deprived her adoptive parents of a child to lavish love upon. The world would have lost a great writer; above all, and most simply, the world would have lost a person, with the dignity and depth found in every human soul. Isn’t Nicole Chung’s story potentially the story of every aborted child? Of every child who could have been brought to term and offered up for adoption, but whom the bloody hands of Planned Parenthood and kindred organizations have ripped prematurely from their mothers’ wombs?

No one, short of God, could ever grasp the gaping wound that has been left in the human race due to so many hundreds of millions of persons missing from our world, our lives, our families, our communities. So much that has been lost and will never be found. May the Lord create soon the new heavens and the new earth where righteousness will, at last, be at home (cf. 2 Peter 3:13), and the murderer will no longer stalk outside the womb to seize the child (cf. Rev 12:4). Maranatha.

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