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Dear LifeSite readers, 

The LifeSite Fall Campaign continues, and today is Day 6 of our two-week campaign, and we are noticing something very concerning! We have proof that our emails about our campaign fundraising efforts and our breaking news emails are not getting to the vast majority of our audiences because of major email providers like Gmail and Yahoo suppressing our emails to those of you who have such accounts. Because of this, our numbers for the campaign our down at the moment, and though we trust they will go up thanks to our generous supporters and dedicated readers, we urgently need your help!

To make your much-needed gift toward the LifeSiteNews mission, please click here Thank you to those who have already donated; we appreciate your continued faith in us.

Since two campaigns ago, we have been rapidly experiencing a dramatic decline in page views and donations that is almost certainly also directly related to recent, heavily increased social media suppression of LifeSite articles by Google, YouTube, Twitter, and especially Facebook. Prior to that, we were frequently getting hundreds of thousands of page views on many articles and even millions of page views on some of them. Our videos were also receiving rapidly increasing, hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

The other side of the story is that during the past 2 1/2 years, LifeSite has experienced a massive doubled and even tripled increase in our readership that was especially due to our thorough, well-researched, and honest reporting on Covid and the Covid “vaccines” and the directly related Great Reset and its New World Order, which most other news services were not reporting or not reporting honestly.

Readers flocked to LifeSite in droves because of that reporting. They were desperate for someone to explain to them what this frightening pandemic was really all about and, especially, to learn what they could do about it. 

We have quoted many top experts in the world indicating that Covid was not nearly as dangerous as all the other media were portraying it to be and wanting the public to believe, and we have also reported on very effective and safe treatments for Covid that the mainstream media, health authorities, and government did not want the public to know about and use.

We are certain that thousands of lives were saved because of that reporting, which was also picked up and reported by many other conservative news services. 

We also covered the numerous demonstrations that rose up in response to the authoritarian and extremely harmful, unjustified Covid mandates that were arbitrarily imposed on entire nations by lying public health bureaucrats. We detailed and showed the devastating personal suffering and economic harm that resulted from these evil health policies that in reality had nothing at all to do with health. They were all about power and control. 

LifeSiteNews did not hold back on anything that had to be reported, especially the amazingly courageous and well-organized Canadian truckers whose protests on the way to and in Ottawa ignited hope and resistance around the world. We went all out on that reporting. It marked a wonderful turnaround of the many months of Covid oppression. As a result, many more demonstrations rose up in other communities and in other nations. 

Tech giants have since heavily suppressed all truth-tellers, including LifeSite

For doing all of this, LifeSite began to suffer the same increasing suppression that the truckers and many thousands of physicians and medical scientists suffered. Their life-saving work on Covid caused them to be canceled, to lose their jobs, lose their medical licenses and positions, be accused of false charges by their medical societies, had their excellent research papers pulled out of all the most prestigious journals, and were ridiculed and falsely accused of endangering the lives of patients.

The exact opposite was true. Their accusers have themselves been responsible for a massive number of deaths and severe injuries, mental illness, suicides and devastating failures of businesses, and loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs. 

The last few years have been a wild ride, but LifeSite readers have greatly benefited from LifeSite’s reporting and we are so proud that we did what we had to do – regardless of the consequences. We were thankfully masters of our own house and free to do what we knew we had to do, unlike most others, including many large corporations, who were threatened by government and health authorities to do what made no sense to do, or else lose everything that they had. Government tyranny was rampant to a degree that we have never experienced before in the lives of most Americans and Canadians. 

Your donations, from many ordinary persons, have made it possible for us to continue to do what we have been doing on these incredibly important and historic life and death issues. 

Events that led to major increase in our Covid reporting

Our Covid reporting began its exceptional phase when we discovered and reported on the astonishing April 2020 live-streamed press conference by two California doctors who were among the very first to publicly question the Covid lockdowns and other government health authority strategies that were causing far more harm than good. These two doctors took a heroic risk by being publicly honest about what they were seeing and experiencing and asking why we are isolating healthy people and imposing “risks from social isolation that are too high.” 

