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(LifeSiteNews) — The conservative Libs of TikTok Twitter account is known for exposing left-wing ideologies in everyday life, typically posting videos and pictures taken by liberals themselves. Chaya Raichik, the account’s owner, often focuses on highlighting how the LGBT agenda is permeating society through events like “family friendly” drag shows and so-called transgender or non-binary teachers who strive daily to indoctrinate children with gender ideology and critical race theory.

But Raichik’s most recent thread shifted gears to respond to the controversial article, published in The Atlantic, titled “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.” The piece argues that while many rules and regulations enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic were “totally misguided,” the way to move forward is to “acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty” instead of admitting that mistakes were made, some with irreversible damage.

Social media instantly exploded with backlash from conservatives, including Raichik, who soon created a mega thread on Twitter, which she used to outline the most devastating impact of COVID regulations and lockdowns.

“They want us to forgive and forget what they did during the pandemic,” she wrote. “We shouldn’t. Here’s why.”

Beginning with the most vulnerable, Raichik shared a collage of posts announcing deaths of loved ones who died alone in hospitals and nursing homes, calling the situation “one of the saddest parts of lockdown policies.”

Similarly, two heart-wrenching videos show the utter disregard for the importance of physical interaction with loved ones. In one clip, an elderly woman inside a nursing home is taken out of sight of her loved one who is pleading with the nurses to take better care of the woman. The other depicts another elderly woman reaching out for her son and crying because he isn’t allowed to enter the building. Both women are forced to interact with their families behind barriers of glass.

But the elderly were not the only ones left isolated to the point of destruction. Raichik continues to highlight the increase in teen depression and suicide, as admitted by a number of mental health professionals and not advertised by others.

“Some reports say there were more covid suicides than covid deaths in kids,” the post reads. “These parents will never see their children again.”

In what she calls “one of the most egregious examples” of COVID tyranny, “two people [move] close to comfort their mother during her husband’s funeral.” An usher hurries in to enforce social distancing. “This happens in a society gone mad,” Raichik wrote.

The thread goes on to address the discrimination against those who chose not to receive the emergency-approved vaccines. Many unvaccinated were “denied life-saving operations and treatment” for exercising their free will in a way deemed “unsafe” by those in power. One of these cases was a six-month-old baby suffering from heart failure.

Similarly, workers in a variety of career fields were fired for refusing to comply with vaccine mandates. As it turns out, protocols such as masks, social distancing, and even the shots themselves were not as solidly rooted in science as mainstream media and other powerful entities had presented them to be.

Raichik also pointed out the hypocritical behavior of “elites” who enforced rules like mask mandates and then proceeded to not comply with their own regulations. Additionally, businesses were forced to shut down, students wore masks longer than any other population, and children are already experiencing developmental and academic delays due to masks and school closures.

Even during the lockdowns, studies began to show the negative impact of isolation. A study conducted in June 2021 showed that the mortality rate increased during this time. Another long-term study conducted in France found alarming physical and cognitive impairments among young children. Even Fauci has admitted that schoolchildren suffered significant consequences due to the lockdowns.

Now, conveniently in the wake of U.S. midterm elections, those who instigated all of these so-called safety precautions are now supporting the call for those harmed by these measures to discard them as the best that could be done in such uncertain times. The response from the public will show most prominently with who is elected to carry local counties, states, and the country into a post-COVID America.


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