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(LifeSiteNews) – Before telling you about our all-staff call that took place Tuesday morning, I want to let you know that donations to the campaign are steadily coming in each day.

We have reached about 33% of the goal so far. That is encouraging! The LifeSiteNews team is tremendously grateful for the generosity of so many towards this commitment to providing you the truth on the most important news developments in the world.  Now we need that other 67% of the campaign $750,000 goal.

If you have not yet done so, now is the time to make your gift for life, family, faith, freedom and truth by clicking here.

There are a variety of ways to donate. The link will take you to a page indicating how you can donate online (one time or monthly), by mail, or in the United States, we have an additional bank-related option. More mailed-in donations are being received this year than in the past.

We had our monthly LifeSiteNews all-staff internet call yesterday. I wish you could have all eavesdropped on the call. It was informative, inspiring and encouraging. We use a computer program that allows us to all to see and talk to each other via cameras and microphones on our computers.

It works amazingly well and almost feels as though we are with each other or just next door, even the two who called in from India, one from Ireland, around five from England, two from Rome, one from Austria, sixteen from Canada and the largest number from across the United States.

Almost everyone calls in from their home, a few from their cars and some from our office or elsewhere that they are at during the time of the call. Some have their youngest child on their lap which we always delight in seeing. It is a family atmosphere.

We open with a prayer and then introduce any new staff and give these new people an opportunity to say a few words to everyone. There have been one, two or more new team members on just about every call this year.

Then, each of our department heads gives a brief overview of the most important developments in their team and their current priorities so that everyone is in the loop of what is going on within LifeSite. We have found that there are a lot of benefits to doing this.

We try to be one big team with no one or two persons dominating the organization, no one feeling left out about what is going on or feeling isolated at home, and we welcome any comments and suggestions from everyone.

Then we go one-by-one to each of the now 70 staff who are able to be on the call, giving each person an opportunity to briefly share something going on in their lives at this time or to comment on anything related to their work, the news, or whatever.

There were a lot of welcomes to the new staff and Advent and Christmas greetings in this call and especially many expressions of gratitude for the gift and blessing of being a part of the LifeSiteNews team. Some were near tears in making those comments. That is because working in LifeSite is a huge contrast to what most others have been experiencing, especially during the past few years, from intense pressures to conform to covid mandates and being persecuted for having ideas and thoughts contrary to the dominant, tyrannical narratives and so on.

Members of the LifeSite team do not have to endure any of that.

Another one was extremely grateful for LifeSite rescuing him by providing the desperately needed alternative work as a LifeSiteNews journalist that allowed him to be who he is and say what he believes and thinks. He related that working for LifeSite has greatly contrasted to the terrible treatment he endured as a conscientious teacher in a Catholic school in which he was ridiculed and persecuted for being faithful to traditional Christian/Catholic moral teachings.

We are very supportive of each other. A few team members announced the birth of a child, some announced they are expecting, some announced they are getting married and in all these cases they are congratulated and encouraged by their fellow team members. In this line of work, all of those are seen as great blessings worth celebrating.

A few who were ill announced they are much better now and thanked everyone for their prayers and other support. We constantly encourage and pray for team members with special needs.

One of our staff who has been seriously ill with cancer and also endured heartbreaking marital issues for years, announced that he just found out he is miraculously clear of all cancer and the marital situation has also been miraculously resolved. It was moving for all of us to hear that testimony from this gentle, heroic and exceptionally talented LifeSiteNews journalist who has suffered so much for a long time. We have been praying for him and his wife for the past few years and God has magnanimously answered his and our prayers. He wants the world to know that miracles do still happen.

Another team member was really ill with Covid for the past week as was his mother for a longer period of time who also has many other serious health issues. Both are doing much better, but we will keep up the support. He thanked everyone for their support.  

There was more, but the most important part was that we spent a quality few hours with each other. We have learned these monthly meetings are very important, especially considering the difficult issues we deal with every day and because almost all of us do this very challenging work alone at home rather than with other members of team being physically present.

I started off the comments by stating “TGIC!”, which I explained meant Thank God It’s Christmas. Well, not quite yet, but the Christmas spirit is something we are all feeling and really needing at this time every year.

It’s a great respite from the worrisome developments that we frequently report on. Everyone is looking forward to the period from Christmas Eve to the day after New Years when LifeSiteNews mostly shuts down and all team members are able to spend extra special time with family and friends.

John-Henry and I urged everyone a blessed and merry Christmas and to get a good rest over the holidays so that they will be prepared for what is certain to be a very challenging year ahead in 2023.

I just wanted to share that inside LifeSite experience with you to help you better understand who we are, how we function, and what is important to us.

There were several crucial articles that we published Tuesday, but I will just mention one that is good news.

Elon Musk has been surprising us every day with his incredible Twitter reinstatements of numerous good people who were previously banned by the anti-free-speech mob that ran Twitter before Musk bought the company for what he now admits was too a too high price. Tuesday’s Christmas gift from Elon Musk is that Doctors Robert Malone and Peter McCullough have been reinstated on Twitter on top of all the others he has been reinstating.

That is very good news that can’t help but be really concerning to all those who have been heavily depending on extreme censorship to keep the masses ignorant of the realities of the deadly covid mandates and jabs.

Elon is experiencing a giant wave of unbelievably hateful comments from liberals for his many reinstatements of people wrongly banned by the company he bought and for firing thousands of its employees who could not justify having a job there to mostly just suppress free speech and the US first amendment.

Let’s hope and pray that Elon Musk stays strong and sets a precedent that the other social media monopolies may find they will have to imitate in order to financially survive. Don’t laugh. It might happen. Musk has huge plans for Twitter that could finally provide a real threat to the Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media monopolies.

If you have a Twitter account, tweet him and encourage him to reinstate EVERYONE who has been censored in one way or another for simply telling the truth, and to uphold freedom of speech.

We must be cautious of being too trusting of Musk, since there are plenty of things about him that are concerning. Some of the things he has been developing have the potential to cause the world enormous grief, and he is not at all a social conservative.

However, he deserves praise and encouragement when he, or anyone else, courageously does the right thing, disregarding massive criticism from those who think they have somehow been anointed with the sole right to determine what the public may say and do.

Donating to LifeSiteNews can be seen as a special act of love and charity towards your fellow man who is starving for truth.

To help feed others with the truth donate here

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