That refreshingly common sense press conference opened the floodgates of public and medical resistance and went viral to many millions of viewers. The tech giants kept shutting it down, but it kept popping up on alternative websites and caused a worldwide reaction. It became one of LifeSite’s most viewed articles and videos of all time. 

Then on April 17, I wrote a detailed analysis of the Covid phenomenon, asking if globalists were using the coronavirus crisis as a battering ram to destroy our current civilization in order to impose their new world order. I wrote, “The Wuhan virus appears to be an incredible and suspiciously timely gift for the globalists to push through their agenda faster than any of us could have expected.”  

I sensed this because of the many years of experience that we have had in covering global issues and forces, as explained in Friday’s note. That April 17 article went viral and was read by more than 1 ½ million people. 

As it has turned out, we and some others I quoted, have been proven to be correct in suspecting that Covid was part of what we later discovered was the global Great Reset plan to radically change the world’s economic, political, social, and even religious order and to dramatically reduce world population in order to end alleged man-caused climate change. Even the Francis papacy and the Vatican have become an active part of this global scheme.

On July 27, 2020, Dr. Simone Gold’s new Frontline Doctors’ (FLDS) group held a powerful, live-streamed press conference in Washington in front of the Supreme Court stressing that there were, in fact, contrary to criminal government denials, effective and very safe treatments for Covid which all medical institutions were suppressing. The press conference went wildly viral just like that of the two California doctors and was also quickly and heavily suppressed by the tech giants. It still reached tens of millions because it kept being reposted on other websites. The demand for it from the public was overwhelming. 

On August 5, 2020, I wrote an article on the U.S. ‘Frontline Doctors’ website and an analysis by Dr. Gold that exposed the ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants and government agencies to block effective, safe, and very inexpensive COVID medical treatments. That article was heavily read. 

On August 14, 2020, I wrote another article revealing even more that we had just learned about possibly the two most dangerous men in the world, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, for whom there was much evidence that they were co-opting the Wuhan virus-manufactured hysteria to usher in a New World Order. 

From then on, the LifeSite team took up the Covid and Great Reset challenge as an essential part of our pro-life, pro-family mission. They came to realize that the people behind this evil, anti-human, anti-God movement were obviously opposed to everything that we cherished, and were determined to greatly expand abortion, contraception, sterilization, and depopulation by any means, including using a man-made deadly virus, vaccine-caused sterilization and killing, and whatever else they could devise. 

LifeSite has published 5710 Covid-related articles

LifeSite journalists became experts on Covid, Covid treatments, the Great Reset, and globalism. We realized that this was currently the most important group of interconnected issues that we had a strong moral duty to report on. LifeSiteNews has to date published and republished 5,710 articles on these issues or articles referring to them from other very reliable and useful sources.  

The significant majority of our most-read articles have all been related to Covid and globalism. The top LifeSite articles of all time are Covid-related, one achieving 7 million page views and another 6 million page views. As a result, LifeSite has become an extensive treasure trove of information for the world to use for the treatment of Covid, to research Covid, and to support efforts to defeat those who have been using Covid and their immense wealth and power to radically change our world for the purpose of enslaving us all in their transhumanist empire that only designated, unelected elites will control. 

I hope today’s message helps you to realize the importance of the work that LifeSite does and the crucial need to financially support this unique mission. LifeSIte is run by a team of highly dedicated individuals who are trustworthy because all that they do is grounded in fundamental Christian moral principles, including Natural Law, that persons of all faiths should be able to appreciate and value. 

PLEASE give whatever you can for this mission to continue by clicking here to make your gift for life, family, faith and freedom. 

Steve Jalsevac 

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Steve is the co-founder and managing director of 


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